Introducing Alan Gingrich, author of Chinese Secrets of Health and Longevity

“Outskirts Press is awesome. They were very professional and knowledgeable about my needs and the entire publishing process. I will definitely use them again for my next book.”

Dr. Alan Gingrich entered private practice in alternative and preventative medicine in 1980 after twelve years in biological research. He received his Doctorate in Chinese Medicine from the Occidental Institute of Chinese Studies in San Bruno, California; a Diploma in Homeopathy from the Brantridge Forest School in Sussex, England; and a Certificate in Diagnostics from the Yunnan Medical Research Institute in Kunming, China. Dr. Gingrich currently lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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Chinese medicine emphasizes the balancing of energy through acupuncture and herbs, among other things. For thousands of years, the Chinese have believed that a person’s emotions and beliefs—along with social, physiological, and psychological factors—all affect the immune system and, therefore, the aging process. By using gentle, safe techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises, the body’s energy can be awakened, strengthened, and circulated evenly throughout the body. The result? Physical, mental, and emotional challenges often disappear as the mind and body begin to heal themselves. Chinese Secrets of Health and Longevity provides a connection between the physical body, the spiritual being, and the energy field, including: Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet Therapy Qi Gong Exercises Breathing Exercises Self-Massage Meditations Plus charts that develop physical, spiritual, and energy flow With clear, concise language and excerpts from ancient classical texts, this book lays out all you need to know for a longer, healthier life!

Introducing Darlene R. Wood, author of The Trouble With Peer Pressure

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my publishing experience with Outskirt Publishing. You are the best.”

Darlene R. Wood is a full-time mom who loves to create art in a variety of media, from designing wedding cakes to sewing cloth “How-To” books for children, painting, and now writing. The Trouble With Peer Pressure is her first book.

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If you have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), you already know that sometimes, everyday life seems like it’s too much to handle. And probably you’ve already experienced the fact that when you’re already overwhelmed, peer pressure seems to compound any situation. The Trouble With Peer Pressure is a friendly, practical guide to help you navigate the challenges of peer pressure. Author Darlene R. Wood provides information you can use, including ways to think about the consequences of your actions, and strategies to feel less isolated by the label of ADHD. You may feel that figuring out how to deal with peer pressure is hard—but guess what? It doesn’t have to be. Like any other issue, it just requires that everyone step back, evaluate, and design a thoughtful and respectful solution. The Trouble With Peer Pressure is a valuable resource for you and your family that will make life easier for you, both in school and at home.

Introducing James K. Ocansey, PhD, author of The Case for Cancer As A Deficiency Disease

“I dealt with three other publishers previously but none of them was so helpful and responsive. I had a really positive experience and I would very highly recommend Outskirts to any one looking to self-publish.”

James K. Ocansey, PhD was born in Ghana; raised on Nitriloside-rich cassava; educated in Ghana to BA(Ed); taught in the US for two years in “Reversed Peace Corps” program. Earned double Masters and a Ph.D., Columbia University; taught for 22 years in the NYC Schools, learned about Nutrition and Deficiency diseases. Lives in Yonkers, NY

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Dr. Linus Pauling said: “You could trace every disease and every ailment to mineral deficiency”, and that research has shown that cells experience a breakdown that can lead to chronic conditions. Cancer is a chronic metabolic disease resulting from B17 deficiency the same way scurvy and pellagra resulted from deficiencies in Vitamins C and B respectively. In 1952 Dr. Krebs Jr., advanced the theory that as a chronic metabolic disease, cancer was a nutritional deficiency disease that could be controlled by supplementing with Vitamin B17 he refined from amygdalin. Amygdalin was first used in 1834 in France to control cancer in two patients. Dr. Richardson was introduced to Laetrile/B17 and to his amazement, he began to see: “terminal cancer patients abandon their stretchers and wheel chairs and return to normal life of health and vigor.” Dr. Contreras from Mexico was also introduced to Laetrile by a cancer patient from the United States who urged him to treat her with it. He did and she recovered. He went on and used it to save the lives of many American citizens who have been denied that freedom in their own country. Many reputable doctors around the world tested and proved for themselves the superiority of Laetrile. Dr. Hans Nieper from Germany said that Laetrile is far more superior to any other known cancer treatment he had ever found. “In my opinion, it is the only existing possibility for the ultimate control of cancer,” he said.

Introducing Shirley Alarie, author of Losing the Girls

“When I was faced with choosing an independent publishing company, I researched all my options. Outskirts Press was listed among the Top Picks for customer satisfaction, quality, and cost. In addition, they were the only publishing house that offered an expedited service at a reasonable cost. For $100, I could shorten the normal 10-13 week turnaround time into 7-10 weeks. Much to my surprise, in 4 weeks and 3 days from entering into the production phase, my book was ready – far exceeding my expectations! This exceptional service allowed me the opportunity to publish press releases of the book launch. Another wonderful surprise was the outstanding book cover crafted by the Outskirts team. I had my own vision of the cover, which was incorporated into one of the two designs I was given. The cover I actually selected was the one created by the Outskirts team, who had used their own vision of my story and proposed a completely different method to communicate it. The custom cover is simple yet adorable and explains the story at a glance. I would have never conceived of the idea on my own and was grateful to have the backing of this talented staff. I enjoyed the good service and professional staff as so many other Outskirts customers have experienced, but their ability to deliver a quality product so quickly impressed and thrilled me the most. Thanks, Outskirts Press, for your help in making my writing dream a reality.”

Shirley Alarie wrote her memoir in order to spread awareness of NSM, and she published a website that identifies some of the hospitals that perform this surgery. Check it out at or join her on Facebook to celebrate God’s presence in our world at Finding God Among Us.

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Delve into the breast cancer journey and beyond in Losing the Girls, a unique memoir differentiated by the author’s cutting-edge nipple-sparing mastectomy (NSM)—a little-known breast cancer surgery technique that leaves the breast completely whole.

Shirley Alarie shares her story to boost awareness of this specialized procedure, which is only offered at select hospitals. She believes that women facing mastectomies deserve to know all of their options.

Shirley found that the biggest challenge of her life began with a convoluted breast cancer diagnosis; and then there was the overwhelming array of surgery options. Mastectomy or lumpectomy? Single mastectomy or double? Reconstruction or no reconstruction? She worried about making the right choice and how her decision would affect her both in the short and long term. How would it affect her marriage? Was it crazy to choose a hospital three hours from home?

After the surgery, Shirley’s determination to beat the cancer triggered a lifestyle transformation that resulted in a stronger, more empowered woman. Her deep faith in God and her peace with the afterlife helped shape her response to this life-changing ordeal with cancer—and the love and support of an amazing posse of family and friends, along with a liberal dose of humor and hope, pulled her through the darkness and back into the warm, sunny light.

Losing the Girls is a powerful and uplifting book that every woman — and the people who love them — should read.

Introducing Robin Archambault, author of Dear Autism

“I would definitely publish with Outskirts Press again.  I had a great experience from beginning to end.  I would like to thank everyone for making it such a wonderful, easy experience.”

Robin Archambault is the mother of two grown sons. Her oldest, Ryan, is autistic. She lives in Bristol, Rhode Island, with her husband, Peter, and their dog, Hopkins. She works in a doctor’s office by day and writes because she loves to. In addition to a few short novels, she has also written several short stories and an article for The Advocate. She enjoys reading and getting her hands dirty in the flower garden usually fixing what the dog has ruined!

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My oldest son, Ryan, was fourteen years old and still pooping in a diaper when I realized that my life would never fully be my own. I knew he would forever need me; forever need some form of care. The sleepless nights, crazy obsessions, ritualistic behaviors, temper tantrums, head banging, and even messy diapers all seemed endless. Autism was never going to leave me alone. It was going to haunt me until my dying day unless I decided to fight back somehow. Even on the worst of days, when tears seemed to be my only friend, I tried to find something to make me laugh, even a little. I tried to turn the wrong into something right, something laughable. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine, especially when you’re laughing so hard, the tears are not only running down your face but also your leg. Dear Autism: One Parent’s Journey is a realistic, down-to-earth, honest depiction of what it is like to raise a low-to-moderate functioning child with autism to adulthood. It wasn’t always pretty, but it was always filled with love.

Introducing E.P. Baptiste-Cox, author of Ring of Remembrance

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E.P. Baptiste-Cox is a freelance writer. She and her husband, Curtis, a retired neurosurgeon, live in Laguna Niguel, California. They have four sons: Neil, Brian, David, and Kevin.

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Jean had been feeling ill for a few months. Finally, in February of 2007, she called her sister-in-law E.P. Baptiste-Cox in the United States from her home in the United Kingdom to tell her that a diagnosis had finally been made—Jean had blood cancer. She began a long and rigorous cancer treatment to help restore her health, but after months of hospitalization, and not responding to treatment, Jean was told there was nothing more her doctor could do for her, and he sent her home to live her last days. Disappointed and no doubt forlorn, she went home and made phone calls to all of her family members to relay the upsetting news. When Jean’s condition turned from bad to worse, E.P. Baptiste-Cox went to visit her beloved sister-in-law at her home in England. Jean showered her with many gifts while she was there, including a lovely jewelry box. But just three weeks after returning home from the hospital, Jean’s battle with cancer ended in June 2009, just ten days after her “sister” returned to the United States. Ring of Remembrance is a heart-warming story about the love from one sister to another, and it’s a gentle reminder that the love in our hearts can illuminate our lives and the lives of others, long after our physical body is released and our soul is safely in God’s hands.

Introducing Lorrena Bishop, author of Raincoat Diary

“Outskirts Press made my dream a reality. There is no doubt in my mind Outskirts Press was the best choice I could have made for a publishing company. The support and the overall quality of my book made me extremely happy. I would recommend this company to anyone that ask what publisher they should use. Thank you Outskirts Press for being such a wonderful support and making my vision for my book come to life. I can only say great things about Outskirts. Everyone that worked with me was so kind and so quick to help me. I am proud to have this name on my book as the publishing company.”

Lorrena Bishop is a Christian striving to help others with the same problems she has faced. She is a mother who deals with Autism in her children and Obesity and Depression in her own life. Her desire is to help others find strength and love.

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Lorrena shares her story and journey back. She faces her biggest fears with the help of her raincoat. Her struggles, financially and emotionally, pour out into her stories. She reconnects with the world and finds that her biggest enemy was herself. Her battle with her weight takes over her life and she begins to face it. Spiritual growth and physical healing take place in the course of four years.