Introducing Joan E. Masaryk, author of The Lone Javelina

“My entire team, from beginning to end,  were amazing and helped me every step of the way. I am a 79 year old first author and knew nothing about publishing, but these consultants made the journey a successful one. I am very grateful.”

Joan Masaryk is a retired elementary school teacher and Reading Specialist. She has always loved teaching reading and writing. She lives with her husband Joe in Arizona. In her spare time she volunteers in elementary classrooms reading her favorite Javelina books.

Book description…

Javelinas are called collared peccaries due to the white collar on their neck. They are gray in color with gray hair covering their bodies. They travel in groups. They eat insects, fruits and grasses. Prickly Pear Cactus is a favorite food.

Introducing Sarah Sebring Binder, author of Pack Rat’s Lost and Found

“It is a pleasure working with my author representative and all my team. Everyone is so helpful and encouraging. Thank you all of you!”

About the Author: Sarah Sebring Binder has been an educator for more than 40 years, sharing her love of reading, writing, and storytelling. When not writing, she loves to garden, dance, fiddle, travel, and quilt. 
About the Illustrator: Virgil Pedro makes his home in Arizona. He became interested in creating art when his daughter became an artist, and honed his skills by taking classes, attending workshops, and working in art studios. He and his wife enjoy spending time with family.

Book description…

Every night, by the light of the moon, Pack Rat whispers to the glittering stars, “Star bright, star light, first star I see tonight, wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. I wish I might find a treasure tonight!” When Pack Rat’s wish comes true and he finds a glittering, gorgeous star, he is ecstatic and takes it back to his desert palace. But oh no, Mrs. Binder is missing one earring—a very special glittering gold star, a gift from her husband. Cat helps in the search and then recruits the desert birds. “Meow, meow, have you seen a glittering star?” Roadrunner races here and there spreading the word. The doves coo and call a crowd. Cactus Wren twitters. Gila Woodpecker tat-a-tat-tats and knocks on Owl’s door. Red-Tailed Hawk squawks, “I know the rat who stole the star. Pack Rat dragged it to his nest, and now he’s taking his daily beauty rest.” Now Cat must concoct the purrfect plan, with the help of his desert backyard critters, to retrieve the glittering gold star.

Introducing Rev. Dr. Deb Hanson, author of Precious Pearlina

“I am thrilled to have published my first book! Outskirts Press provided editors and coaches to help me all along the way! It was a great experience!”

Rev. Deb Hanson is a retired United Methodist pastor who loves children and wants them to love themselves and know that God loves them too. Her passion is to offer them encouragement and assurance that they are special in their own unique ways. Rev. Deb is married and lives on the coast of Maine with her husband and a cat named Yvette. She is the stepmother of four children and seven step-grandchildren. Alexa Langs inspired the writing of the story about Pearlina and illustrated this book at ten years old.

Book description…

Pearlina Penguin doesn’t think much of herself. She hates how she looks and walks, and she is always comparing herself to others who seem to have all the qualities she doesn’t have. When some of her classmates tease and bully her, she figures God made a mistake in making her the way she is. But at her lowest point, when she is miserable and discouraged, something surprising happens that will help her to discover that she is indeed Pearlina “Precious” Penguin…and that God made her special just as she is!

Introducing Lauren Radke, author of Will You Be My Friend?

“This was my second book with Outskirts Press and all went smoothly. I needed more guidance than the first time and my Author Representative couldn’t have been more helpful. Any questions were answered promptly. I appreciate everything and will definitely be back to publish my next book.”

Artist Lauren Radke brings Frog and his friends to share their message “always be a good friend”. The simple, colorfully illustrated book is the second in a series of kindness, friendship and acceptance. Having raised four boys and regularly surrounded by preschool grandchildren, she knows we all need reminders.

Book description…

Artist Lauren Radke’s children’s book Will You Be My Friend? introduces Frog and his friends, colorful characters she has enjoyed creating for years. The endearing characters share their message of friendship, and the many different aspects of being friends with someone. Frog learns his friends might not look anything like him and that is okay. He also learns that it is alright to have just one or two special friends as not everyone has a large circle of friends. Examples of being a good friend are shared from listening and sharing, to helping and hugging. The book concludes with suggesting being a friend to others and sharing your happiness of having someone as a friend. All friendships are different from the next one, and it is important for children to realize this.

Introducing Rev. Dr. Oscar P. Grant, author of Little Black Alice of Popadubop: The Journey of Love

“The knowledge, expertise, and patience with my Author Representative can only be described as phenomenal. I was blessed to work with an Outskirts Representative who really knew the publishing business and more importantly, her joy and fun guiding my book through the publishing process really alleviated any stress.  From the introductory call to the book printing, this has been an exceptional experience all around. I wouldn’t change a thing. There may be publishing houses that claim that it’s better to go to them, but my business goes to Outskirts Press, because they are the BEST!”

Rev. Dr. Oscar Paul Grant, Jr. has led a thousand lives – playwright, disc jockey, public speaker, government consultant, trainer, mediator, musician, counselor, psychologist, organizational developer, an expert in gun violence prevention, gang meditation, and helping troubled youth find long-term employment. However, the role that has become most prominent in his life is that of Minister. From his earliest days as a street hustler on the South Side of Chicago (hustling stage plays, that is), he has had a love and a longing for the Lord. His love of Jesus Christ goes back to his Catholic roots planted by his mother Delores. Although he heard the call to ministry early in life, he ignored it many times, running instead to drinking alcohol and abusing chemical substances, even in the midst of a brilliant, multi-faceted career characterized mainly by his extraordinary natural ability to communicate via the written and spoken word. Whether counseling at-risk youth or crafting stories for the stage, Grant is, at his core, a messenger of good news and goodwill. Eventually, after expanding his spiritual interests and awareness to include metaphysical studies and religious science, he answered the call to ministry, receiving bachelor’s and master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling Psychology and, more recently, a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Despite his extensive pedigree in metaphysical and religious science, he clings to his Christian roots, deftly blending threads from each to weave powerful, inspired messages and sermons ministering to hundreds of thousands. It is in his role of messenger sent by God that he has written the book Remind Them Who I Am. It is a public revelation of a private mandate he has received from on High. This time, instead of ignoring the call, he has received it and is delivering the message to all who believe. Little Black Alice of Popadubop has its roots in African American at-risk youth from the south and west sides of Chicago. Toured throughout the states of Illinois and Indiana for over three years, the story of Little Black Alice was written to be a journey of self-discovery for not only little black girls but for all children. The Off-Off-Broadway production in New York sold out after the first performance. Why? – because of its message of hope. Please enjoy and check out more of the story on LITTLEBLACKALICE.COM NAMASTE

Book description…

Little Black Alice is the story of a young teenager who wishes her skin color was different because she was bullied by other dancers. Little Black Alice felt friendless and alone. She travels to the Land of Manego (the Land of Colors), where she meets Evilida, the bad witch of Manego, who gives her the opportunity to have her wishes fulfilled. However, as this magical and fantastic story unfolds, Little Black Alice learns about embracing the power within herself. Little Alice realizes that it’s great to be her authentic self and that she is really beautiful and worthy of friendship. The universal life lessons learned through the story promote positive images of all the youth.

Introducing Bernard Bentley, author of Little Ben’s Life

“This is my third published book with Outskirts Press. The details and the overall quality of my book is astonishing! The team leaders who worked endlessly to make this publication a success were highly skilled. They made helpful suggestions to me which made the process easier than ever before. With my latest book I decided to go with full color illustrations. It is amazing to see how the vivid color really brings my book to life. I plan to start writing for my next book in the upcoming weeks. Outskirts Press is my only publishing option.”

Bernard enjoys writing. It is his way of sharing his heart with all of his readers. He received his start in the industry as a model with Elan Modeling Troupe. Bernard later went on to act in several film projects. He is currently focused on continuing his writing and developing his talents as an independent film maker. Bernard speaks English, Haitian Kreyol, Tagalog and Spanish. He has over 30 years experience in martial arts. Bernard is also the Pastor and founder of Latter Rain International Church.

Book description…

Little Ben’s Life is a fun and entertaining book that is suitable for all readers. It is written in rollicking rhyme which is sure to capture your attention. In the early years Ben overcomes boredom and life’s challenges by using his vivid imagination as a way of escape. While in the later years Ben shares his incredible experience of growing up and living in the Great Pacific Northwest.

Introducing Sarah Sebring Binder, author of Kitty S. Hawk

” My Author Representative was patient, positive and easy to work with!”

Sarah Sebring Binder has been an educator for more than 40 years, sharing her love of reading, writing, and storytelling with students. Her stories share the joy of family, friends, and the great big world around us. When she is not writing, she loves to garden, dance, fiddle, travel, and quilt. Brad, her husband of many years, is her biggest fan.

Book description…

By day, Wilbur and Orville Wright owned and operated the Wright Cycle Exchange Company, where they fixed broken bicycles and designed and built them, too. By night, the brothers worked on their pride and joy—the first motor-operated airplane. Together, they made the perfect pair: Wilbur dreamed up the designs; Orville built the things. Kitty S. Hawk is the story of a special feline stowaway who shared the Wright brothers’ grand adventure. Kitty, named Katharine, accompanied Wilbur from Dayton, Ohio, to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and Orville followed. The trip took Wilbur and Kitty by wagon, train, steamer, skiff, and schooner. Orville and Wilbur had found the perfect spot to test their new invention in the Kill Devil Hills, which had strong winds, soft sands, and very few people, as the brothers did not want the whole world to know what they were up to. The journey was an exciting expedition in itself, but the Kill Devil Hills was where the real excitement began. And Kitty, with her nine lives, was in the thick of it from start to finish!

Introducing Macey Embrey, author of Pago the Trustworthy Stallion

“This book went so smoothly and quick!! I’m looking forward to completing the next four books!”

Macey Embrey is a middle school English teacher and high school volleyball coach in the North Kansas City School District.

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Book description…

The Little Falabella is a heartwarming tale about fitting in even when you feel different. Follow Hera as she struggles with her spotted coat making her feel different from the other Falabellas. She longingly gazed at the other Falabella’s and their seemingly perfect coats every day. However, one day, another Falabella, Cashana, notices Hera and compliments her coat, and introduces her to the other Falabellas. Cashana helps Hera realize that her spotted coat is what makes her unique and special. Hera realizes that being different isn’t always a bad thing, and she learns to love her uniquely spotted coat.

Introducing Joey Barro, author of The Astronaut’s Whale

“Excellent process. Smooth and very communicative. “

Joey Barro lives with his wife and two sons in Southern California. He is a high school teacher and a musician.”

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Book description…

Join Vincent the whale and Augie the astronaut on a deep sea, deep space adventure of a lifetime exploring the values of home, family, individuality, and friendship. “The Astronaut’s Whale” is a children’s poem about Vincent’s unlikely encounter with Augie in his home under the sea. After the two of them spark a friendship, Augie tows Vincent to space with his rocketship. The two of them explore the far reaches of the planets and stars with excitement and adventure. However, as time slowly passes having fun, Vincent becomes uncertain about his exploration and adventure. With the help and guidance of Augie, Vincent soon realizes that he misses his family and must return to his life as a sea dweller, even though he will have future friendship adventures ahead of him. Vincent and Augie return to their respective homes and remain friends until the end.

Introducing Barbara Fleming Carmody, author of The Sunrise Guardian

“I am so very grateful to have the assistance of my Author Representative! She was always quick to respond and provided support and answers to any questions or concerns I had. This was my first publishing experience and my Rep made it extremely positive!”

As a child, a preschool and elementary teacher, and a mother, Barbara has always loved reading picture books. Barbara lives in California where she enjoys writing and sitting outside each morning with her dog, Luke, to welcome the day.

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Book description…

Can Lucia assure that the sun will rise? Lucia sets out on the path to her destiny as the Sunrise Guardian. Along the way she is confronted with some fearful local inhabitants: fern fairies, tree trolls and a white wolf. If the sun is to rise, she must be able to embrace the responsibilities of her new role and reach Sunrise Ridge in time to perform the ancient sunrise ritual.