Introducing J. Stewart, author of Brujo, The UFO Alien

“I’m J Stewart, author of Brujo – the UFO Alien, the first in a sequel. My million thanks to Outskirt Press for making my three year project a book. The help and guidance was spot on through the entire publishing process, we look forward to our future books with Outskirt Press. So, in the words of my character Brujo, screath!”

J. Stewart, a life long storyteller sends you the first in a series of Brujo the lovable alien that escaped from the air force hanger to find “with love”. The writer has used himself as a child character named Robert from West Texas. So the stories are from a warm heart bound between the author, Robert and Brujo the alien, a real story with a maybe real alien.

Product description…

A Top Secret Air Force base hanger was on full alert searching for an escaped alien body that had somehow survived the spaceship crash. Men in black and armed military jeeps were lighting the secret area with spot lights to find the unknown dead body that was now alive and running in the dark. Several miles down the hill from the secret base ran a short creature with long white fibers that glowed blue every five seconds. His long arms with red claws interlocked over his head every three steps to glide above the ground for five seconds. Brujo, the name he would be given by a local boy, stopped with a loud yell sounding screath amid glide and pierced his bright red eyes back towards the hanger. He followed with a second high pitch screath carried into the wind towards the base hoping for a returned screath. Brujo listened hoping his co-back Leffler had also survived the spaceship crash and also escaped from the secret hanger. Brujo released a final sad screath into the night wind and quickly ran his one, two, three steps interlocked his clawed hands and glided in a blue haze for five seconds towards town. He floated in a five, three, five rhythm until he reached the first house on the hill from the secret base. Brujo stared at the house high on hill by a ravine and noticed a glass portal on the side of the home. His red eyes scanned through the big picture window and fixed upon a white cloudy figure playing a large grand piano. He yelped a silent screath and thought what kind of creature is this and can it lead me to my earthly invitee known as “with love”?

Introducing Vonda Jessup, author of How Danny the Dragon Came To Live With Wanda the Witch

“I used another publishing company before I knew about Outskirts Press. It was a complete disaster. I did my research before using Outskirts Press. Everyone on the team has been OUTSTANDING especially after my book was published. Every day I receive valuable information from the marketing coaches. I plan on writing more children stories and will definitely use Outskirts Press. In fact I have already mentioned them to two friends that are writing books.”

Vonda Jessup is an artist/illustrator. She has designed and created unusual decorative finishes for high-end interior designers and their clients. In addition, she has taught in London, France, Italy, Canada, and throughout the United States. She is writing an ongoing series of children’s stories about Wanda the Witch and Danny the Dragon, who lives in the basement of the Happy Haunted House. The ghost characters in these stories are named after her grandchildren. Vonda lives in Phoenix, AZ with her husband Jack and their pig Tea-C.

Product description…

One evening, Wanda the Witch told the ghosts, who live with her at the Happy Haunted House, the story of how Danny the Dragon came to live with her. One day, Wanda’s dear friend the great wizard Winddorf was gathering mushrooms in a dark cave when he found a very large egg! What happens when he brings the egg back to his castle? This is a heart warming story of how Wanda adopts Danny as her own.

Introducing Leeann Springer, author of Chase and Baby Bull Norman

“Outskirts is a wonderful publishing company. I am in the process of having two more children’s books published by Outskirts. I have already recommended a friend and will continue to do so. Brie was exceptional and very helpful!”

Knowing how some children struggle with endless frustration in reading, Leeann Springer has spent years volunteering her spare time as a reading tutor and in other literacy program endeavors. She has also tutored adults and children in both private settings and in various public schools. Leeann is retired from the Veterans Administration in Little Rock, Arkansas, and now lives in Western Arkansas. She and her husband Michael are owners and operators of a registered cattle breeding farm nestled at the bottom of the Ouachita mountains in the beautiful River Valley community. Leeann enjoys a myriad of hobbies and loves living life down on the farm. Illustrations by Blue Berry

Product description…

It’s a hot day at the farm when Norman the baby bull starts to feel sick from the heat and curls up in the shade of a tree, too weak to stand. His friend Chase notices Norman’s distress and immediately comes to comfort him and cool him down. The next morning, Chase can’t wait to go check on Baby Bull Norman to see if he is feeling better. Children who are taught to show kindness for animals tend to grow up to be kind and concerned about people too. Very often, animals become family to us, and they need to be protected and helped when they are sick, sad, or lonely. Chase and Baby Bull Norman reinforces this concept in a fun and colorful story that’s sure to delight children and adults alike! Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House Foundation.

Introducing Lubica Brugger, author of One Dog, Two Princes, Five Monsters

“Everyone at Outskirts Press was cordial, nice and helped make the process a very pleasant one. Their experience was indispensable. Their guidance necessary and their patience very much appreciated.”

After World War II, Lubica Brugger with her family came to the United States. They settled in Wisconsin. She married, had two children and worked as a casualty underwriter. At 33 she added to her schedule evening courses at UWM. Six years later, she graduated with honors obtaining a degree in Education. She taught French and German in High School. She always told stories to her children and grandchildren who asked her to write them down for them. This book is a collection of some of those stories.

Product description…

In this book, you will meet one mischievous dog named Yoshie, you will also meet adventurous twin brothers, Prince Nick and Prince Alex, and five horrible monsters bravely faced by a young Greek boy whose name is Oreos. Yoshie loves to visit her friends and go on adventures. She helps find a lost toddler, catches a burglar, and her bark chases away the school bullies. Oreos with the help of a beautiful white horse named Pegasus, meets and defeats evil monsters from the Greek myths, even though Oreos is very afraid, he is determined to overcome all obstacles. Prince Nick and Prince Alex travel throughout their father’s kingdom righting wrongs, riding horses, getting in and out of trouble and solving problems… I hope you enjoy these stories!

Introducing L. Gina Davis, author of Ooh Lolita

“I am very happy that Outskirts Press exists. My cover design is incredibly professional. As soon as I show my children’s book to someone they become overjoyed. The color, the illustrations, and the book itself is so admired.”

L. Gina Davis attended York College in 1997, where she studied child psychology. In 1998, she landed a job as a day care coordinator at the honorable William H. Booth Day Care Center in St. Albans, New York. In 1999 she opened Munchkinland, her own licensed family day care, where she found that teaching and reading storybooks to the children in her care was a precious and rewarding experience. She is the author of a poem entitled “Sweetheart,” featured in Moonlight Wishes, a collection of poems published in 1996 with the National Library of Poetry. She is happily married with three children and lives in Queens, New York.

Product description…

In this fast-paced, riveting tale, we meet a cranky old witch named Lolita who delights in being miserable. When she hears the laughter and witnesses the fun and merriment the children are having at the playground, she is furious. With the help of her loyal cat Bufu, Lolita comes up with a scheme to transform herself into a beautiful queen to lure the happy children away from the playground—and put an end to the joyful noise once and for all! Humorous and entertaining, Ooh Lolita also carries an important reminder for children about the dangers of putting their trust in strangers—even a strange and beautiful queen who asks for help to find a lost pet.

Introducing Bradford C. Edwards, author of Let’s Talk About Guns

“My Author Representative, Lisa, was great! She not only responded to my many questions, she answered them and explained all the choices offered by Outskirts Press that applied to my book. My artist Richa was so patient and understanding. She brought my written words to life with the greatest, bright, fun, and colorful illustrations I had hoped for. Cheri, my Production Manager, is the best! She pulled it all together, always had the answers and advice that made this project so much fun. She calmed me when I was overwhelmed and she encouraged me when I was right! They are still helping me as my wonderful book is growing in popularity every day! Thanks to all at Outskirts Press!”

About Bradford C. Edwards: I was born on a dairy farm in Cooperstown, New York. Guns were often kept behind the kitchen or closet doors just like a broom or an umbrella. A gun was a tool. Back then, kids knew where the guns were kept. Don’t kid yourself. Today’s kids know were the guns are kept. The question is do they know what to do if a young friend or relative finds and shows them a gun?

Product description…

Today, children are growing up in a high-tech, animated world of make believe. This book reminds kids and parents they must learn the difference between real and fake. Teach kids what to do if a young friend or relative finds and shows them a gun. The book reads in a fun flowing and easy to understand way that could truly save a child’s life. My book is not for or against guns. It is a tool to help stimulate the conversation. It may not be your gun; it may not happen in your home. Tragedy is too often the result when a child finds or shows off a gun. Guns are kept as heirlooms, for hunting and for family protection. Studies show that as many as, one in every three homes on your street may have a gun in it. Be sure your kids know what to do! Teach them it’s okay to tell. Read “Let’s Talk About Guns” with the kids you love today!

Introducing Obi Simic, author of Getting Over Yonder

“Laura made a great effort to keep me informed and on schedule. She took great interest in publishing my book and made me feel like I was more than just a queue number. Laura corresponded with me outside of regular office hours. She truly did a great job and I would love to work with her again someday.”

Obi Simic is a creative writer with an honours B.A in Psychology and a minor in English Literature. Rooted in Canadian content, Getting Over Yonder is Obi’s debut novel. This new author is also looking forward to expanding her readership with her upcoming novel, And So I Danced. While she lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Montreal still holds Obi’s heart. Visit her at:

Product description…

Follow Olivia Ugochinyere on her journey of self-discovery as the young, Black Canadian struggles to find her place in modern society. A knack for investigation, paired with the curse of unfortunate timing, leaves Olivia at the centre of several uncovered secrets. Blatant prejudice and ignorance test her mental health as she fights to hold on to a culture that her family has taught her is unique and important. Starting with bike trails down the roads of her small, Quebec town, to the hilly climb of her ancestors’ paths in Kingston, Jamaica, the reader will be transported into the life of someone who, in spite of herself, has willed to live.

Introducing Mary Jo Wisneski, author of Doggie Delicious

“Thank you very much for all you do!”

Mary Jo Wisneski Johnston is a retired reading specialist who has taught at levels ranging from kindergarten through graduate school during her 44-year teaching career in several states as well as in Germany. She enjoys living on a hobby ranch with her husband and approximately twenty animals ranging in size from horse to goldfish.

Product description…

Life at the ranch is fun and happy, but nobody could have imagined how much more interesting it would become when Bibi, a very unusual dog, came to add an exponential level of joy. As Bibi explores her gifts and chases her dream, surprises abound as all the animals at the ranch find themselves catapulted out of the status quo and into a new world where anything is possible. A magnificent ranch play day evolves, where each animal makes a special contribution to share the best and most unexpected parts of themselves with the neighborhood children. The play day goes so well that the animals can hardly wait for the next adventure. Bibi’s success in realizing her intentions shows the animals what determination and courage can accomplish, and as she models faith and trust in the greater wisdom of life, all the people and animals around her begin to understand that there is much more to themselves, and to the world! This charming beginning chapter book with its positive, inspiring message is sure to become a favorite with readers of all ages.

Introducing Carlos Lopez, Ed.D., author of Pickles, Where Are You?

“I received guidance throughout the entire publishing process.”

Dr. Carlos Lopez is an educator who has dedicated his professional career to teach literacy skills to children of all ages. The teaching of reading is his passion. He believes that reading is an important tool that helps children redefine their immediate surroundings and evaluate events that transform society. Therefore, reading should be filled with many pertinent and meaningful experiences that help readers of all ages redefine society,

Product description…

Dogs’ unconditional love heals!

Introducing L.S. Davis, author of Maggie

“I just wanted to thank you and everyone who helped make my book possible. I received my free copies today and it just looks amazing! Thanks again, so much!”

About L.S. Davis: Growing up, I had absolutely no appetite for food. I only had an appetite for doodling cartoons. Now I am the proud father of a precious little girl who has the absolute biggest appetite for all foods. Watching her and the many different ways she enjoys her food inspired me to do this story.

Product description…

Maggie is a little girl with a very big appetite. Follow her as she gobbles her way through many different foods in many different ways . . .