Introducing Mike McCracken, author of Dweebville

“Lisa did an excellent job communicating with me. There were a few problems that I did not know and she answered them very well and I was really happy with the overall results. She even listened to other suggestions that were unique to make my book even better. Thank you Lisa. It was great working with someone who had a mind open enough to work with me because I am very creative and want different things.”

About Mike McCracken:  Watch my youtube videos I’m just a customized songwriter and teacher who traveled the world writing songs and stories. I was teaching in the US and a lot of the children’s books were boring. I said, “I can write better than this!” The students said, “Do it!” I said, “OK, I will!” My book “Love and Tears” is full of customized emotional songs and the reasons I wrote the songs. My life and other people’s lives are in this book.

Product description…

The narrator is the main character and tells most of the story wrong so you don’t know what is going to happen. The Dweebs are great teachers and teach the narrator many things. They even have a mom that can talk. They have a great celebration or did they? They wake up in time to watch their favorite show on their broken down TV and more. To sum it up, the Dweebs make boring things very interesting. WOW! Warning: If you open the book, you let the Dweebs out and they will do things. They did things before the book was published. This is really true. You have been warned.

Introducing Carlos A. Garcia, author of Twenty Years of Laughter

“I have recommended Outskirts Press to numerous people already. Mainly due to all the help I received having my book published.”

Carlos A. Garcia was raised in Brooklyn’s East New York area where growing up was hard and dangerous. He came from a beautiful family of nine and became a cop in 1990 where he was assigned to the 90th Precinct in Williamsburg, and dedicated his life to helping others.

Product description…

As an N.Y.C. Police Officer the things you see will either break you down or kill you. But believe me, in this great city you can find humor in just about any situation. Or die laughing…..

Introducing Robin with Farida, author of Me and Joe’s Life Skillz

“I would like to comment with a few words on my publishing experience with Outskirts Press. Upon the completion of my manuscript, I searched and researched online for self-publishing companies. I analyzed quite a few of those companies inside and out. I covered all the pros and cons of each of these businesses and even kept extensive notes on what I found. After six months of intense study, I became aware that the VERY FIRST company I had began this research journey was the company I had analytically and statistically chosen to do business with… AFTER my research. That company? OUTSKIRTS PRESS! From that point on, everyone at OUTSKIRTS with whom I came in contact kept me well-informed and aligned with what I needed to allow my dream to manifest!”

Robin and Farida are a pair… who hold LOVE from above and dare to bare and care to SHARE. “WHERE?” Here and there and everywhere!
: >) (< : (that’s Farida on the left, there…)

Product description…

ME and Joe’s “LIFE SKILLZ” is a fully colored cartoon-illustrated book which allows everyone to LAUGH and LEARN at the same TIME all the while reading a reflective sublime book of prime time internal RHYME! There are: SECRET CODES and SECRET AGENTS and a PG SLANG DICTIONARY, just for YOU! You will learn about the importance of your HEALTH and DIET and how to listen to your SPIRIT to help you HEAR IT, TOO!

Introducing Chihileron Frierson Junior, author of Ron’s Book of Jokes

“It was a great experience.”

Chihileron Frierson Junior also known as Ron or Leron was born in The Bronx. He loves comedy and has a knack for telling jokes. He currently lives in Manassas, VA with family.

Product description…

“Ron’s Book of Jokes” is funny. It’s the kind of funny you would expect from a class clown or comedian. It will have you cracking up. This book is a definite yes. It’s persuasive jokes will have you coming back for more after each laugh. This book is like vitamin D for your funny bone.

Introducing Wayne Lindsey, author of The Real Trophies of a BarBQ Restaurant

“I could have never done this without Outskirts Press. The attention to detail and their publishing guidance throughout the entire process is almost mind-blowing. All in all, a great experience!”

Wayne Lindsey started his Bar B Q career almost 30 years ago, when he went to work for his home town mentor, Sonny Tillman, the Founder of Sonny’s Real Pit Bar B Q. Starting with very little, just like Sonny, Wayne’s success in the restaurant business and in life is an inspiring example of the American dream. He is a family man and an entrepreneur. He loves God and country, his community and he is one “hell of a story teller.”

Product description…

This book is my trophy case. It is the people, the stories, the smiles, laughs, tears and things that just can’t be made up, while just “serving a few pork sandwiches.” Best of all, I will be sharing many of the stories and “trophies” I was told and some I had the opportunity to experience with Sonny Tillman himself, Many of the “Sonny stories” are in his own words. In today’s world, just about every darn restaurant in the world is selling Bar B Q. Most of it comes out of a bag or a plastic bucket and many who sell it don’t even have wooden tables and chairs, let alone wood to cook with. Bar B Q competitions have sprouted up everywhere and at each of these events, some body is going to win a trophy. Usually there are several of them given out. I know guys who have a room slap full of trophies and each of them would tell you that the real trophies are not the ones you can hold in your hand or put in a display case. The real trophies are the customers, team members and people you meet along the way. It is the stories of life in America. If Norman Rockwell had been a cook, he would have owned a BBQ restaurant.

Introducing Mark George, author of Chutin’ the Bull

“I am really impressed with the professionalism of the Outskirts staff. They’ve been very helpful.”

Mark George and his family live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where in addition to writing he maintains a full-time practice as a family therapist. His humorous shorts and essays have appeared in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Dog Fancy Magazine, San Juan Horseshoe and other magazines and newspapers. This is his first collection of pieces in book form.

Product description…

In Chutin’ the Bull, psychotherapist Mark George examines the distracted mind and finds hope for change in a crazy world; one where people and animals talk out their dilemmas. Whether it’s goldfish hoping for a better life, a poor soul overcoming a fear of snakes in his toilet, or a couple breaking up over syntax, this book is filled with creatures engaging in healing conversations to cope with life’s stresses…and funny things happen! Where do serial killers go for help? Are we teaching our kids to become socialists? Why does “going green” frankly stink when you get right down to it? Join Mark George as he tries to make sense of utter nonsense through hilarious dialogues of people and animals seeking relief in a stressed-out world!

Introducing William Howard, author of The Gym is a Zoo

“This was the best experience I have had thus far in the self-publishing business. E-mails were responded to each time, and the flow of the publishing process was very efficient. Each person involved in the publishing process was knowledgeable and focused on the tasks at hand.”

Willliam Howard was raised in a Christian household in the Southeastern area of the United States. Though his college background was in the technical area of applied science, he was always well-rounded in his interests and had a lively sense of humor. As he learned early in life, scientists are observant, and he considers himself a scientist. He has always been committed to health and fitness. Mr. Howard has been a member of many gyms and fitness centers over the years. Whether he was at home, traveling on leisure or traveling for business, he has always understood the link between longevity and fitness. He is one of those people who always checks into the hotel, spends a day coordinating projects and finishes his day working out in the hotel’s fitness center. In this book, Mr. Howard takes a close look at the people who congregate at gyms and fitness centers and especially their quirky behaviors. The actions of the characters are based on real incidents but their names have been changed to preserve their privacy.

Product description…

Once you read this book, going to the gym will take on a new meaning. This book will transport the reader into the wild kingdom, where he will be able to identify numerous animals that have sometimes escaped his attention. The information provided in this book will be more helpful to the avid health and fitness group than energy drinks and protein shakes. Since knowledge is power, purchase this book and jump-start your power generator.NOPSIS

Introducing Pat Lawrence, author of Squirrels In The Attic

“Bridget is a thorough professional. I have worked with her before on my first book and both experiences with her were everything an author desires. She is caring, knowledgeable, accurate and service-oriented. Bridget is an outstanding representative for Outskirts Press.”

Product description…

Squirrels In The Attic is a two act play. Lindsay Spencer, a free spirited, single woman in her late twenties, returns to her parents’ apartment after she’s in an auto accident for which her father, Charles Spencer, feels guilty of causing. Charles dotes on his only daughter, but her mother, Florence Spencer, is a more realistic critic of her daughter’s shortcomings. Florence, loving, but ordered, lofty, and patronizing, is dismayed to learn that her husband has invited Lindsay to live with them while she recuperates from the auto accident. When Florence learns that Lindsay’s boyfriend, Claude (an aspiring comedian), is also moving in with them, she is furious. Florence gives Charles an ultimatum: either he uninvites them or Florence is leaving him…for good! The side-splitting conflicts of lifestyles, living arrangements, and Florence’s “secret life” not only bring about a greater understanding between mother and daughter, but also lead to a hilarious conclusion.

Also, Jarred Into Being, a novel, is another published work by this author.

Introducing Jeff Green, author of I Hear Ants and Other Silly Stories of a Funny Man

Outskirts Press delivered everything they promised, usually ahead of schedule, making the publishing of my first book a wonderful experience. I look forward to doing it again in the future.”

Jeff has been married 28 years to Doris. They have 3 children – Bobby, Brandy, and Kimberly and 5 grandchildren. Jeff served in the United States Marine Corps for eleven years obtaining the rank of Staff Sergeant. He earned his Masters Degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. He is currently a Manager at a major Aerospace Corporation

Product description…

Come walk with this Marine as he describes, in 48 short stores, some of the memorable moments of his “totally normal” family’s upbringing. Discover why he thinks he can hear ants. Learn how describing the subtle nuances of fine dining and the proper use of a salad fork can be humorous. And laugh with him as he learns that his daughter is being detained by the SWAT team. Yes sir, just another ordinary day in the life of a Marine.

Introducing Thomas Masselli, author of Mr. Mirages Magical Garages

“My first experience in self-publishing was something about which I had no idea what to expect. I had been contacted by a few companies including Outskirts Press. After speaking with representatives from all of them I selected Outskirts Press because they seemed to me to offer me the most value. And when I speak of value, I’m not simply referring to economics. In my value-added equation, I include service, support, and advice as well as costs. Now that my book has been published, the Marketing Coach service from Outskirts Press has begun, and like all the pre-publishing coaching, it has been outstanding. I am 1000% satisfied with Outskirts Press and my plans for a second book already include their services.”

Tom Masselli grew up in Athens and as a teen delivered the newspaper throughout town. He was engaged in the community throughout his residency serving two years as Village Mayor. He and his wife Linda live in North Carolina but maintain relationships with family and friends still residing in Athens.

Product description…

Peter and Patty Mirages are moving into the house at 43 South Franklin Street in Athens, New York. As a young boy Peter had made daily deliveries of the local newspaper to the family living in the century old Victorian-style house. He had imagined there were mysteries contained inside the house and throughout the property. He dreamed of one day owning the house and discovering all of its secrets, and now his dream is coming true. Peter Mirages, a middle-school science teacher and his wife Patty, a loan officer at the local bank had, for ten years, saved a part of their income in order to buy the house and the detached building that housed two garages. The Mirages wanted to make the old house a home where they could enjoy life in their small community entertaining family and friends. They planned to restore the house to its former glory and live in it for the rest of their lives. Peter especially wanted to investigate the entire property in hopes of unlocking its secrets, which he believed existed since he first encountered it during his childhood. While he was sure there was something special about 43 South Franklin Street, Peter could not have imagined the mysterious and awesome powers possessed by the property that he would discover shortly after becoming the owner.