Introducing Wayne Lindsey, author of The Real Trophies of a Bar B Q Restaurant

“I could have never done this without Outskirts Press. The attention to detail and their publishing guidance throughout the entire process is almost mind-blowing. All in all, a great experience!”

Wayne Lindsey started his Bar B Q career almost 30 years ago, when he went to work for his home town mentor, Sonny Tillman, the Founder of Sonny’s Real Pit Bar B Q. Starting with very little, just like Sonny, Wayne’s success in the restaurant business and in life is an inspiring example of the American dream. He is a family man and an entrepreneur. He loves God and country, his community and he is one hell of a story teller.

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Book description…

This book is my trophy case. It is the people, the stories, the smiles, laughs, tears and things that just can’t be made up, while just “serving a few pork sandwiches”. Best of all, I will be sharing many of the stories and “trophies” I was told and some I had the opportunity to experience with Sonny Tillman himself, Many of the “Sonny stories” are in his own words. In today’s world, just about every darn restaurant in the world is selling Bar B Q. Most of it comes out of a bag or a plastic bucket and many who sell it don’t even have wooden tables and chairs, let alone wood to cook with. Bar B Q competitions have sprouted up everywhere and at each of these events, some body is going to win a trophy. Usually there are several of them given out. I know guys who have a room slap full of trophies and each of them would tell you that the real trophies are not the ones you can hold in your hand or put in a display case. The real trophies are the customers, team members and people you meet along the way. It is the stories of life in America. If Norman Rockwell had been a cook, he would have owned a BBQ restaurant.

Introducing Sue Desautels, author of Snippets of a Christian Nana

“When I began to write my first book, Snippets of a Christian Nana, I had no idea how I was going to find the right publisher for my book. Other publishers were very reluctant to disclose costs, and many had hidden costs which I found frustrating, while others sounded great until I checked with the Better Business Bureau and found they had changed their publishing name several times. I finally went to Top Consumer and Outskirts Publishing was rated number one on overall performance. I went to Outskirts web site and found them very organized, easy to understand and all prices were right there, no hidden costs. Terri was my pre-production person and she was great. She was very helpful in walking me through the process of getting started. Terri also kept me posted with everything going on with the book. When I moved to the production part, Sara was right there to take over. I lost count with how many times we emailed back and forth. Sara was very patient and I truly appreciated her expertise. From beginning to end, my experience with Outskirts Press was awesome. I ended up getting the diamond package. I have told all my friends if they are thinking about writing a book that they should use Outskirts Publishing. I am also thinking about writing a second book because of how positive my experience was with Outskirts. Thank you again for help making my dream become a reality.”

Sue Desautels has made her home in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband, Ron, mother, Pat, and beloved dog, Ming. Sue and Ron have been blessed with four grown children and seven beautiful grandchildren. Sue appreciates a quick wit, an easy laugh and the tender heart of others. Sue is the founder of CLAP YOUR HANDS – making items for kids who have physical limitations, autism or who have sensory issues. She believes that regardless of one’s age, all things are possible through Him.

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Book description…

“Snippets of a Christian Nana” is a book revolving around humor, hope, and encouragement. I cannot imagine one day without these necessary staples of life. Going back as a young Christian, military wife and mother, I have been blessed with embarrassing, uncomfortable and humbling moments. God has shown me in His mercy and grace, He can transform many mistakes and flaws through the gift of laughter. Whenever I start to feel the presence of fear, worry, or bitterness, I check my spiritual gauge. Have I laughed today? Have I given hope or encouragement to someone in need? Let’s Begin. Book is available at Amazon, Kindle, Nook, iTunes, etc.

Introducing Jim Lucitt, author of A Life In Transit

“My effort at producing a novel may be quite juvenile, but it was only made possible by the wonderful folks at Outskirts Press. All of them!  To open the box that contained the first round of copies, to hold my very own creation in my hands and see a dream come to life before my own eyes, is beyond words really. My hat goes off to Elaine my Author Rep. I bow graciously to my editor, an Angel, and I kneel before the wizards of the Art Department, magicians one and all!”

I’m Jim Lucitt and I’m only driving this bus because I have to! Writing about my life, and my life in transit, has been both work and play, tragedy and comedy, but all in all it has been wonderful! I love to tell stories and truly believe that it is a dying pastime, even a dying art. My plan as of this moment is to finish Volume Two of Tales From The Saddle Of A Forty-Footer, but I am also about to embark on a writing journey that is completely different from my initial offering. I would love to give you a hint as to it’s direction, but for now I am just going to say,…’stay tuned’.

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Book description…

Truth and fiction, comedy and drama, all in one rocking and rolling ride through life as seen from behind the eyes of a lifelong transit driver. Perched high in the saddle of his forty foot buses, hang on as Jim Lucitt takes you along for the ride of a lifetime! “Joking and joviality, the telling of tall tales both triumphant and tragic, this is comedic fiction at it’s best! Movers and shakers, lug nuts and losers, and lots of love and even more laughter. It’s all here.” —McLean Press; “You better hold on tight for this wildest of rides! This journey has plenty of ease and smoothness but there are undoubtedly some sharp turns, big bumps, and quick stops along the way, but you’re going to want to travel through to the end”. -Skye News; “Poignant perspectives that place you right in the driver’s seat of a city bus. Jim Lucitt hacks directly into the heart of a world that few would dare to enter, but makes it fun with his rockin’, rollin’, rollicking and rumbling story-telling style.”

Introducing Joyce Galloway, M.S.E.C.E., author of The Sad Apple Tree

“Lisa did an exceptional job helping me throughout the publishing process. She answered me with extreme quickness. The entire Outskirts Press staff made this journey so very enjoyable. I am looking forward to publishing my next book. Thank you so much for making a dream come true in such a positive way.”

Joyce Galloway is a wife and mother. She is a graduate of Walden University and Tri-County Technical College, with a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Graduate Certificate in Reading and Literacy. A member of Delta Epsilon Tau Honor Society as well as Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges, Joyce also has 20+ years in the early childhood education field. She has been writing children’s books for 25 years. The Sad Apple Tree is the second to be professionally published.

Product description…

Deep in the forest lives a special apple tree. This tree is special because he can talk, but he is also very sad. There’s been no rain, and therefore, he has no apples. The sad apple tree must rely on the village children for help…but will anyone come to his aid? Find out in this delightful tale about the rewards of helping others!

Introducing Kimmy Preuss, author of 300 Amusing Musings

“I had an overall very pleasant experience using Outskirts Press as my publisher. The entire process was smooth and I am completely satisfied that all of my needs were met! My personal representative was extremely attentive to me and any questions that I had! I would definitely publish with this company again!”

Kimmy Preuss lives in southern California and works from home as a preschool teacher, a job that makes every day an amazing adventure! She and her husband Rick have two adult daughters, and as a family, they enjoy sharing the gift of laughter.

Product description…

Feed your soul with 300 Amusing Musings and enjoy a heaping helping of non-fat juvenile anecdotes, a sprinkling of whimsical poetry, and seasoned with a dash of hilarious observations. Prepare to be served up a bountiful meal of delicious humor! For over four years, Kimmy Preuss has kept her Facebook friends laughing with her dry wit, light verse, and deadpan comedy writings. This book is a compilation of the posts that have delightfully fed her worldwide audience. Using only the best ingredients, Kimmy’s garden of laughter is a meal in itself! If you are hungry for a good laugh-and who isn’t?-this is the perfect book for you to read over and over, and to share with those you love! Salute and Bon Appétit!

Introducing Josef Kobik, author of Total Revision

“I have been really happy about Laura’s help, advice, quick responses… The same goes for all the other OP representatives I have been in touch with. I am very happy with the result of our mutual work – TOTAL REVISION.”

Josef Kobík graduated from the University of 17th November (interpreting and translation in the field of English and Russian) and later from the faculty of pedagogy and psychology at Charles University in Prague. For 42 years he has worked as an English teacher (first at university, then in high school, his own language school and now as a private instructor). He teaches all types of specialties and now, at the age of 66, handles almost three ordinary teaching loads; with enthusiasm and love of both the field and his students.

Product description…

TOTAL REVISION is a summary of the history of the human psyche. From the Big Bang to Adam and Eve to the demise of the Universe. Everything is included! TOTAL REVISION offers an experimental read resembling a photo album look and feel. It gives the readers a huge space for creative thinking based on their own understanding and interpretation. TOTAL REVISION was originally written in Czech: started forty-five years ago, after the Soviet invasion to Czechoslovakia, and finished and published in 1989. It took twenty years to write! TOTAL REVISION is intended primarily for demanding and experienced readers. Do you like Bunin, Babel, Bulgakov, Heller, Bradbury, Vonnegut? Do you like to laugh? Then there is a good chance that TOTAL REVISION will appeal to you.

Introducing Christopher T. Heist, author of What I’ve Learned

“The team that designed my book did a great job. They followed my wants and needs, allowing the book to look exactly as I intended. Overall, the experience was painless and satisfying.”

Christopher T. Heist hails from Philadelphia, and is currently an unconcerned worker of a dead-end job. He holds a Diploma from High School via Summer School, and he presently resides in Europe. He’s a college dropout, and he likes to spend his free time disguised as an average nobody with very little patience.

Product description…

What I’ve Learned – An Encyclopedia of Perpetual Bullshit covers topics that affect us every single day, as seen through the eyes of Chris Heist. Just like you, he’s a nobody that wants to be a somebody. So he set out to write this book; losing two jobs, an apartment, and a marriage along the way. In this book you’ll learn how to properly reject etiquette, how to legally stare into your neighbor’s windows, how to properly support suicide, how to make sense out of idiotic laws, how to insult people’s mothers, how to piss off religious people, how to write a screenplay, how to use taboo words without getting your ass kicked, how to play drinking games, how to handle holidays, how to use the bible to avoid paying child support, how to spot a scumbag boss, how to disgust hotel staff, how to behave online, how to deal with addiction, how to properly be patriotic, how to skip high school, how to say impolite things in German, how to choose heroes, and how to enjoy what you have with the time you have to enjoy it. In his small circle of friends, he is both a legend and an asshole. But now, Christopher T. Heist can invade the lives of complete strangers as he shares his twisted perspective of everything he’s been exposed to. And yes, nothing is sacred. As a self-proclaimed actor, activist, poet, porn star, comedian, screenwriter, atheist, author, body-builder, recovered addict, part-time alcoholic, part-time racist, leader, winner, loser, counselor, ex-soldier, runner, bicyclist, laborer, prisoner, freethinker, singer, rapper, boxer, criminal, pimp, victim, street fighter, dirty fighter, dealer, director, graduate, guardian, sucker puncher, lover, photographer, model, artist, father, inventor, slave to the system, and all around survivalist; you may find yourself nodding in agreement to some of the crazy shit he hammers out in this book.

Introducing L.S. Davis, author of Maggie

“I just wanted to thank you and everyone who helped make my book possible. I received my free copies today and it just looks amazing! Thanks again, so much!”

About L.S. Davis: Growing up, I had absolutely no appetite for food. I only had an appetite for doodling cartoons. Now I am the proud father of a precious little girl who has the absolute biggest appetite for all foods. Watching her and the many different ways she enjoys her food inspired me to do this story.

Product description…

Maggie is a little girl with a very big appetite. Follow her as she gobbles her way through many different foods in many different ways . . .

Introducing Evalina Mason, author of The Fish and the Loaves

“Have loved working with the OP folks during the entire process. Will certainly contact them again for my next book and hope to get the same team in place. They really seemed to understand what I wanted. A totally stellar group. Efficient, kind, and wonderfully helpful.”

Evalina Mason was born to an American soldier and an English war bride in London at the end of WWII. When the war ended they all moved to the United States where she grew up and became an educator. Now retired, she lives in Central Washington with her husband and an interesting assortment of furry friends.

Product description…

Robert’s pleasant and predictable retirement days are totally shattered when his recently widowed sister, Gillian, comes to stay with him while her home is being reroofed. True to form, she leaves no part of his formerly serene world untouched. Hopes of it being a brief visit are dashed when he becomes victim of a churchyard prank and suffers a head injury. Despite his ardent protests, she decides to stay to care for him during his recovery. When a somewhat dubious miracle occurs, Robert gains a bit of relief as Gillian throws herself into helping with the church’s celebration of the phenomenon. Though grateful for the respite, he develops new worries as he sees her welcomed into his circle of friends and blending into the fabric of the village. Will her visit never end?

Introducing Paul J. Krause, author of Local Yokels

“The process was very easy. Dana walked me through the entire thing, leaving no questions unanswered. Very happy with Outskirts Press!”

Paul J. Krause is a volunteer fire captain and a graduate of University of Hartford with a BA in US History and a minor in Gender Studies. He was inspired to write Local Yokels after reading The French Revolution by Matt Stewart in an American Literature class at the university. Paul is a Marine Corps veteran, having served from June 2005 to June 2009. He deployed twice with 2D Battalion 2D Marines-once in support of the global war on terrorism, with the 26th MEU in 2007, and once to Iraq in 2008.

Product description…

Bootknife and the rest of the Local Yokels-members of a volunteer fire service-find themselves in a weeklong stretch of structure fires. With this many fires being a rarity in Uville, Bootknife and his fellow firefighters’ skills will be put to the test. When they arrive at one of the worst fires they’ve ever been called to, three of the firefighters are trapped in a series of collapses on the first and second floors of the structure, leaving them fighting for their lives. Local Yokels offers an insider’s view of the brotherhood of the fire service, with characters based on real volunteer and career firefighters. Full of adventure, humor, and heart-gripping tension, it’s a dynamic debut novel.