Introducing John J. Michalik, author of Another Way Over: A Novel of Immigration to America

“I can’t imagine how any Author Representative could have provided better and more consistent professional service, guidance, and assistance than my representative did on this project. It all went smoother than I could have imagined and helped create exactly what I had envisioned for this book. Kudos with a capital K to her!”

John Michalik enjoyed a 37-year career leading and managing law-related businesses, academic units, and professional membership organizations. He is the author of over 200 articles, annotations, books, and essays on legal and management topics. In retirement, he turned to history, with the publication of his book “The Harriman Alaska Expedition of 1899” in 2021. “Another Way Over” is his debut novel. He and his wife Diane live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Book description…

In 1910, Jan Brozek is a lone traveler, making his way across a Europe preparing for war, intent on immigrating to America to establish a new life for himself and his fiancee, Maria, who will follow once he has earned the money for her passage. Early in his travels, he saves the life of Anna Ihnacak, the beautiful daughter of a Hungarian nobleman – their easy attraction creates emotions that, as he travels on, he has difficulty dealing with and understanding. Ready to sail across the Atlantic Ocean on the last leg of his journey, he is stunned when his careful plans are derailed at the last minute and he must choose an alternate course, one that sets him on a two-year odyssey covering three continents.<br /><br />In his travels, Jan moves in and out of the personal stories – involving murder and corruption, personal losses, natural disasters, and everyday situations – of those he meets along the way. And he is tempted by opportunities that would drastically change his plans and his ultimate destination. All the while, he wrestles with his own emotions concerning Anna and Maria; finally reaching a resolution as his long journey takes yet another and final unexpected turn.

Introducing Charles Ray Brady, author of JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS: The Gathering Storm – BOOK ONE

“As a new author I was totally overwhelmed with what was required of me but my Author Representative helped me know what needed to be done and was very patient with my many revisions of this first book. Her patience and knowledge is much appreciated and I was happy to learn I will be working with her on my other two books.”

Charles Ray Brady was born and raised in Utah. He, along with his father and mother, called the town of Santaquin their home. The small-town atmosphere always allowed him the opportunity to explore and use his imagination, often to the dismay of his parents. Ray graduated in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University because he enjoys working with children which led him to become a professional teacher for thirty years. He is a self-taught oil painter and has taught landscape painting both during and after his teaching career. He finds it fun to share this talent with local children. In addition to this series of books, he wrote a book for each of his children when they were in elementary school. He now reads those stories to his grandchildren. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force where he served as an accountant and administrative assistant. He and his wife, Carolyn Seals Brady, met while attending Brigham Young University and were married in the Salt Lake Temple. They have five children and eighteen grandchildren. Ray believes life is a grand tour of opportunities when you use your imagination to explore them.

Book description…

As Ben lay there in his semi-conscious state, his body racked with pain from head to toe, the intensely bright light that hung above him seemed to bore itself into his very soul. It happened so quickly and without warning causing him to catapult over the handlebars of his bicycle coming to a bone-crushing heap at the side of the road. He’d only caught a glimpse out of the corner of his eye of an object being thrown before it clocked him to the side of his head leaving him with clouded thoughts of WHY ME?! An angry familiar voice by the gurney where he lay in the emergency room muttered a vivid threat through gritted teeth, “When I get ahold of that kid, I’ll beat the living tar out of him!” “No you won’t son, you’re not that kind of boy.” For Ben Okura, being Japanese American took on a whole new meaning as he was to become one of the homeland’s first civilian casualties of World War II. Ben didn’t know it yet; but, at that moment, he’d already started down an unimaginable darkened road filled with intrigue, danger, and adventure to places he’d never been. He would have to settle up with fate and meet his destiny.

Introducing Harold Cohn, author of The Lost Dutchmen Mine and the Peg Leg Pete Mine

“Outskirts Press made a great book greater!”

Harold Cohn is a Disabled Vietnam Vet (U.S.S. Harnett County, LST 821. Mekong Delta, 1967-1968). In addition, I am a retired Park Ranger (31 years of service) from the County of San Diego (California).

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While I was working as a Park Ranger at El Monte Park, Lakeside, California, I wrote a book titled: “The El Monte Park History” (12 pages/13 months of research and writing). Years later, the forgoing book became basis of a museum Artist/Muralist Mona Mills and I created at El Monte Park in an abandoned pump house building (8’x16″ [World’s smallest museum?]) named the “El Monte Oaks Museum.” The interior walls of the museum’s wall were painted with murals, based on “The El Monte Park History” by Mona Mills, Artist Muralist that depicted the park’s history when it was an ancient Native American campground to the current day.

Introducing Grace Ralston and Florence Ralston Schnurr, authors of Saga of Our Kintyre Kin

“I was a complete novice to publishing and the help I received moved me to ‘experienced.’ Thanks for all the ideas, assistance and patience from Outskirts personnel.”

About Grace Ralston and Florence Ralston Schnurr: High on the list of fun things I’ve done in my life is years spent researching genealogy and the history of Scotland and Kintyre. All of my grandparents were born in Kintyre. I was immersed in the culture of the Illinois Scottish settlement during my childhood and observed the closeness of my parents to their siblings and we cousins. During our three trips to Scotland, it was such a pleasure to reconnect with relatives. I am the “last man” standing! May there be something of interest for you.

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Book description…

“The Saga of Our Kintyre Kin” is a social history of Scotland and genealogies of the families who moved to Kintyre as part of the Plantation of the Lowland Lairds in 1650. It includes the Ralston family from 1160 and other families: Greenlee, Breckenridge, Brown, Andrew, McPhail, Wallace and Howie.

Introducing Alexandra Goodwin, author of Exchange at the Border

“Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me. As a first time author, I was overwhelmed with the publication process, but my research paid off: my choice of Outskirts Press is one of the best decisions I made. I was very pleased with the way everything was handled by your company. You are professional, efficient, and responsive.”

Alexandra Goodwin was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and came to the United States as a student. She lives with her husband Craig and their two poodles in Coral Springs, Florida. Exchange at the Border is her first novel.

Product description…

Mexican agave farm worker Porro Camorra never meant to do anything wrong. He is in love with his girlfriend, but when she becomes pregnant, his life is in danger. Fleeing the vindictive wrath of her enraged brothers, who have sworn to kill him, Porro runs for the border. But when he reaches the barrier between Mexico and the United States, he finds more than the safety he seeks. As he is thrust into a mystical realm, he must agree to a fascinating but dangerous bargain in order to reclaim his place in the world. Vivid, inventive, and suspenseful, Exchange at the Border is a thrilling and colorful exploration of the timeless battle between good and evil, with a story and characters that will keep you spellbound.

Introducing Emmet Roberts, author of Lions of Samaria

“Overall though, while initially daunting, my Author Representative came through to get my book published! Thanks, Jamie and thanks, Barbara. There were many others who all helped along the way-a big thanks to everyone who contributed.”

Emmet Roberts has taken the long road back to belief. Raised in a traditional faith, he rebelled against the insistent demand of unquestioning obedience. Dissatisfied with the uncertainty of agnosticism, he wandered into the bleakness of atheism. Still searching for meaning, he realized one day the questions he had chased for so long had returned to him as answers. Throughout the journey, the Bible has served as a constant guidepost, correcting his missteps and directing him back on to his homeward path. The ageless questions of ‘why am I here? what should I do?’ have been silenced by a divine answer to the child’s game: Faith covers doubt; Grace covers works; Love covers all. Lions of Samaria is his first adaptation of a bible story with a goal of making it more readable to fellow travelers along the way. He and his wife currently live in the far north country of Michigan, under the watchful eye of their cat Phileta.

Product description…

This single verse marks the end of one of the most tragic stories in the Old Testament. Drawn from 1st and 2nd Kings, Lions of Samaria focuses on the rise and fall, conquest and deportation of the northern kingdom of Israel. The full tragedy of a nation’s unfulfilled destiny and its consequences are shown without any mitigating side stories. The fate of the southern kingdom of Judah is similar, but Israel’s fall is far swifter, far deeper, and final. The exiles of Judah return to their homeland after seventy years in Babylon. There is no return from Assyria for the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.