Introducing Allen Boyle, author of Rejoicing Comes in the Morning

As a 65 year-old author, writing a first book, and being clueless about publishing, I found the Outskirts staff is not only helpful but also incredibly patient in answering all my dumb little questions. They’ve put together a great team of people and my wonderfully finished book is proof of their expertise. Thank you!

Allen Boyle and his beautiful bride of 45 years have four grown children and 13 grandchildren. He now lives in Southern California with his wife and two dogs, an AKC Champion Australian Cattle Dog named Tank and a miniature short-haired dachshund named Gretel (not a champion but she is a sweet little girl). Allen practices teaching Bible lessons to Gretel, who sits patiently but with questionable comprehension! This teacher’s alma mater is Dallas Bible College where he studied Bible following his eight years of service in the military. Now a retired elder, he holds a Masters-level DCS degree from Tyndale Theological Seminary. Mr. Boyle is currently finishing His Doctor of Ministries Degree (D. Min.) while he continues to write and teach adult Bible Studies. Allen is an accomplished writer, classroom and seminar teacher. He has taught throughout the Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. Allen’s goal through his Bible studies, devotions, and treatises is to help Christian adults mature in Christ and to become more like Him, as He is revealed to them in the Scriptures. A Ph. D. Professor from another well-respected seminary recently described Allen as “sharp as a tack” after proofing one of his treatises. He went on to say, “Clearly, 23 brain surgeries have not affected this man’s thinking or writing ability.” Mr. Boyle’s testimony and other writing may be seen on his Website at:

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In 1992, Allen Boyle, a successful businessman, was hit by sudden, searing pain in his head, sending him to the emergency room. Eventually he was diagnosed with a cyst in the brain, a condition that would have a tremendous impact on his future, both physically and spiritually. After 23 surgeries, Allen has learned much about pain. But he has also gained some valuable insights into the benefits of pain and loss—-that there is hope and purpose behind suffering. He has discovered the secret to coping with pain both mental and physical and he shares his findings in a way that all readers can relate to. His hope is to encourage and give comfort to others, even as God has encouraged and comforted him. …REJOICING Comes in the Morning is a powerfully moving testament of courage, faith, and hope.

“Allen Boyle is living proof that his message and teaching on the subject of pain are grounded in the eternal reality that God is purposeful and that ‘all things work together for the good of those who love God…’ (Romans 8:28, HCSB). On that foundation of belief and understanding, Allen presents evidence from his personal journey, with clear and compelling support from Scripture, that the power to help others in times of crisis and pain emanates from the suffering that God allows to come into the lives of faithful Christians. Without a doubt, REJOICING Comes in the Morning will comfort and strengthen many of its readers who are struggling to make sense out of their own or others’ pain.” Dr. Gene A. Getz, President, Center for Church Renewal

What a fabulous story of a man’s faith through a long, serious battle with pain. Imagine, having 23 brain surgeries! Remarkable. Allen Boyle was a successful businessman, but a cyst in his brain discovered in 1992 drastically changed his life. And through it, he has come so much closer to God. What an inspiring story. It’s an “easy” read, something that is appropriate for both believers and non-believers. Allen uses just the right mix of Scriptures with his life story to explain his journey. I highly recommend it! Rick Monroe, Editor/Publisher Good News, etc. Christian newspaper Serving San Diego County for 29 years

Introducing William Guthrie, author of Transformed and Renewed

“I am very pleased with the publication of my latest book and all the steps that led up to this publication; and I congratulate Outskirts Press on a job well done and delightfully executed. Keep up the good work as I am looking forward eagerly to the publication of my third book in the not-too-distant future. Thanks for making this entire project such a pleasant experience.”

William Guthrie is a student of the human condition, wielding the written craft to enrapture the mind much like an artist wields a brush. The pages are a blank canvas on which to draw from a talent heralded by many and matched only by an imagination that rises to the task. Transformed and Renewed is the second in a series of recent pursuits, with work progressing quickly on the follow-up.

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Transformed and Renewed

All too often I have gone to clergy conferences where the mere subject of “Clergy Wellness” is treated with dispassionate academic abandonment. It might have been a college course entitled “Clergy Wellness 101.” For the first time I have come across a read…indeed a position that treats the “cause and effect” elements of the problem with passionate understanding and grace. Our brother, William Guthrie, a devoted priest of the church, seeks healing and wholeness for us all. He understands, more than most, that physicians are indeed capable of healing themselves when they acknowledge that we all have an illness of some sort which keeps us from being effective tools of grace for the Holy Spirit. His honesty and forthrightness give us hope that we may have healing in the body at last! ~The Rev. Dr. C. David Williams, Retired Dean, Trinity and St. Philip’s Cathedral, Episcopal Diocese of Newark, New Jersey. Depression is a serious medical condition that affects millions of people. In “Transformed and Renewed,” William Guthrie offers fellow clergy a safe space to face this condition in a spirit of hope and acceptance. This is an important resource to help change the mindset of the community as to how we all can provide support for pastors in distress. ~John E. Harris, Jr., National President, Union of Black Episcopalians.

Tara Williamson, author of From Fad to Fab*

“The books were very professionally done and I was very impressed with the custom cover design options, the interior formatting and the quality of the final product. However, during the process of publishing, I did feel like some consultants were more concerned with pushing products and services than actually providing legitimate suggestions.”

I grew up in Colorado where I earned a Bachelor’s in dietetics from Colorado State University and a Master’s in education from the University of Phoenix. I taught science at public and private schools as well as human nutrition at the Community College of Denver. I worked in health care and a commercial weight loss center. I now have a private health and wellness consulting business. I currently live in California with my husband, an Army NCO, and our young son.

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* Results Are Typical!

Are you or some of your loved ones part of the two-thirds of American adults who are overweight or obese? Do you simply want to shed a few pounds? This book will show you how to lose weight, look younger and feel better, sooner than you might think. But, it holds no secrets, only simple scientifically proven methods. So, why isn’t everyone in great shape? Because most people believe the myths, no downright lies, told by the more than $70 billion dollar diet and over $5 billion dollar exercise industries. They sell expensive magic potions and special devices or convoluted programs with big shot celebrity, airhead not expert, endorsements that promise results with little or no effort. The truth is that with very little money, and only modest effort, but plenty of knowledge, you can become healthy and fit and remain that way for life. In this book, I use the knowledge I gained earning a Bachelor’s in dietetics from Colorado State University, one of the top-ranking schools in the country, as well as my work experience from over a decade in human services including health care facilities, a weight loss center, and finally my own highly successful health and wellness consulting business, to guide you through debunking all the “diet” myths out there. This book will help you learn what can happen if you refuse to change and show you the major things you may be doing to cause potentially permanent damage to your body. It will enable you to see how through diet, in the realistic healthy sense, physical activity or exercise, and a few basic supplements, coupled with a holistic approach, you can absolutely change your life. Finally, it includes brief personal interjections about me, as a new mother who had to work to lose the baby weight, and others I have helped use these principles to achieve remarkable results; and the best part is these results are actually typical. Yes, most of the chapters in this book contain scientific and medical information, but you will understand it, and you must, because knowledge really is power. As a former school teacher and college professor with a Master’s in education and nearly six years in the classroom, I often use humor to keep things light and entertaining, because, let’s face it, you can’t learn if you’re asleep. All the big scary words are defined plainly and the explanations are repeated often so you never have to go back and look them up. Lots of mental pictures and vivid descriptions illustrate ideas clearly to show you the reality and shock you into action. This book will show you how to be healthier and wealthier whether you want to lose 10 pounds or need to lose 210 pounds. It will help you go from wandering around aimlessly between fad products or programs to having an absolutely fabulous life!!

Eat All Day – Drink All Day, by D.G. Long


“For a first time author, my venture into self-publishing was a scary one, but everyone at Outskirts Press was so patient and helpful and didn’t seem to mind answering dumb questions.  

It all really went faster than I imagined and the day that my first author’s copies of Eat All Day – Drink All Day arrived was wildly exciting.  The book turned out beautifully and I am so thankful for all the advice I received from Deni and everyone else.  

Now I have the Marketing COACH to help with book promotion!  What’s not to like?  My next book is in my head (and in about a dozen notebooks) and I will not hesitate to have Outskirts Press do the same great job again.

– D.G. Long


A life-long battler in the war against fat has discovered a way to become a winner. Here is a combination of approaches that takes the best ideas and refines them to provide steady, sustained weight loss. Now it is possible to attain the slim, healthy body of which you’ve always dreamed. Written in a personal, light-hearted style that points out the nonsense of many of our fondest weight loss myths, you will enjoy the insightful advice and easy, make-ahead recipes that can ensure lasting slenderness. Chuckle your way through page after page of strange food facts and the wackiest exercise (?) plan you’ve ever seen. There is no reason that getting thinner can’t be FUN. A host of tips lets you design an eating plan around foods you love to eat. If you expect tofu and celery sticks, this is probably not the plan for you. Packed with quick and delicious recipes for sinful chocolate shakes, heavenly soups, sandwiches, quick snacks and even meat loaf and potato salad, you need never be hungry. You will even find party plans and menus for dinner guests that enable you to eat the same foods as everyone else. If you are tired of the same old weight loss programs and suspect, rightly so, that one note diets are not healthy, then this is the plan for you. Remember, a diet is something you go ON and it is something you will go OFF. Come aboard. There’s a whole new world of slender people waiting for you to join them.

My Choice – My Life by Jay M. Greenfeld, M.A

“The frequency of communication was quite impressive. I was astounded at how efficient the process was. My author representative was a pleasure to work with. I have suggested that many friends of mine contact Outskirts Press for their book ideas.” – Jay M. Greenfeld, M.A

The Ultimate Guidebook for Leading a More Balanced Life

In today’s fast-paced existence, it’s easy to feel our lives are sometimes spinning out of control. But here’s the good news: We actually have total control over our everyday choices. Now, put yourself back in charge and achieve a more balanced lifestyle with My Choice – My Life: Realizing Your Ability to Create Balance in Life. Stress management and well-being expert Jay M. Greenfeld reveals his common-sense approach for balancing the four pillars of your life-its physical, emotional, social, and professional components-with an emphasis on making positive choices. Here are the hints, devices, techniques, and suggestions to apply to your life, your world—and on your time. You’ll learn:

  • How to use positive thinking and awareness to break negative habits and ingrained, self-defeating negative actions
  • The secrets to achieving success at work, at home, and in relationships
  • Ways to attain balance at any life stage: teens, twenties and beyond
  • How to get the most out of your personal relationships—whether with parents, children or your life-partner
  • Steps that will put you on the path toward a healthier, more fulfilling and less stressful life

    Packed with anecdotes and practical encouragement, My Choice – My Life is an empowering tool that will show results each time you make a decision. Free yourself from feelings of hopelessness and regain your focus and your balance—it’s all up to you!