Introducing William Kenly, author of After the Diagnosis, Medullary Thyroid Cancer Memoirs

“I have dealt with several reps at Outskirts Press, and Leona is the most responsive and professional. I would like to work with her on all future projects. Thank you.”

The 84 stories in this collection are from 66 veterans of Medullary Thyroid Cancer, from nations around the world. Proceeds go totally to cancer research. This book was edited by Elizabeth Simons, Galina McClain, and William Kenly.

Product description…

“After The Diagnosis” was conceived one dark February evening during an unusually chatty Facebook MTC cancer group session, as the winter’s third blizzard raged in the Northeast. Four months later, after 66 members of that group had put pen to paper, this collection of 84 stories went to the publisher. The only subject direction was to write about what cancer meant in their lives. No two stories are the same. Every story helps the reader understand about living with cancer. The stories are raw, insightful, and uplifting. Each story is a gem, and there are postings from those who have recently passed away, and writings from the children and parents. These stories are brimming with honesty, healing, and an understanding of our collective mortality. Comments from the cancer authors: “I feel like I live on a log in the middle of a river, waiting for it to be pulled over the waterfall.” “With all the twists and turns during my MTC years, I feel as though I am always playing ‘Whack-A-Mole’.” “I am so happy I did this. It is so relieving to pull it up and out of myself. I still get emotional reading it, though.” “I don’t like to complain usually, so it was a bit difficult to admit how hard writing my story was for me…since the big diagnosis.” Excerpts from the stories: “‘I feel a lump’, was the first thing I heard from my PCP. I had just thought I was tired and gaining weight because of menopause…” “In the end, I can nudge the cancer and tell it to move over. We’re in this together, for the long haul. The enemy, if you want to name one, is not cancer. It’s fear.” “Respectfully, I say ‘thank you’ to my cancer for showing me what an awesome life I have and what amazing family and friends I have been blessed with. And don’t forget, Cancer, “you are my bitch.” “Cancer changes people. It sculpts us into someone who Understands more deeply, Hurts more often, Appreciates more quickly, Cries more easily, Hopes more desperately, Loves more openly, and Lives more passionately.”

Introducing Bradford C. Edwards, author of Let’s Talk About Guns

“My Author Representative, Lisa, was great! She not only responded to my many questions, she answered them and explained all the choices offered by Outskirts Press that applied to my book. My artist Richa was so patient and understanding. She brought my written words to life with the greatest, bright, fun, and colorful illustrations I had hoped for. Cheri, my Production Manager, is the best! She pulled it all together, always had the answers and advice that made this project so much fun. She calmed me when I was overwhelmed and she encouraged me when I was right! They are still helping me as my wonderful book is growing in popularity every day! Thanks to all at Outskirts Press!”

About Bradford C. Edwards: I was born on a dairy farm in Cooperstown, New York. Guns were often kept behind the kitchen or closet doors just like a broom or an umbrella. A gun was a tool. Back then, kids knew where the guns were kept. Don’t kid yourself. Today’s kids know were the guns are kept. The question is do they know what to do if a young friend or relative finds and shows them a gun?

Product description…

Today, children are growing up in a high-tech, animated world of make believe. This book reminds kids and parents they must learn the difference between real and fake. Teach kids what to do if a young friend or relative finds and shows them a gun. The book reads in a fun flowing and easy to understand way that could truly save a child’s life. My book is not for or against guns. It is a tool to help stimulate the conversation. It may not be your gun; it may not happen in your home. Tragedy is too often the result when a child finds or shows off a gun. Guns are kept as heirlooms, for hunting and for family protection. Studies show that as many as, one in every three homes on your street may have a gun in it. Be sure your kids know what to do! Teach them it’s okay to tell. Read “Let’s Talk About Guns” with the kids you love today!

Introducing Todd Ivey Senior, author of How To Grow Hard Strong Long Fingernails

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Todd Ivey Sr. was born 1962 in Detroit. He is the author of How To Grow Hard, Strong, Long Fingernails. Todd received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the International Academy of Design and Technology. He is a sound designer and lives outside of Detroit.

Product description…

Todd’s fingernails were in bad shape, breaking, peeling, and splitting, until he discovered the secret to growing long, hard, strong fingernails.

Introducing James K. Ocansey, PhD, author of The Case for Cancer As A Deficiency Disease

“I dealt with three other publishers previously but none of them was so helpful and responsive. I had a really positive experience and I would very highly recommend Outskirts to any one looking to self-publish.”

James K. Ocansey, PhD was born in Ghana; raised on Nitriloside-rich cassava; educated in Ghana to BA(Ed); taught in the US for two years in “Reversed Peace Corps” program. Earned double Masters and a Ph.D., Columbia University; taught for 22 years in the NYC Schools, learned about Nutrition and Deficiency diseases. Lives in Yonkers, NY

Product description…

Dr. Linus Pauling said: “You could trace every disease and every ailment to mineral deficiency”, and that research has shown that cells experience a breakdown that can lead to chronic conditions. Cancer is a chronic metabolic disease resulting from B17 deficiency the same way scurvy and pellagra resulted from deficiencies in Vitamins C and B respectively. In 1952 Dr. Krebs Jr., advanced the theory that as a chronic metabolic disease, cancer was a nutritional deficiency disease that could be controlled by supplementing with Vitamin B17 he refined from amygdalin. Amygdalin was first used in 1834 in France to control cancer in two patients. Dr. Richardson was introduced to Laetrile/B17 and to his amazement, he began to see: “terminal cancer patients abandon their stretchers and wheel chairs and return to normal life of health and vigor.” Dr. Contreras from Mexico was also introduced to Laetrile by a cancer patient from the United States who urged him to treat her with it. He did and she recovered. He went on and used it to save the lives of many American citizens who have been denied that freedom in their own country. Many reputable doctors around the world tested and proved for themselves the superiority of Laetrile. Dr. Hans Nieper from Germany said that Laetrile is far more superior to any other known cancer treatment he had ever found. “In my opinion, it is the only existing possibility for the ultimate control of cancer,” he said.

Introducing Yesenia Hernandez, author of The Book of Natural Hair Questions & Answers

“I thought Sara was great! If she wasn’t sure about something she found out and got right back to me. This was my first book and I had a very good experience.”

As a license cosmetologist and salon environmentalist, Yesenia Hernandez has over 15 years of natural hair experience. She has answered numerous questions on various hair subject matters. Yesenia resides in North Carolina with her daughter (Kayla), and is the owner of SenKay Natural Hair Studio in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Product description…

The Book of Natural Hair Questions and Answers from a Stylist’s Perspective hits upon the key questions many natural hair individuals have about their mane. The questions and answers range from 100 percent natural, styling tools and aids, (dread)locks, general questions and much more. This book is not your average reference book. It is based on facts about hair, and the experience of a licensed cosmetologist with over 15 years of natural hair styling expertise. Regardless of your hair texture and gender, this book is for you. You will find The Book of Natural Hair Questions and Answers from a Stylist’s Perspective easy to comprehend, and a wonderful addition in your reading reference collection.

Introducing James Hudson, author of The Viruses and Microbes Within our Bodies

“Lisa did an excellent job. Since this was my first experience with self-publishing, I appreciated her personal and prompt attention to details.”

James Hudson is Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, where over the last 45 years he has carried out teaching and laboratory research on many human, animal and bacterial viruses, and the use of safe natural products to keep them under control when necessary. This has included several collaborative projects with institutes in developing countries. He has published more than 150 papers in peer – reviewed scientific journals. Since his semi-retirement from academic life, he has lived in peaceful Tsawwassen, British Columbia, with his first and only wife, Louise.

Product description…

We live in an age of paranoia, bombarded daily by the media about the dangers of infectious microbes and viruses that threaten our very existence. The pharmaceutical and biotech industries insist that we are in a continuous state of war with our microbes and we have to protect ourselves with their elaborate weapons of microbial destruction. But do we really need them? Each of our bodies is teeming with trillions of microbes and viruses. Many of them are normal lifetime residents that do us no harm. In fact, some of them are essential to our health. Microbes and viruses were on the planet long before humans appeared, and we must learn to live in harmony with them. Professor Hudson takes us on a fascinating journey into the world of microbes and viruses, and puts things into perspective in a nontechnical, lighthearted exploration of this amazing microcosm within us all.

Introducing William Howard, author of The Gym is a Zoo

“This was the best experience I have had thus far in the self-publishing business. E-mails were responded to each time, and the flow of the publishing process was very efficient. Each person involved in the publishing process was knowledgeable and focused on the tasks at hand.”

Willliam Howard was raised in a Christian household in the Southeastern area of the United States. Though his college background was in the technical area of applied science, he was always well-rounded in his interests and had a lively sense of humor. As he learned early in life, scientists are observant, and he considers himself a scientist. He has always been committed to health and fitness. Mr. Howard has been a member of many gyms and fitness centers over the years. Whether he was at home, traveling on leisure or traveling for business, he has always understood the link between longevity and fitness. He is one of those people who always checks into the hotel, spends a day coordinating projects and finishes his day working out in the hotel’s fitness center. In this book, Mr. Howard takes a close look at the people who congregate at gyms and fitness centers and especially their quirky behaviors. The actions of the characters are based on real incidents but their names have been changed to preserve their privacy.

Product description…

Once you read this book, going to the gym will take on a new meaning. This book will transport the reader into the wild kingdom, where he will be able to identify numerous animals that have sometimes escaped his attention. The information provided in this book will be more helpful to the avid health and fitness group than energy drinks and protein shakes. Since knowledge is power, purchase this book and jump-start your power generator.NOPSIS

Introducing Rayshawn McAuley, author of Till I Grow

My first book looks amazing!! Thank you all so very much…especially Terri and Bridget!”

As a native New Yorker, Ms. Rayshawn McAuley, has shown in more ways than one, how anything is possible! She’s held her family values in high esteem, despite having to deal with dysfunction early in life. Though never completely submerging, nor tarrying in unhappiness, while keeping her eyes on the prize! Rayshawn is known for staying the course, especially for something worth believing in. By realizing there’s no momentum in giving up, she welcomes a challenge in which to shape, grow, and nurture her garden of life. She has two beautiful daughters, and a fun-loving son. Rayshawn had worked for almost twenty years as a nursing assistant, and most recently enjoyed taking care of disabled adults. She’s dabbled in playwriting, poetry, and has bid adieu to the healthcare field, to expand on a bright future as an up-and-coming author/national speaker. Through her life experiences, she hopes to empower, motivate, and inspire. She has raised a trio of bright, well-versed youngsters to be beacons of light in our future world. Rayshawn and her family currently reside in the USA.

Product description…

Sheer survival takes center stage, within this compelling story of a breast cancer survivor. Till I Grow involves ways in which the reader will garner the strength in overcoming hurdles by the use of exuberant tenacity. Far-fetched aspirations were sought feverishly, while Rayshawn McAuley zeroed in on matters of the heart. With the shift of change, the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset, as well as diet presented itself. Her children stood by as she single-handedly carried them through her time of need, facing the storms, never totally giving into feelings of despair. She has navigated toward a better tomorrow. Till I Grow describes the uncanny measures Rayshawn took in refusing to give up. While holding her life-saving arm around her three children, she used the other in the battle of a lifetime. Humorous moments are highlighted in remembrance of early childhood, teen and adult years, through the eyes of the author. What quickened this woman to continue without wavering? The answer lay in allowing the process of forgiving past hurts, living, loving, and laughing out loud!

Introducing Gail Ruetten, author of My Body Is Screaming Help Me!

“My Author Representative, Sara, was the most patient. She went out of her way to help me, get answers for me, explain and explain to me the “how to’s.” I am not computer savvy. Sara went over and above to help me. MY book is perfect!! Bridget and the girls in marketing, thank God, they have a lot of patience and understanding also. If you are a first time author, PICK OUTSKIRTS PRESS. Thank you Outskirts Press! Dreams do come true.”

Gail Ruetten owned and operated a Fitness and Nutrition Boxing Gym and became a US Amateur Boxing coach. She worked for a local doctor who believed in Health Alternatives. She was hired as a nutritional consultant working with patients on nutritional awareness and alternatives. She has 3 certifications in Fitness and Nutrition.

Product description…

MY BODY IS SCREAMING HELP ME!” is my attempt at a simple solution to permanently rid the world of fad diets, Weight Management(daily tracking of food portions and calories/carbs), and Childhood/Adolescent Obesity. It is my hope that the general population will adopt this new way of living through the means of healthy eating paired with exercise.

Introducing Barkev Khatchadourian, author of Patterns of Life

“I am very happy and pleased to be part of Outskirts Press published authors. Thank you.”

Barkev Khatchadourian, D.O., PH.D. Fellow of the Society for Nutrition and Preventive Medicine. He holds a doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine and Clinical Nutrition, he is a researcher in holistic medicine and is award winning by the American Holistic Sciences Physician award. Dr. Khatchadourian is the author of eight widely read books and is best known for his best-selling, Can I Feel Well If I Eat Well and Restore Health Prolong Life. Barkev spends much of his time on his own writing toward a new book.

Product description…

Patterns…Exemplars…Linear arms, which hold the various substances and understanding of humanity—the essence of virtue, the inseparable union. Here is a collection of true love and treasure, which become the fragments of life. Let these be food for the soul, filled with the patterns of life, which are the gift to the soul.