Introducing David Alan Smith, author of It Was A Freewill Rapture: Day of the Lord Diaries – Book One

“I love the patience and understanding my Author Representative showed me. Like the first book, I had a lot of questions and concerns, but she walked me through with ease. Not once did anyone give me the impression that I was bothersome, even though many of the questions and concerns were probably trivial.”

David was born in Tucson, AZ; a middle child in a middle class family. He attended Arizona State University, earned a BS Degree in Construction Engineering, and shortly thereafter, moved to California. There, he pursued different avenues, dreams and careers in construction, songwriting, and entertainment. Contact Info:

Book description…

Dear Diary…, the Rapture finally came and went…, a couple of days ago. It didn’t go down the way I thought it would…, or the way I was told it would, not even close, and it makes me mad. I had to choose whether or not to go…, I just wasn’t ready for that. I was like a deer in the headlights. I choked…, I blew it…! You know I blew it, otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing this down. I don’t know how many of us blew our chance to go, but I know I can’t be the only one, no way! I’m scared. I’m really scared; scared to go outside. It’s really ugly out there, weird stuff goin’ on. And the fact that there’s no electricity, or phones to really find out what’s going on isn’t helping. More later.