Introducing Sherry Walraven, author of A Flower for a Ranch

“My author representative did a fantastic job and made the whole process as easy as possible. Thank you so much.”

Sherry Walraven is a retired school teacher, who loves all kinds of stories, because they seem to come to life as you read them, giving all kinds of entertainment. She also loves to write stories and make up all kind of characters. Reading and grandchildren are her favorite hobbies.

Book description…

Big Daddy Flower owned a good chunk of land in a small place in Texas. Since his last name was Flower, his four daughters were named for a flower. He didn’t want to name his son after a flower, so he called his son, Thorn. His four daughters were not delicate little flowers he thought they would be. They were all older now and helped run the ranch. They also had many talents and could ride, rope, shoot, and beat up a bad man, if needed. Life was going well until someone decided they would kidnap one of Big Daddy Flower’s daughters. He took his family with him to find her, making them look more like a gang of outlaws that resembled an old timey villain, than a normal family. After searching for hours, she still wasn’t found, so they rested before going back out the next morning. A ransom note arrived saying they had a bomb, and they needed to give in to his command, or else. That’s when it became complicated. Could they really find her before the bomb exploded?

Introducing MP Kollman, author of MOIRAI: The Apportioners

“My author representative has been great to work with on both my most recent submission, Moirai, as well as Honeymoon which was published earlier this year.”

MP Kollman grew up on a dairy farm in central Minnesota. After high school, she moved to Wisconsin, where she married and raised two children. As a stay-at-home mom, she wrote a series of nine crime/adventure stories: Brothers, Sequela, and Honeymoon have been published, and Moirai is the fourth in the series. MP is also the author of Skin Deep, an unrelated romance novel. Her children are now grown and she and her husband have three grandchildren. MP recently retired from a full-time job, leaving more opportunity to pursue her writing career.

Book description…

Samantha Grayson has done everything she can to stave off the chances of losing her baby—and possibly her own life—except tell Sandy, her husband, that miscarriage is a very real possibility. When the unthinkable does happen, Sandy is devastated, not just because of the loss of his first son, but also because Samantha had failed to warn him. In hurt and anger, he demands to go to Puerto Rico on assignment. An assignment they haven’t fully prepared for. The drug lord known to them only as Vargas is possibly the most vile, ruthless man the Bureau of Drug Enforcement has ever faced. Sandy’s boss, Jeff Hand, best friend, Jimmy Bauer, and Jeff’s secretary, Angela Crawford, listen in horror to a recording of Sandy being tossed overboard fifteen miles out at sea. And who knows what his condition was at that time. But where, only a week after the miscarriage, has Samantha disappeared to? And why did she remove any reference to herself in the government’s files?

Introducing David Alan Smith, author of It Was A Freewill Rapture: Day of the Lord Diaries – Book One

“I love the patience and understanding my Author Representative showed me. Like the first book, I had a lot of questions and concerns, but she walked me through with ease. Not once did anyone give me the impression that I was bothersome, even though many of the questions and concerns were probably trivial.”

David was born in Tucson, AZ; a middle child in a middle class family. He attended Arizona State University, earned a BS Degree in Construction Engineering, and shortly thereafter, moved to California. There, he pursued different avenues, dreams and careers in construction, songwriting, and entertainment. Contact Info:

Book description…

Dear Diary…, the Rapture finally came and went…, a couple of days ago. It didn’t go down the way I thought it would…, or the way I was told it would, not even close, and it makes me mad. I had to choose whether or not to go…, I just wasn’t ready for that. I was like a deer in the headlights. I choked…, I blew it…! You know I blew it, otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing this down. I don’t know how many of us blew our chance to go, but I know I can’t be the only one, no way! I’m scared. I’m really scared; scared to go outside. It’s really ugly out there, weird stuff goin’ on. And the fact that there’s no electricity, or phones to really find out what’s going on isn’t helping. More later.

Introducing W. Blaine Wheeler, author of Missing Palm Tree: Stories from America’s Clandestine Service

“I have published nine (9) books using both traditional and self-publishing methods. I can -through this experience – say that without any doubt, Outskirts Press is categorically the very best option. Throughout the entire process of publishing my book, Missing Palm Tree: Stories From America’s Clandestine Service, all of the members of the staff who assisted me were polite, knowledgeable, and kind. They never failed to answer my many questions quickly. They never intimated that I lacked technical abilities even though I do. I cannot recommend highly enough that authors – first timers or experienced – use Outskirts Press for their publisher.”

W. Blaine Wheeler is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Arkansas with undergraduate and graduate degrees in languages and comparative literature. His works have appeared in many domestic and international literary journals.

Book description…

These stories were written as a tribute to a man who spent 13 years as a clandestine agent for the Central Intelligence Agency. The stories illustrate vividly the physical and mental abilities which a clandestine agent must possess. Though the actions of an agent are far removed from what most people could consider being capable of, the agent will have the will to accomplish what he was asked to do. He is also by necessity a linguist with degrees in foreign languages. His travel requirements are often enormous simply because of the necessary subterfuge to carry out his assignments.

Introducing J.T. Dossett, author of Secrets of the Black Tupelo

“In this part of my life I have discovered that I am wired for telling my stories and the stories of others. Thank you for helping me achieve these efforts. “

J.T. (Jim Dossett) has experienced life from many angles and he has tapped his observations and imagination to create seven fictional novels over the past nine years. He lives in East Tennessee with his wife, Brenda.

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Book description…

Welcome to Jim Crow’s stomping grounds. Mona Mason Jackson was born into a life of cradle-to-grave poverty, in a dirt-poor shack. Times were tough all over during that period. But life on the Yazoo Delta during the Great Depression exacted prodigious hardships from the desperately poor victims of Jim Crow. At the death of her worthless father, Mona, thirteen years old, is left to raise her two younger sisters. Labeled “white trash,” she is scorned by neighbors with the exception of a black woman and her family. Surrounded by a sea of hate and ignorance, Mona manages to keep a tight grasp on her innate goodness and adopts an abandoned black baby. Her act of kindness is spurned by the overwhelming racist populace and she discovers that her life, the lives of her family, and anyone associated with them are in grave danger. Long term victims of abject racism, black neighbors, and an officer of the law from the Mississippi Band of Choctaws, empathize deeply with her plight, along with artist, Yael Hollander who hails from New York. Yael is persecuted for being a Jew, as her ancestors have suffered for eons. She chronicles this story with a paintbrush and a pen.

Introducing Diane Dettmann, author of Madison: Cricket of the Valley

“My Author Representative is awesome. I have been fortunate to have her support and expertise that helped me get my recent book, Madison, published as well as several other books that I had published through Outskirts Press. She is an excellent representative.”

Diane Dettmann is the author of the award-winning WWII trilogy Courageous Footsteps. She is also the author of Twenty-Eight Snow Angels: A Widow’s Story of Love, Loss and Renewal and coauthor of Miriam Daughter of Finnish Immigrants. She has also written articles for the national Women’s Voices for Change organization in New York City. Learn more at

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Book description…

A FASCINATING AND ENTERTAINING STORY OF NATURE VERSUS HUMANS. Madison loves spending his evenings roaming the bluff with his camel cricket friends. However, everything changes when Stanley and Edith Grubner move into the house above the crickets’ cave. Madison Cricket of the Valley engages and entertains readers with its themes of acceptance, tolerance and nature versus humans. “A delightful story that will take you back in time and may just have you cheering for the cricket family!” —Colleen Baldrica, author of TREE SPIRITED WOMAN. “I remember first hearing the story of Madison when Diane read parts in my second-grade classroom where I was a student. Stories like this, along with Diane’s wellspring of imagination, have inspired me and countless other former students in our own creative pursuits. I feel deeply satisfied and proud to see Madison’s story join the excellent repertoire of Diane’s creative work.” —John Fournelle, former second grader, class of 1994-1995. “This charming tale takes place in the laid-back time frame of the nineteen sixties and shows how happy little brown crickets learn to live successful lives in the home of two unknowing but accommodating humans. Told in a delightful way, readers cheer for the crickets amid many attempts to destroy them. Good lesson in live and let live.” —Gloria VanDemmeltraadt, author of the Deep Lake Mysteries

Introducing Michael Meadows, author of Interlude of the Dragons: The Gods of Olympus – Book II

“This was my second book with Outskirts Press and I was very happy about that. When my third book is ready, I will contact my Author Representative again. Communication was so good that I accused her of working 24/7. Her help with my cover was fantastic.”

Michael Meadows is a retired environmental engineer with forty years of experience with air and water pollution control, solid waste management, and hazardous waste site cleanup. He is currently living in Reno, NV with his wife, Cathy. This is the second book of his Gods of Olympus series.

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Book description…

You’re an immortal. What role would you choose to play in ‘the reincarnation game’? The immortal crew of the unique spaceship, Olympus, is faced with two hundred and fifty years of travel before they reach their intended destination of the Oberlin star system. Rather than sleep the centuries away, they have decided to be reincarnated into a sword-and-sorcery world of their own creation: a world filed with adventures, dangers, and magical creatures. For the six duplicated, human personalities, this new world offers the opportunity to fulfill the dreams of their previous mortal lives and to explore the ‘paths not taken’. For the two sentient, AI personalities, it offers their first opportunity to truly experience what life has to offer. Whatever role they select—trader or magician, healer or warrior, teacher or craftsman—the Mother and the Fates gradually draw them back together over the course of their new lives in the Intermountain Valley.

Introducing Jack Darrell Crowder, author of We Were Once Warriors: A Story of Courage, War, Love, and Commitment during the American Revolution

“It has been a pleasure to work with Outskirts Press and my Author Representative. She is fast, efficient, and professional.”

Jack Darrell Crowder is a retired teacher and administrator with 40 plus years in the classroom. He has a B.A. and Masters from Texas Christian University. Mr. Crowder gives lectures on the Revolutionary War at the university, schools, historical societies, and D.A.R. Chapters. He has the following books published: Underage Warriors, Chaplains of the Revolutionary War, African Americans and American Indians in the Revolutionary War, Women Patriots in the American Revolution, Strange, Amazing, and Funny Events that Happen during the Revolutionary War, The First 24 Hours of the American Revolution, Abby’s Secret (historical fiction), Massacres: The Dark Side of the American Revolution, Voices from Yorktown: Eyewitness Accounts of the Last Major Battle of the Revolution.

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Book description…

When you make a promise, you must keep it and never give up. In 1778, Sergeant Matthew Scott was discharged from the Continental Army after three years of service. He had endured several battles, been wounded, and suffered at Valley Forge. Matthew is excited about returning home to Virginia to marry his sweetheart. Once he arrives at home, he soon faces events more horrible than what he encountered during the war. They will change his life and the lives of those around him. His commitment and bravery will once again be tested as he searches for meaning to his life.

Introducing Darryl Prince, author of Lit: A Day of Terror on the Freeway

“I appreciate all the help provided by my Author Representative. This is my first book. Therefore, her patience and guidance through the publishing process was appreciated.”

Darryl Prince is a USAF veteran, a private pilot, an engineer, inventor, author, husband, brother, father of four, and grandfather.

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Book description…

A “Captivating,” “Extraordinary” story of 2 close friends, Malik and TJ. Malik a highly decorated Army Sargent who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan war, and TJ, a street-smart civil rights lawyer. Their lives would change one faithful morning forever on the freeway.A life tragically cut short; one man will carry on the legacy of the other, fighting against a corrupt local transit authority, in-spite of the hatred and revitalized grudge of his former commanding officer and FBI Agent, Captain Nick Niles! An Iraqi Village was illegally` bomb on the orders of Captain Nick Niles murdering an innocent village woman Ani who met Malik, and they fell in love. Fire Chief Lumps served in combat during the Vietnam War, and later, he instructed Malik on demolition explosives in the Army. Paramedic Mike served in the Army with Malik in Iraq and became a Smoke Jumper. Their lives will again converge and in unimaginable ways. Follow this riveting tale of “passion,” “companionship,” “hate,” and “terror” as Malik and Mia, his new lady love, battle to save innocent lives, including their own during rush hour traffic on a jammed packed, gloomy and rainy freeway!

Introducing Andrew Ceroni, author of IN THE BLACK

“This is my fifth book published with Outskirts Press and the reason for that is simple – no author could ask or expect a higher level of magnificent support. Their brilliant front and back cover designs and and stellar interior appearance is marvelous. I would go no place else.”

Award-winning author Andrew Ceroni served a distinguished career as a Senior Supervisory Special Agent focused on global counterespionage and antiterrorism operations. He received his BS degree from the U.S. Air Force Academy and an MA from Case Western Reserve University, and he studied the German and French languages at the University of Maryland. Andrew is a member of the Authors Guild.

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Book description…

The CIA’s most valued Russian double agents are being assassinated one by one. In Langley Center itself, Jack Barrett, Director of Central Intelligence, barely escapes assassination. When the Agency discovers the attacks originate from a Russian top secret cyberwarfare program called Chernyy Almaz, or Black Diamond, they must respond swiftly to shut down the attacks and extract their top prized agents before they’re lost forever. Chief among them is Dr. Armand Mishenkov, the head of Russia’s research and development for cold fusion weaponry. Pursued by Russian assassins and Spetsnaz teams, Agent Dave McClure must find Mishenkov and smuggle him across Europe and to the United States—but can they make it alive?