Introducing William Poteet, author of Good Guys Die Too

“My Author Representative kept me on schedule and made sure I completed all the required tasks so my book could be published on time. The process was simple and easy.”

William Poteet was born in New Orleans, raised in St. Louis, and presently lives in South Florida. William’s professional life has revolved around sales, management, civic engagement, and local and state politics. Good Guys Die Too is his debut novel, with a second book, Icarus’s Fall, to be released soon.

Book description…

Someone—a foreign power, a competitor, or even someone from within the CIA—has targeted Steve Renick for extermination. But how many more close calls can he endure before his luck runs out?
Steve Renick can no longer trust anyone at the agency. Three times in the past 48 hours, executioners narrowly missed their mark, and only those at the agency knew his itinerary. All indications lean toward a security leak. But why is he being targeted? Steve’s SEAL training and 14 years as a field agent in the CIA make him a lethal weapon, but he needs to find answers soon. Otherwise, the odds favor his unknown assassin. All too aware that good guys die too, Steve is not ready to be a star on a wall at Langley. The one sure thing he knows is that he needs to be the first to pull the trigger…

Introducing Max Felix, author of Animal Book- Coloring Book.

“Outskirts Press made the publishing process easy and simple. My questions were quickly answered, and my concerns promptly addressed. Big “thank you” to the entire team.”

Max Felix is a teenager with autism  spectrum disorder, who accidentally discovered his artistic skills very early in life, at a time when he had lost many cognitive aptitudes, including the ability to express himself verbally. Drawing then became his only way to interact with others. Although Max later recovers the spoken language, he continues to develop the art form of drawing as a preferred means of communication. Animals have always filled his imagination. He used them to learn to count, and to make sense of the world around him. His narratives are picturesque. His artworks, which are sometimes autobiographical and sometimes fiction, are always a stage for his animal friends. Pen and paper are his tools, his take on nature is black and white. With Animal Book, Max invites you to discover his world, and to color it your way. 

Book description…

Max loves animals and loves to draw,  therefore he called this coloring book simply “Animal Book”. What makes this book unique are the fun drawings that lead you towards many stories, and call upon your imagination to finish their narration. This coloring book, for children and adults, promotes relaxation. It is a good companion for hospital patients. The book provides 80 coloring pages that can be shared in a lounge room, and is also a way to bond with little ones. Use it before or after your morning yoga. Children will love this book during road trips or a trip to the store. This coloring book will divert your teenagers’ attention from electronics for a moment, and may unknowingly ignite their creativity. After school programs, daycare centers, senior centers and family nights are places where this coloring book is welcome. This book is a great companion for all ages.

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Happy Coloring! 

Introducing Gene Gade, author of The Fearing Time

“I am a seventy-six-year-old rookie in the publishing process and I needed help. My Author Representative provided excellent assistance. She was competent, but also sensitive, flexible and patient, while guiding me through the necessary steps. I was really impressed with the whole Outskirts Press operation. They provided opportunities and assistance at every step and clearly care about turning out the highest quality product, while respecting the author’s freedom and goals. They provide high-quality support at a reasonable price.”

The author is a retired educator who worked in Navajo boarding schools for four years. The story is based on historical references and the author’s personal experiences.

Book description…

“Kill the Indian to save the man”

A monumental clash of cultures leads to high adventure and drama midst the spectacular Navajo country in this tale based on actual events. A boy’s desperate escape and a violent confrontation between a militant Navajo leader and an arrogant Indian Agent illuminate the inevitable and tragic conflicts that result when education is weaponized to destroy indigenous cultures.

Introducing T.R. Kahn, author of The Death of Ralph Stone

“I was so excited to receive my copies of The Death of Ralph Stone. I took one copy over to my daughter in law and was pleased that she was not only eager to read it, but she also commented on the physical feel of the book. I want to thank my Author Representative, for helping me to pick the elements that go into that aspect. She was incredibly patient, guiding me through my first edit process. Her constant reminder that I am responsible for the quality of the finished text caused me to be extremely thorough. I want to add that I appreciate that she and Outskirts Press offer a lot of help but leave the final decision to the author on important issues. I was offered a more colorful and dramatic cover and it was an excellent job, but I picked a picture that I had found that was of the actual airplanes at the airfield that they flew from. I am very satisfied and looking forward to working with the rest of the team on the sales of my book.”

T. R. Kahn is a former Army aviator who served in the First Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam, during which he came to question the validity of fighting a war with no definition of victory and no exit strategy. He is a lifelong runner, a high school cross-country and track-and-field coach, a water polo and swimming coach, an active sailor who still teaches a sailing class to high school students, and the former publisher and editor of the Central Valley Christian Times. He and his wife, Marcia, have been married 61 years and have four children, 12 grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

Book description…

Meet Major Ralph Stone, an ace pilot for The Flying Tigers in the China Burma India Theater, and a man who knew that it is always possible to serve our values and beliefs constructively, even in the face of strong opposition.

After the armistice, Ralph continued to serve until 1947, flying for various units. He learned more about the island campaigns as the Allies fought their way, island by island, across the Pacific, toward Japan. He also learned of the firebombing of almost 70 Japanese cities before the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and he began to question those tactics.

Ralph came to believe that there had been a significant and crucial erosion of respect for human life during the war. When he returned to the States afterward, he was asked to become part of a team of soldiers and sailors who had been recognized for their military prowess, appearing at events celebrating victory and the return to peace. He refused. Major Stone paid a heavy price for his refusal, but this is not a story of failure. The Death of Ralph Stone is the story of a man who was able to fight his part of the war heroically and still come to question the way it was won.

Introducing Michael Barrington, author of The Ethiopian Affair

“This is the second time I have worked with my author representative and it just gets better. I hope to have another novel ready by the end of the year and hopefully I will be able to work with her again. It’s an excellent , clear and unambiguous process, worth every cent..”

Michael Barrington from Manchester, England, currently lives near San Francisco, California with his wife, Annie who is a painter. For ten years he worked as a missionary in Africa. The Bishop Wears no Drawers (2015) is a memoir of that time. His two previous novels, Let the Peacock Sing and Becoming Anya received excellent reviews in the USA and UK. His fiction and non-fiction articles have appeared in several literary magazines, and he is a regular contributor to Alive East Bay. He is also a feature writer for the Mt. Diablo Gazette. He can be found on his website, where he has a news column and also blogs.

Book description…

It’s a race against time to discover the truth as the CIA, M16, and NISS (the National Intelligence & Security Services of Ethiopia) are forced to act with only minimal information. Will they uncover a plot to abduct the US Ambassador to Ethiopia? Two super agents, Lisa from the USA and ‘the Prof’ from the UK, are charged with solving the issue, their personalities often clashing in spite of their mutual attraction. Their search for a stolen but critical audio file takes them to New York, London, Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt, and El Salvador. Signs of an abduction show the possible fingerprints of Al Quaeda together with that of Al Shabaab from Somalia. Suspension and tension mount as the agents fall in love, struggle to make sense out of a garbled, ambiguous but threatening conversation. It leads them on a wild goose chase, causes them to believe half-truths, make wrong assumptions, and take several miss-steps. Could Orthodox priests be involved? The reader is led down paths with unexpected twists and turns. Finally, in a hair-raising, dramatic climax, the issue is resolved. The question is, will the couple live to tell the tale?

Introducing Daniel Roberts, author of Purest Mercy

“My author representative’s efforts on behalf of my novel were wonderful. I especially appreciate her patience and openness throughout the editing process, and the beautiful cover and interior layout she created. The final finished product is superb, and if the marketing assistance I receive is as outstanding as the publishing and design efforts, I will not only be delighted, but also in a position to give Outskirts Press more business in the future. Thanks so much! Outstanding work!”

Daniel Roberts is a retired pastor and Christian spiritual writer, captivated by the mysterious ways God can use the simplest and humblest vessels to achieve extraordinary results.

Book description…

A Miraculous Young Woman. A Night of Devastation. A Profound Sacrifice. And Gifts of Healing and Hope.

Mercy does not even have a name to call her own, until she arrives at a homeless shelter, sick and alone, setting in motion a chain reaction of miracles that will transform everyone around her. But the greatest Miracles are still to come…

Introducing Cory Jenson, author of Flight of Fear

“My Author Representative was very helpful in navigating the process of publishing my first novel. The experience was very rewarding!”

Cory Jenson has always had a thirst for travel. His Air Force service and his 30-year business career have taken him to 66 different countries. International travel, therefore, plays an integral part in his writing. He holds a BS in Business. His early years were spent in Seattle, Washington where he met and married his wife, Edna. He now resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Book description…

When Ethan Parrish boarded Flight 272 in Hong Kong, he was looking forward to an uneventful trip home. He planned to sleep most of the way. He had no idea that he would soon be facing a life or death situation. Ethan’s experience as a police detective had prepared him to face emergencies, but nothing like this. His actions over the next 24 hours could decide the fate of, not only himself, but millions of innocent people.

Introducing Sherry Walraven, author of A Flower for a Ranch

“My author representative did a fantastic job and made the whole process as easy as possible. Thank you so much.”

Sherry Walraven is a retired school teacher, who loves all kinds of stories, because they seem to come to life as you read them, giving all kinds of entertainment. She also loves to write stories and make up all kind of characters. Reading and grandchildren are her favorite hobbies.

Book description…

Big Daddy Flower owned a good chunk of land in a small place in Texas. Since his last name was Flower, his four daughters were named for a flower. He didn’t want to name his son after a flower, so he called his son, Thorn. His four daughters were not delicate little flowers he thought they would be. They were all older now and helped run the ranch. They also had many talents and could ride, rope, shoot, and beat up a bad man, if needed. Life was going well until someone decided they would kidnap one of Big Daddy Flower’s daughters. He took his family with him to find her, making them look more like a gang of outlaws that resembled an old timey villain, than a normal family. After searching for hours, she still wasn’t found, so they rested before going back out the next morning. A ransom note arrived saying they had a bomb, and they needed to give in to his command, or else. That’s when it became complicated. Could they really find her before the bomb exploded?

Introducing MP Kollman, author of MOIRAI: The Apportioners

“My author representative has been great to work with on both my most recent submission, Moirai, as well as Honeymoon which was published earlier this year.”

MP Kollman grew up on a dairy farm in central Minnesota. After high school, she moved to Wisconsin, where she married and raised two children. As a stay-at-home mom, she wrote a series of nine crime/adventure stories: Brothers, Sequela, and Honeymoon have been published, and Moirai is the fourth in the series. MP is also the author of Skin Deep, an unrelated romance novel. Her children are now grown and she and her husband have three grandchildren. MP recently retired from a full-time job, leaving more opportunity to pursue her writing career.

Book description…

Samantha Grayson has done everything she can to stave off the chances of losing her baby—and possibly her own life—except tell Sandy, her husband, that miscarriage is a very real possibility. When the unthinkable does happen, Sandy is devastated, not just because of the loss of his first son, but also because Samantha had failed to warn him. In hurt and anger, he demands to go to Puerto Rico on assignment. An assignment they haven’t fully prepared for. The drug lord known to them only as Vargas is possibly the most vile, ruthless man the Bureau of Drug Enforcement has ever faced. Sandy’s boss, Jeff Hand, best friend, Jimmy Bauer, and Jeff’s secretary, Angela Crawford, listen in horror to a recording of Sandy being tossed overboard fifteen miles out at sea. And who knows what his condition was at that time. But where, only a week after the miscarriage, has Samantha disappeared to? And why did she remove any reference to herself in the government’s files?

Introducing David Alan Smith, author of It Was A Freewill Rapture: Day of the Lord Diaries – Book One

“I love the patience and understanding my Author Representative showed me. Like the first book, I had a lot of questions and concerns, but she walked me through with ease. Not once did anyone give me the impression that I was bothersome, even though many of the questions and concerns were probably trivial.”

David was born in Tucson, AZ; a middle child in a middle class family. He attended Arizona State University, earned a BS Degree in Construction Engineering, and shortly thereafter, moved to California. There, he pursued different avenues, dreams and careers in construction, songwriting, and entertainment. Contact Info:

Book description…

Dear Diary…, the Rapture finally came and went…, a couple of days ago. It didn’t go down the way I thought it would…, or the way I was told it would, not even close, and it makes me mad. I had to choose whether or not to go…, I just wasn’t ready for that. I was like a deer in the headlights. I choked…, I blew it…! You know I blew it, otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing this down. I don’t know how many of us blew our chance to go, but I know I can’t be the only one, no way! I’m scared. I’m really scared; scared to go outside. It’s really ugly out there, weird stuff goin’ on. And the fact that there’s no electricity, or phones to really find out what’s going on isn’t helping. More later.