K. Raymond Zabielski, author of The Cantrill Book One

“Let’s face it. Getting a literary agent is extremely difficult. Luckily I came across Outskirts Press and after digging deeper as to how they work and what they offer, I decided it was exactly what I was looking for. All questions were answered right up front. My Author Representative was always there to help guide me. This gave me the freedom to continue writing, while they took care of the nuts and bolts of getting a book out into the market. I presently have my first book published, the second manuscript being edited now with a third in queue. I look forward to having all six books in this series published by Outskirts Press and I couldn’t be happier.”

K. Raymond Zabielski is a native of Long Island New York, where he spent time hiking and camping in the Catskill and Adirondack mountains, reinforcing his deep love of nature. He started writing The Cantrill series there. In addition to his passion for storytelling, he loves animals. After a stint in Florida, Zabielski moved to Colorado, back to the mountains, which continue to inspire him as a writer.”

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When eleven-year-old Etob Sheerbain starts learning about the legendary history of his homeland, little does he know that the stories he will hear are about to change his life forever. As the pageant of good and evil, brave men and women, shared values and family lore comes to life, a cloud is darkening on the horizon. As Etob comes to understand his calling as scribe and historian for his people, events are unfolding that will test him as never before. Warm, beautifully imaginative, rich with detail, this is both a sensitive, insightful coming-of-age story and the first installment in a gorgeously woven epic fantasy.

Introducing Eric B, author of Realm of the Invader

“The Outskirts Press team was helpful, attentive, prompt and detail oriented during the publishing process. It really felt like a team effort, and everyone worked hard to create an awesome final product that was my fully published book!”

Eric B is an enthusiast of action, adventure and superhero drama, and considers himself observant of human nature. Aside from episode one of this series, he has published two books, about volunteerism and public transportation. Eric B lives in the Midwest, loves to travel and experiments with passions and hobbies.

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Here is a story of devastation and anguish and slavery…and the ensuing triumph and celebration. Lord Draegahn descends upon Earth, under the guise of a friend, but with aspirations of total world domination. He brings havoc and despondency to an unsuspecting world from where he is a stranger. Yet somehow, out of this iniquity, a curious friendship emerges between Siris — one of the wrongly convicted aliens — and four likewise incarcerated Earthlings. Hopeless and discouraged, Siris does not realize that though he is a little guy, he has a big destiny. This story is Siris’s journey as a detainee of injustice, a fugitive, an abated former soldier, a military prisoner and a military commander. All the while, Siris finds himself a mentor to his four Earthling friends who are destined to rise from the ashes of the alien invasion to become Earth’s most famous third-millennium superheroes: the Night Crusaders. Yet Siris has his own personal demons against which to struggle; his own insecurities haunting him night and day. But the moment of truth seizes Siris when he finally comes face-to-face with Lord Draegahn. Can Siris stand against his greatest fears, advancing toward him all at once? Siris will have to master his morality, conquer his insecurities and rediscover his great determination and strength if he will have any hope of leading the campaign to end the alien invasion on Earth once and for all!

Introducing Ed Robinette, author of Michael: A Story of Faith

“Looking forward to my next book published with O.P.”

Ed Robinette began writing at the age of 85, after his wife Margaret passed away. He lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and has two children, six grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. He volunteers for the Red Cross and Hospice of Chattanooga, and is a member of the Christian Writers Club and the Chattanooga Writers Guild. Mr. Robinette is also the author of The Adventures of a Young Marine, The Adventures of Lee Robinson, Sara, and Dominica, A Story of What God Can Do.

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December 7, 1941. Seventeen-year-old Joe Baxter has just lost his best friend, Michael, in a car accident, and he is angry. He has lost all interest in church and school, and God is no longer a part of his life. But the Japanese have just bombed Pearl Harbor, and Joe has always dreamed of being a Marine… Michael: A Story of Faith is the thrilling and inspirational story of a young Marine whose life is touched by an angel-a guardian angel named Michael, who keeps Joe out of trouble during the war and helps guide his life afterward.

Introducing Priya Balkaran, author of Chasing Luca

“Thank you, once again for giving me a great Outskirts experience!”

Priya Balkaran was born in Queens, New York and currently resides in Orlando, Florida. This is her second novel.

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“Very nice,” Luca said, evidently impressed. I would have made a snide comment, but I was too happy so I just laughed and nodded along. I pulled into our spot, parked, got out and did a happy dance. Luca watched and laughed. “I’m going to really miss you, you know,” he said watching my dance. On the inside, I felt my heart drop an inch. On the outside, I walked up to him and punched him on his arm. “I know,” I said, sticking my tongue out, our faces less than two feet apart. He gave me a smile and I knew that if I didn’t move at this very second, something bad would happen. So I morphed into a mockingbird and flew away, behind a tree. It was the first time his smile gave me butterflies in my stomach.

Introducing Adrian Castaneda, author of El Principe de Guerra

“I never felt like I was on my own. Leona was always there to guide me in the right direction. I wish more people accomplished their dreams of publishing a book like I have. Thank You!”

My whole life has been a crazy adventure with many dreams, and visions that I can’t wait to share with everyone. My name is Adrian Castaneda, and I am the author of The War Prince. I am also a happily married man to my wife Vianet. Father of two little girls Annete and Suri and a baby boy Alexander.

Toda mi vida ha sido una loca aventura llena de muchos suenos y visiones que quisiera compartir con todos ustedes. Mi nombre es Adrian Castaneda, y soy el autor de El Principe de Guerra. Yo soy un esposo felizmente casado con mi esposa Vianet. Soy padre de dos pequenas ninas, Annete y Suri y de un bebe, Alexander.

Product description…

The War Prince is a story about “Anthony Cast” a special boy who wasn’t supposed to be born alive. Moments before dying, the War Prince gave Anthony Cast his heart, giving him a chance at life. With the help of friends, Anthony has to survive all attacks from evil to raise The War Prince, who reincarnates as his son.

El Principe de Guerra es una historia basada en “Anthony Cast” un nino espectacular que no estaba destinado a nacer con vida. Momentos antes de morir, El Principe de Guerra le cedio su corazon a Anthony Cast, dandole una oportunidad para vivir. Con la ayuda de sus amigos, Anthony tiene que sobrevivir los ataques de la maldad para poder criar a El Principe de Guerra, quien reencarnaria en su hijo.

Introducing Larry Baughn, author of The Ghost Hunter

“This is the first novel I have ever written, let alone publish, and Outskirts Press was there for me all-the-way! They walked me through all the intricacies associated with preparing and editing my book, which I was totally unaware of, and when I had too many questions for a simple email, my representative contacted me by phone and led me through all the ins and outs. I’m now a published author and Outskirts Press is still there for me, answering post publication questions and giving me excellent information about marketing my book. I will definitely choose them again when I finish with my second novel!”

Having grown up in the sixties, the author witnessed both the tragedies and the triumphs that this tumultuous decade produced. Goaded on by a personal tragedy during the early months of 1966, he set out in a world devoid of cell phones, personal computers and the internet on a life long journey to discover his place in the universe and the answer to the ultimate question: Is there life after death? A retired Navy veteran who now lives in sunny Florida with his beautiful wife Pat, Larry spends his time writing, singing and enjoying his children and grandchildren.

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On a summer night in 1966, pre-teens Pete Hanson and best friend Doug McHenry, both bored and fully awake, decide to conduct an innocent experiment during a sleepover in the wee hours of the morning. Little do they realize as they sit upon the living room floor that their curious questions about the mysteries of life and death, directed now toward an innocuous looking game board, will produce answers that instantly catapult them into a desperate life and death struggle, not only for their own lives but those of their friends and the world at large. Aided by their small group of friends: Alan Stevens, Phillip Geiger and Melanie Davis, they will race against time, space, conspiracies and the forces of darkness in a valiant attempt to save their families and their world from total destruction, even if it means that one of them must make the ultimate sacrifice.

Introducing Gloria Sicilia Bellator Gabrei, author of War: The Diary of the Alpha Female

“My experience with Outskirts was enjoyable and comprehensible. I’d recommend Outskirts to anyone on a budget and trying to publish a book!”

Growing up as an animal lover living in a society dominated by hunters may seem isolating, but it gives one the opportunity to study and compare the behaviors of both humans and animals which gives the ability to ponder some of life’s biggest curiosities; such as: Why have animals never been in a war against their human oppressors? Gloria lives with her numerous pets and muses who inspired most of her characters.

Product description…

What would happen if the animals suddenly started to fight back?