Introducing StayC Nichole Wharton, author of I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through

“My dad had recently passed away months before my 1st book publishing. Jamie and all of the Outskirts Press staff were amazing. I purposely left flaws in my first book only to show every reader that we all have flaws here and there after opening the cover of someone’s book. The person is flawed, yet The only God that I serve is flawless. My next book will be well edited. Outskirts Press did a wonderful job publishing ‘our first book.’ Thank you, thank you.”

StayC Nichole Wharton BA is a woman of virtue who has successfully overcome each storm with The Master. She is a proud mother of three extra-ordinary children. StayC Nichole is an entrepreneur, an empowerment speaker who sings and a Master of Arts degree student who is a passionate published writer, published author and home management expert, professional organizer and a personal organizing assistant to coaches and athletes. StayC Nichole’s purpose is helping others find themselves and their purpose. Her book title is most profound and true, “I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through.”

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“I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through.” Going through trials and storms? Having feelings of loneliness and despair? Single parent doing what it takes two to do?

Introducing Dr. Sue Schwartz, author of A Love Like No Other

“I came to Outskirts Press from a very difficult experience from another online. My first contact was Terri. In my one hour consultation, I learned all about the process for my book including cost and profit. I then decided to take the plunge and never second guessed my decision. Terri answered every question promptly and continually steered me in the right direction. When I moved along into the production phase and met up with Dana, it was pure professionalism. Again, she was prompt and clear about the path to follow. I have published before with a “brick and mortar” company which ran smoothly but took longer. The time frame for this book was 9 weeks from initial phone call to books coming to my door. Totally amazing. I have recommended your company to two, so far, budding authors. Thank you to Terri, Dana, and the entire, unseen production crew.”

Dr. Sue Schwartz has had a fulfilling career for many years in the field of special education. She has worked primarily with families who have children who have hearing loss and other challenges as well. She held many workshops for grandparents and found that they often did not have all of the information they needed or were sheltered by their own children. They were worried, as all grandparents would be, not only about their grandchild but also their own child. Dr. Schwartz gathered these stories from grandparents just like you and hope you will enjoy reading what they have to share. Dr. Schwartz is the author/editor of two other titles each of which is in its third edition, Choices In Deafness and The New Language of Toys. Dr. Schwartz and her husband, Sid enjoy spending time with their three children, their spouses, and of course, their five lively grandchildren. She feels grandparenting is the best invention ever.

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Has your grandchild been diagnosed with a challenging special need? Does your worry keep you up at night? Is it hard to share with your friends? Help is right here in this book. Grandparents who have a grandchild who has been given a diagnosis of a life changing challenge share with you their experiences, their feelings, and offer you a brighter look at the future. Read stories of others who have walked in your path and gather the hope you need to move on in a different way than you had dreamed of.

Introducing DeCarlo Turner, author of The Forgotten Man

“I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you and your staff (including the review team, editors, designers, printers, accountants, etc) for working with me during the publishing process. I just saw my book on Outskirts and Amazon. Oh my goodness! I am so excited and emotionally overwhelmed with pure joy! Each of you ladies have been so patient with me and have provided to me every resource available to make my dream come true. I am a published author. Wow! I am really and truly a published author! And it’s all because of you and the Outskirts family! I can’t thank you all enough for all you’ve done to bring my dream, “The Forgotten Man,” to life. Outskirts Press is a “Premier Publishing Company” for sure. God bless you all.”

DeCarlo Turner is an American author. The Forgotten Man is her first book. In her book, she offers a strong voice that is brutally honest in which she addresses male bashing and the mistreatment of men. She resides in Lansing, Illinois.

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Contrary to popular belief… ALL MEN ARE NOT DOGS. Millions of men have been the subject of male-bashing and didn’t deserve it. This book is for the man who doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, who tries to please his significant other and it’s never enough, and for the woman who is with a man who has been deceived by another woman.

Introducing Jurea Jordan-Bethea, author of Love Thy Daughters

“I just needed a lot of guidance. But, other than that, I love the outcome of everything and will recommend you to everyone I know interested in writing a book.”

Jurea Jordan-Bethea is a married mother of four children, and she has three grandchildren. She works in retail management and is the CEO of Love Thy Daughters, Inc., a nonprofit organization that empowers girls and teenagers. Visit the author’s website at or

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Help teach girls to be powerful-not powerless! “Love Thy Daughters” is a short, simple guide for young women covering topics from prayer, faith, modesty, social media, friendships, goals and dreams, and more. Written by a mother of two daughters as a work of love, this book shares life lessons and wisdom to inspire, uplift, and encourage girls to become strong, confident women.

Introducing Robert E.P. Elmer III, author of Join the Journey

“I’m never comfortable being in situations or circumstances that I’m not familiar with and publishing a book was certainly an experience that was new to me. Jamie and the other members of your team were patient, understanding, responsive and supportive. I still have to develop my best marketing strategy but I’m well on my way. I should also mention that when I spoke to other writers about publishing my book, they provided a number of options including Outskirts Press. After evaluating them all, you were clearly the option that provided the most value. Thank you.”

Mr. Elmer has been a Certified Master Trainer of Alzheimer’s care and a State Certified Senior Care Administrator for over 15 years. During that time he has managed four different communities for the care of those with Alzheimer’s dementia. He lectures at The University of Rhode Island College of Nursing and he has been a featured speaker at The Rhode Island Alzheimer’s Association Annual Caregiver Conference. Mr. Elmer also writes monthly articles on Alzheimer’s caregiving and he is featured on radio where caregivers learn from his daily “Memory Care Minutes.”

Product description…

This collection of articles is compiled to help all caregivers of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s and other dementias gain insight into the many do’s and don’ts of caregiving. Each chapter deals with a specific subject and provides caregivers with the unique perspective of a Certified Master Trainer and Certified Senior Care Administrator. The information also provides the caregivers with a better understanding of this insidious disease as well as how to improve their quality of life and the quality of life of the loved one(s) they are caring for. This book takes a non clinical approach and candidly discusses the nuances of caring for those with Alzheimer’s type dementia. Its focus is to help Formal and Informal caregivers become better informed and the best caregivers they can be.

Introducing Derold Bates, author of Three Steps To Success

I had a great experience as I went through the publishing procedures. Bridget and the others in each part of the publishing were extremely helpful and quick to answer my questions. I am pleased with the final results. Thank you. Thank you.

Derold “De” Bates is an educator who has unique insights into effective human relations skills. Being raised in a blended family of 17 children gave him many opportunities to study parent to child and child to child interactions. Formal training: BS, University of Utah; MS, University of Utah; ED.S, Idaho State University. He was an Elementary School teacher for 10 years in Magna, Utah, and an Elementary School Principal 26 years In Pocatello, Idaho. He taught in Qingdao University in Qingdao, China, and at Erdem Hotlogch College in Darkhan, Mongolia. Books he has written include: Discipline Made Easy and Keys to Success, for schools. And for parents, How to be a Parent in 3 Easy Steps. His popular presentations to the National Elementary School Principal’s Conventions, include “Discipline Made Easy,” “How to get Parents to do Their Jobs,” and Handling Hostile Humans.” He has taught discipline and parenting seminars in many of the Western United States and in Canada. He has taught Successful Parenting classes more than 10 years. He and his wife, Nyla have raised four children.

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Today many children leave home unprepared to succeed in the world they live in. Three Steps to Success takes stress out of parenting and puts fun in. We also help parents have more satisfaction in raising responsible, happy children.

Introducing Darien Davis, author of The Basic Rules of Realness

“Simply put, I love my book!”

Darien Davis was born in Dallas, Texas in 1980 the third oldest of eight children. He attended schools in DISD. He loves to cook and spend time with his family in his spare time, when he’s not at work driving trucks. He loves giving advice to the youth and anyone else he can about his past experiences. He’s a first time author who feels the need to spread his wealth of knowledge and wisdom to anyone who just wants to gain understanding about life and keeping it real.

Product description…

“The Basic Rules of Realness” is a book complied of concepts (Rules) that will assist in everyday life situations. What’s real, received as real, or what’s considered right or wrong isn’t always black and white. Everyone has their opinions or assumptions of what “Real” or “Being Real” consists of. Inside these pages are concepts (Rules) that can enhance the way one approaches and handle situations based on real life scenarios lived by the author. These concepts have been documented and elaborated on to enrich the minds of our generation. No one wants to keep making the same mistakes in life. Why not minimize going through loops by learning how to assist and analyze issues. The concepts in the book are meant to give readers the means to make efficient, positive decisions, with limited mishaps. This book is meant to motivate and educate individuals who wish to enhance their lives by realizing the rules of life that are the most genuine and effective. After reading, apply “The Basic Rules of Realness” to your life.

Introducing Dianne Wallace, author of Jungle in the Sky

“The website ease of use and the personal help of the Author Rep and the Publishing Rep are outstanding. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Outskirts. Thanks so much for making this book a reality!”

Dianne Wallace was born in Texas and raised in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area She attended Brookhaven College and the Institute of Children’s Literature. Dianne loves people and has had a career in the field of Customer Service Management.

Product description…

Ryan dreams of going to his “Jungle In The Sky” to live with all his animal friends away from the teasing and torment of his brothers. They keep telling him the “Jungle In The Sky” is all in his head. Ryan experiences the thrill of a lifetime when he makes his way to the “Jungle In The Sky” with the intent of living there forever.

Introducing Kay Karter, author of Bitter or Better

“It was a good experience. I would recommend others.”

Kay Karter was born in Wilmington, N.C. She’s a loving wife and a devoted mother of five beautiful children. Kay also is the CEO of Women with a Heart to Serve Ministry, serving women young and old alike in her community. She realized early on in her life that she was born to impact the earth through love and compassion. She wasn’t sure how or where, but she knew it was predestined to happen. As a mother her heart became geared to help empower women through the Living Word of God and His principles. She understands that if you can educate the women; she can nurture her family the way God had ordained her. Through structure, wisdom, love and grace.

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Forgive and life. Satan’s power is in an identity crisis, he wants to tell you who you are and what you don’t have to hold you in bondage. This is the first lie he has whispered into your ear. Before the truth can set you free, you have to recognize the lie that has been holding you hostage for this long period of time. Life has dealt you a horrible hand, but that doesn’t mean you have to continue to keep playing the same hand and never winning. This is the second lie holding you hostage. Learning how to forgive the people who have dealt you this hand is a life of freedom. There is power in knowing who you are and who you belong too. Once you learn this, you will no longer live a Bitter life, but a Better life to its fullest potential.