Introducing Rev. Dr. Oscar P. Grant, author of Little Black Alice of Popadubop: The Journey of Love

“The knowledge, expertise, and patience with my Author Representative can only be described as phenomenal. I was blessed to work with an Outskirts Representative who really knew the publishing business and more importantly, her joy and fun guiding my book through the publishing process really alleviated any stress.  From the introductory call to the book printing, this has been an exceptional experience all around. I wouldn’t change a thing. There may be publishing houses that claim that it’s better to go to them, but my business goes to Outskirts Press, because they are the BEST!”

Rev. Dr. Oscar Paul Grant, Jr. has led a thousand lives – playwright, disc jockey, public speaker, government consultant, trainer, mediator, musician, counselor, psychologist, organizational developer, an expert in gun violence prevention, gang meditation, and helping troubled youth find long-term employment. However, the role that has become most prominent in his life is that of Minister. From his earliest days as a street hustler on the South Side of Chicago (hustling stage plays, that is), he has had a love and a longing for the Lord. His love of Jesus Christ goes back to his Catholic roots planted by his mother Delores. Although he heard the call to ministry early in life, he ignored it many times, running instead to drinking alcohol and abusing chemical substances, even in the midst of a brilliant, multi-faceted career characterized mainly by his extraordinary natural ability to communicate via the written and spoken word. Whether counseling at-risk youth or crafting stories for the stage, Grant is, at his core, a messenger of good news and goodwill. Eventually, after expanding his spiritual interests and awareness to include metaphysical studies and religious science, he answered the call to ministry, receiving bachelor’s and master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling Psychology and, more recently, a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Despite his extensive pedigree in metaphysical and religious science, he clings to his Christian roots, deftly blending threads from each to weave powerful, inspired messages and sermons ministering to hundreds of thousands. It is in his role of messenger sent by God that he has written the book Remind Them Who I Am. It is a public revelation of a private mandate he has received from on High. This time, instead of ignoring the call, he has received it and is delivering the message to all who believe. Little Black Alice of Popadubop has its roots in African American at-risk youth from the south and west sides of Chicago. Toured throughout the states of Illinois and Indiana for over three years, the story of Little Black Alice was written to be a journey of self-discovery for not only little black girls but for all children. The Off-Off-Broadway production in New York sold out after the first performance. Why? – because of its message of hope. Please enjoy and check out more of the story on LITTLEBLACKALICE.COM NAMASTE

Book description…

Little Black Alice is the story of a young teenager who wishes her skin color was different because she was bullied by other dancers. Little Black Alice felt friendless and alone. She travels to the Land of Manego (the Land of Colors), where she meets Evilida, the bad witch of Manego, who gives her the opportunity to have her wishes fulfilled. However, as this magical and fantastic story unfolds, Little Black Alice learns about embracing the power within herself. Little Alice realizes that it’s great to be her authentic self and that she is really beautiful and worthy of friendship. The universal life lessons learned through the story promote positive images of all the youth.

Introducing Charles Sacchetti, author of Savoring the Moments: True Stories of Happiness, Sadness, and Everything in Between

“This is the third book I have had published with Outskirts Press. As in the first two cases, I have found my Author Representative to be most helpful and competent as are all of the others involved in the process. “

Charlie Sacchetti was born in 1947 and raised in a tightly knit, working-class neighborhood in southwest Philadelphia. There, he learned right from wrong; a strong work ethic; and the importance of standing by your word, your family, and your friends. Upon graduation from John Bartram High in 1965, he earned a baseball scholarship to Temple University, graduating in 1969. After a brief stint in professional baseball, Charlie returned to the university and was employed there for thirteen years. In 1983, he began his current career in industrial chemical sales. In May of 2016, he submitted his first commentary piece entitled “Getting in the Game,” which was published in The Philadelphia Inquirer on Mother’s Day. One month later, his second piece, “Getting the Message,” was submitted and published on Father’s Day in the Courier-Post. That was it… He was bitten and infected by the “writing bug,” and his above-mentioned books have followed. He is a regular contributor to the Italian-American Herald and Philadelphia RowHome magazine. His work has appeared in many other publications. As of this printing, Charlie and his wife, LuAnn, reside in New Jersey and have been married 46 years. He continues to enjoy the blessings of a wonderful family and loyal friends.

Book description…

In this, his third book—Savoring the Moments: True Stories of Happiness, Sadness, and Everything in Between—author Charlie Sacchetti continues to display his storytelling prowess, using his humorous, sincere style to share episodes from his life and the lives of those he has touched. The same easy, conversational tone that his readers have come to appreciate is again evident in this compilation of 28 stories. This time, his approach is more attuned to the reader who agrees that the events of our complicated lives should be appreciated for what they are: true gifts which are often fleeting but should not be soon forgotten. Hopefully, if we think back, we’ll realize that many of our experiences, whether happy or sad, are worth their weight in gold and deserve a place in our hearts. It’s the author’s wish that his stories will help readers rekindle their own precious memories. This book follows his first two, It’s All Good: Times and Events I’d Never Want To Change (2017) and Knowing He’s There: True Stories of God’s Subtle Yet Unmistakable Touch (2019). Both of these works have achieved an average rating of five stars on Amazon and the maximum four-star rating from official reviews on, which boasts over one million members.

Introducing Charles Ray Brady, author of JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS: The Gathering Storm – BOOK ONE

“As a new author I was totally overwhelmed with what was required of me but my Author Representative helped me know what needed to be done and was very patient with my many revisions of this first book. Her patience and knowledge is much appreciated and I was happy to learn I will be working with her on my other two books.”

Charles Ray Brady was born and raised in Utah. He, along with his father and mother, called the town of Santaquin their home. The small-town atmosphere always allowed him the opportunity to explore and use his imagination, often to the dismay of his parents. Ray graduated in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University because he enjoys working with children which led him to become a professional teacher for thirty years. He is a self-taught oil painter and has taught landscape painting both during and after his teaching career. He finds it fun to share this talent with local children. In addition to this series of books, he wrote a book for each of his children when they were in elementary school. He now reads those stories to his grandchildren. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force where he served as an accountant and administrative assistant. He and his wife, Carolyn Seals Brady, met while attending Brigham Young University and were married in the Salt Lake Temple. They have five children and eighteen grandchildren. Ray believes life is a grand tour of opportunities when you use your imagination to explore them.

Book description…

As Ben lay there in his semi-conscious state, his body racked with pain from head to toe, the intensely bright light that hung above him seemed to bore itself into his very soul. It happened so quickly and without warning causing him to catapult over the handlebars of his bicycle coming to a bone-crushing heap at the side of the road. He’d only caught a glimpse out of the corner of his eye of an object being thrown before it clocked him to the side of his head leaving him with clouded thoughts of WHY ME?! An angry familiar voice by the gurney where he lay in the emergency room muttered a vivid threat through gritted teeth, “When I get ahold of that kid, I’ll beat the living tar out of him!” “No you won’t son, you’re not that kind of boy.” For Ben Okura, being Japanese American took on a whole new meaning as he was to become one of the homeland’s first civilian casualties of World War II. Ben didn’t know it yet; but, at that moment, he’d already started down an unimaginable darkened road filled with intrigue, danger, and adventure to places he’d never been. He would have to settle up with fate and meet his destiny.

Introducing Toni Rich, author of Babyless Boomers

“Nothing was too much trouble for my Author Representative. I had anxiety but she helped me through my nervousness.”

Toni Rich is a retired school nurse having spent better than 30 years in that position at the Atlantic City High School. She had been a cruise nurse … Boys Camp nurse in Maine… She was published once before and went to Iceland for a book signing. Due to the Pandemic, she had been furloughed from her Hospice volunteering. She then finished two books she had started after the death of her husband.

Book description…

The agony of empty nests is alleviated with the help of a school nurse and a lawyer who partner to customize adoptions. They try to match up young people over the age of 18 to specifications of the desired couple…usually by coloring or ethnicity….or both. The solicited couple get financial remuneration and in some cases, a scholarship for college. It went along well until a legal problem reared its ugly head…putting both the lawyer and nurse into the arms of the law.

Introducing Paul E. Kotz, author of Start Late, Finish Happy

“My author representative is a consummate professional who is responsive, timely, provides great recommendations, knows her craft, and she communicates clearly, while remaining firm and fair.”

Paul’s books address seeing the good through every day stories and facing adversity with hope and compassion. He is a lifelong learner with education and business expertise. This includes working as faculty and advisor with undergraduate as well as graduate students and since 2013, in a doctoral program in leadership. He has taught and served as an executive/life coach to graduate students and business professionals and has assisted high school students in navigating adolescence.
Paul E. Kotz is a resident of Saint Paul, Minnesota and continues to collect new experiences that shape and challenge his perspectives.
Contact him at or

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Book description…

Those who make an impact leave a mark on us. Hopefully, a positive one, by those who bring us joy or those who inspire and motivate us, giving us a vision of how we can live our own lives better. Each of us has only so much time. There are plenty of people who have opened my eyes. Often the realization comes unexpectedly. Sometimes, we may even have a dream as a reminder of how our lives need to change and grow.
I am not going to tell anyone exactly what to do in these stories of Starting Late and Finishing Happy. They are everyday tales of unexpected surprises, and learning lessons… accounts of those who make an impact and observations of people who help us realize our gifts. They assist us, consciously or unknowingly, to change for the better.
You can give back to society. You can bring your community together. You have relevance. You only have to Start… to Finish Happy. – Paul E. Kotz

Also by Paul E. Kotz: The CIPA Award Winner and Reader’s Choice Award nominee Profiles in Kindness – Stories of Inspiration & Everyday Leadership (2020). Stories that call us to take charge of each day and positively seize it for what it offers.
Dr. Kotz also wrote: The CIPA Award winning Something Happened Today – A Collection of the Unexpected (2018) – Stories of mentorship and keeping our eyes and ears open to the present and the positive.

Introducing Joan Haddix Chisley, author of The Family Table, Too: Letters to My Granddaughter

“I can’t believe the ease with which my Author Representative was able to work with my complete lack of computer skills!”

JOAN HADDIX CHISLEY is a genealogist and collector of family lore. By sharing her family’s history, Mrs. Chisley documents part of the African American experience. She enjoyed a 39-year career as an elementary teacher, a school psychologist, and a college professor. Mrs. Chisley is a proud grandmother, and she and her husband currently reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Book description…

Our people were kidnapped from their Native land, their extended families, and their God and brought to America by force. Their lineage or pedigree goes back to creation. The reality of my genealogy, however, goes back only a few generations. I have endeavored to record and describe as many branches of our family tree as possible using the facts of limited records augmented by family lore or oral history. Each branch represents a real-live person who lived, loved, worked, passed down genetic code— and passed away. Each branch (person) left behind and passed on a lifetime of experiences and colorful stories. The Family Table, Too: Letters To My Granddaughter is an amalgamation of those branches, those wonderful stories. In retelling those stories, the American story is enhanced by adding the African American portion as an important adjunct rather than a marginally inconvenient and scarcely reported history. We need to continue recording stories from previous generations and complete all possible branches, and we need the younger branches to expand the visions that they must pass on to future generations.

Introducing Diane Gray, author of Faith, Hope & Perseverance: An Adoptee’s Journey To Finding Her Biological Family

“I am so impressed with the entire experience. This was my first book and I can’t wait to see what Outskirts Press does with the second one. Thank you.”

After a career in advertising and owning her own bridal boutique, Diane Gray decided to retire and focus on her journey to finding her biological family. Being retired gave Diane the opportunity to do something she’s always wanted to do: write a book. Diane has two sons, three grandchildren and is a “bonus mom” to a son and daughter. She and her husband Mark live in Eastern North Carolina. Diane is available for speaking engagements for any organization that may need a presenter. You can contact her at or

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Book description…

An Adoptee’s Fifty-Year Journey to Finding Her Biological Family. It is our human right to know who we are. After her adoptive parents passed away, Diane decided to take the DNA plunge to find her biological family. Learn how she found her biological family after years of wondering who she was and why she was born. With the help of a search angel, science and technology, a lifetime of questions were about to be answered. Christmas, 2018 is just the beginning of her emotional journey to connect with her family.

Introducing Tee Nadine, author of Love Covers a Multitude of Sins: A Story of Love, Honor and Forgiveness Through a Family’s Alzheimer’s Journey

“It was a great first experience. I knew I could depend on Outskirts Press as to publishing my book. My Author Representative had answers to all of my questions and responded quickly whenever requested.”

Tee Nadine is an author, consultant, wife, mother, grandmother, and business owner who literally placed her life on hold to care for her aging parents. She was in the child care industry for over 20 years before retiring to care for her elderly parents. She has since been a consultant to summer day camps, an encourager to other caregivers of dementia/Alzheimer’s patients, and spends a lot of her time with her family.

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Book description…

An emotional story of a woman’s quest to care for her mother suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. “Tee Nadine’s book, Love Covers A Multitude of Sins, needs to be read by people from every walk of life. I couldn’t put it down! Her true story, as a daughter and caregiver to her precious mother with Alzheimer’s is the experience of many, but an often untold one. I wept and, yes, I even laughed because it was so relatable and unapologetically honest and it exposes the reality of our own humanity. You will learn and understand more about the Alzheimer’s experience, but more importantly, you will learn more about what real love is.” -Rev. Pat Chen – Author, International Speaker, Founder of First Love Ministries International Prayer Center, Board Member of the National Day of Prayer. “This is a clear, concise, and well written book. It is an insightful bird’s eye view into the struggles of taking care of a loved one who is declining mentally. A wonderful read.” -Debbi Sery, Author of Children’s Books. “I believe that the subject matter of this book is one which will impact a majority of Baby Boomers, those born after World War II (1946-64), as they struggle to assist their elderly parents. How are you to care for a parent who has Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease? Where are the support systems and resources available to those who don’t know where to turn for answers? This book is the nettlesome journey of one woman who had to confront the challenge of caring for her parents: her father who was blind and needed to be cared for and her mother who had developed Alzheimer’s! You will experience the roller coaster of emotions as you journey with Tee Nadine as she seeks to provide care and discover, the not so convenient, resources available to help with ailing parents.” -Dr. James R. Love, Sr. -Author, Pastor, Conference Speaker, Founder of Love the Word Ministries, Professor of Theology and Philosophy; Lancaster Bible College, Metro Campus; Denver Seminary, Metro Campus; and Prince Georges Community College.

Introducing Diana McIntyre, author of Just a Piece of Me

“My experience with Outskirts Press was truly outstanding from the very beginning. All representatives were efficient, helpful, professional, and courteous. Outskirts Press made it easy for me to publish my first book. The finished product was a masterpiece! I highly recommend Outskirts Press.”

Diana McIntyre was born in Marianna, Florida. She attended Florida State University, where she received a BS Degree in Speech Communication and English Education. Her MS Degree in Reading is from NOVA Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her teaching career began in Bradenton, Florida and ended on Long Island, New York. She is a retired English teacher, now living with her husband in Bradenton, Florida. Just a Piece of Me is her first book.

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Book description…

I Am Not Responsible For That. It was supposed to quench his thirst- nothing like a cool, refreshing glass of lemonade. Sister Net hands it to him. Once Brother Bubba tastes it, he knows that his sister has pulled another one of her pranks…. The grass burns out of control. Toots and Ron Pipe stand transfixed as they watch the huge flames approach the family home…. It appears in the distance as a little black dot. The dot becomes a looming shadow as it moves across the field connected to the Spears home. The siblings seek shelter, but notice that one of the nine is missing. Where is the Bug?…. These incidents are among the many included in Just a Piece of Me, a memoir of laughs, entertainment, and survival as experienced by the Spears clan.

Introducing Sandra Nelson, author of The Trigger

“Outskirts created a miracle for me. Thank you!”

A product of the step-parenting experience, Sandra believes she is able to speak from a place of influence. She does not claim to be the ultimate authority, however. This discourse came about, partly as a result of her work within the New York City Public Schools system, where, as a counselor, the issue of step-parenting was a recurring topic. A children’s book was the Genesis but it slowly evolved. Sandra is among other things, a wife, mother, mentor, and of course her happy place, writer.

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Book description…

At the word stepparent, something goes “pop,” a range of emotions released… Like an onion, we discover that the word stepparent has multiple layers. The Trigger is daringly intimate. Scenarios seem realistically similar to ones to which you have become familiar. Those nuances, you want to believe it’s you. As your tear ducts tingle, the onion peels away, layer by layer. Excerpt: “…some tickled the tear ducts, invoked a tear or two. Each version of the story changed depending on the side of the bed it was coming from.” Follow me on Twitter at Sandy Nelson @sandynelson, and on Facebook as Sandra Nelson