Introducing Carlos Lopez, Ed.D., author of Pickles, Where Are You?

“I received guidance throughout the entire publishing process.”

Dr. Carlos Lopez is an educator who has dedicated his professional career to teach literacy skills to children of all ages. The teaching of reading is his passion. He believes that reading is an important tool that helps children redefine their immediate surroundings and evaluate events that transform society. Therefore, reading should be filled with many pertinent and meaningful experiences that help readers of all ages redefine society,

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Dogs’ unconditional love heals!

Introducing Bernard J. Nebel Ph.D., author of Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding

“I am more than pleased with the help provided by Jennifer through the publishing process. She was exceptionally prompt in responding all my questions and requests and her answers were always on target and helpful. Near the end of the publishing process, I had some unforeseen problems arise that demanded backing up and making changes in the cover and text. Jennifer was fantastically patient and helpful in getting me through these difficulties. Thank you Jennifer. I hope you will be my PR for my next book.”

A life interest and pursuit of science, including an A.B from Earlham College and Ph.D. from Duke University, and a passion for teaching (Catonsville Community College) led Bernard J. Nebel Ph.D. to write one of the early and highly successful Environmental Science texts. In turn, Nebel recognized the need for more substantial elementary level science education. These highly regarded BFSU volumes (see reviews of 1st edition on Amazon and elsewhere) are the result. Dr. Nebel lives with his wife in Catonsville, MD. He may be reached at: or through

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Science is such a vast realm of knowledge and skills, it is hard to know where to start or what direction to go. In these volumes, Nebel distills teaching science into distinct “learning progressions” that develop knowledge and understanding in systematic, incremental steps. Following these progressions will guide students toward a broad comprehension of facts, ideas, and concepts embracing and integrating all major areas of science. Furthermore, the described methods of presentation, which emphasize first-hand observation and reasoning, will guide students to practice and develop the mind skills that underlie all scientific discovery. The learning progressions and emphasis on “discovery learning” make these books valuable for older beginning science learners, as well as K-8 students, and serve in preparing them to master the Next Generation Science or other state science standards. A place for ongoing Q and A, discussion of problems, and sharing of ideas is provided at no additional charge (see:

Introducing Susan VanDomelen, author of Baby Rowdy’s New Shoes

“I broke my right ankle and was laid up for several months, which left me with a lot of down time. I have a very small miniature horse that is very cute and loving, so I decided to write a children’s book about him. I started searching the Web and discovered Outskirts Press Publishing. Bingo! They sounded like an exceptional Publishing Company and true to their word, they never let me down. They guided me all the way through from A to Z. I’m now holding my book in my hands. Being that it was my 1st endeavor doing anything like this, I was very apprehensive, but the people I worked with guided me expertly all the way to completion. They returned every call I made to them and every E-mail I made to them within a 24 hour period from my Author Representative to my Publishing Consultant and Production Manager. I want to congratulate you all for an outstanding job, so much so I’m starting another book about Rowdy called “Rowdy’s Playground” knowing again, I will receive excellence from Outskirts Press.”

Susan VanDomelen is retired and has a special needs miniature horse “Rowdy”. She was raised in Jacksonville, Oregon and now lives with her Husband in Coquille, Oregon. She shares her Ranch with 2 cats, 3 toy poodles and 3 miniature horses, Auntie Chloe, Mom Pricilla and of course Baby Rowdy. Her home and ranch has hosted many recovery and special needs animals. Rowdy’s story is meant to inspire. Look for Susan’s next book on how Rowdy now uses his special shoes to enjoy his new playground.

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Little Rowdy was born with a deformity on his front legs, which did not appear until he was several months old. The time, effort and patience on Rowdy’s and the Horse Shoer’s part, the deformity was corrected. Rowdy is now walking, running and playing normally with his mother, Pricilla, and Auntie Cloe.

Introducing Rodney Alexander, PhD, author of Guide to Protecting Your Teen Against Internet Predators

“This was a great experience publishing with Outskirts.”

Rodney Alexander, PhD, Organizational Behavior, Information Systems and Technology

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There were 13 emergent themes in this guide and those themes were; lack of parental support, anonymity on the Internet, teenage loneliness, social networking websites and chat rooms, teenage personality (introversive and extroversive), teenage rebellion, teenage need for relationships, instant gratification among teenagers, teenage low self-esteem, improved parental support, improved education, improved law enforcement and additional circumstances leading to the teenage Internet sexual assault phenomenon.

Introducing Okie Quillin, author of Learn English The American Way

“I’ve had such a bad experience with other publishing company before. Outskirts Press from the beginning, I was very impressed on their service, publishing process and communication with me. I will use Outskirts Press again with my next book.”

Okie Quillin is a Graduate from Ewha Women’s University, College of Education in Korea and also an ESL Teaching Assistant. She has written “Learn English The American Way — English Book 1 for ESL Students” out of a need to further help those who are learning English as a second language.

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The main purpose of the book is to help you build vocabulary, understand the meanings and learn how to utilize them in a full sentence. The author also lists synonyms, antonyms and related words to aid the understanding of the main words, as well as to further increase your vocabulary.

Introducing Karl L. Dahlstrom, author of The Organized Universe

“I was apprehensive at first, but everything happened on time and on budget – what a refreshing change.”

Karl L. Dahlstrom is a modern Renaissance man: author, inventor, educator, legal researcher, scientist and contrarian to conventional thought. Although he is degreed (an MS in physics), his prodigious talents lie in “thinking outside the box” and finding hidden truths. Karl and his wife, Clara, live in Celina, Texas with their three children and grandchildren nearby in the Dallas-FtWorth area.

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In his ground breaking first book, veteran researcher and inventor/scientist Karl Dahlstrom and co-author C. Phillip Clegg have written an exceptionally readable, mind expanding and almost equation free account of how an accidental discovery of a relatively new mathematical theorem came to overturn an established scientific paradigm. The best theories of the universe are beautiful, simple and profound as in Einstein’s famous formula, E=MC2. This book is elegant in its simplicity and yet complex in its scope of re-defining an ordered universe comprising an unseen force. This book zeros in on a 150 year old controversy of Darwinian Evolution and tears it apart with laser like precision such that the very core of that “theory” is-‘to borrow a phrase from Descartes’-“rent asunder.” As the saying goes, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Since the birth of the universe, an organizing principle of matter, embedded in the natural laws of physics, and eventually life itself has manifested itself in a precise and verifiable pattern found in literally everything that exist: from the composition of meteorites to seawater, soil, and gasses here on earth as well as in tabulated data on everything from stock prices to lengths of rivers. This discovery, of a little known law of mathematics called Benford’s Law, simply states that in any tabulated data set of non-contrived numbers, the frequency of the occurrence of the first significant digits 1 through 9, as the first significant digit, will conform to a set pattern: ‘1’ will occur 30.x% of the time;’2′ will occur 17.x% of the time, etc. with the frequency of each succeeding number being less than the preceding number in a fixed declining pattern.

Introducing Robin with Farida, author of Me and Joe’s Life Skillz

“I would like to comment with a few words on my publishing experience with Outskirts Press. Upon the completion of my manuscript, I searched and researched online for self-publishing companies. I analyzed quite a few of those companies inside and out. I covered all the pros and cons of each of these businesses and even kept extensive notes on what I found. After six months of intense study, I became aware that the VERY FIRST company I had began this research journey was the company I had analytically and statistically chosen to do business with… AFTER my research. That company? OUTSKIRTS PRESS! From that point on, everyone at OUTSKIRTS with whom I came in contact kept me well-informed and aligned with what I needed to allow my dream to manifest!”

Robin and Farida are a pair… who hold LOVE from above and dare to bare and care to SHARE. “WHERE?” Here and there and everywhere!
: >) (< : (that’s Farida on the left, there…)

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ME and Joe’s “LIFE SKILLZ” is a fully colored cartoon-illustrated book which allows everyone to LAUGH and LEARN at the same TIME all the while reading a reflective sublime book of prime time internal RHYME! There are: SECRET CODES and SECRET AGENTS and a PG SLANG DICTIONARY, just for YOU! You will learn about the importance of your HEALTH and DIET and how to listen to your SPIRIT to help you HEAR IT, TOO!

Introducing Anne Tenaglia, author of It Wasn’t In the Lesson Plan

“The publishing process was everything I hoped for. My Publishing Consultant was the best and was very patient with my being a new author. He was thorough and pleasant. My Author Representative was quick to respond to any questions or problems I may have had and gave great advice. I will definitely use Outskirts again for my next book. Thank you for helping me to attain a goal of mine.”

Now retired, Anne Tenaglia decided early on a teaching career, tutoring with the Community Service Corps in high school. After college graduation, Anne taught primary grades and science. She later instructed remedial math for eighteen years, and finished her education career with more than a decade in fifth grade. She has mentored intern teachers, written math curriculum, and served as a math consultant to schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Music plays an important part in her personal life as well as her school life. Anne is proud to have introduced almost 100 students to the joys of playing music and writing their own musical compositions through Little Kids Rock. She plays fiddle, guitar, and bodhran, cross stitches, sings in a choir, and is a Humane Educator for the Chester County SPCA in her spare time. Email her at

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Lesson plans are an essential part of a teacher’s day and help to guide the learning process in the classroom. But Anne Tenaglia discovered early on that there were more crucial ways to ensure the success of her students. Even an advanced degree does not guarantee that a teacher will be able to help their students succeed. Most of the time, the more valuable tools were not in the lesson plan at all. Anne takes us into the world of an urban elementary school, the lives of her students, and their trials and tribulations. As much knowledge as she imparted to her students, they returned the favor by teaching their teacher how to make them want to learn. These lessons did not come easy, they were learned the hard way, but each one brought their teacher to a closer understanding of the needs of each student. In It Wasn’t in the Lesson Plan, laugh at the antics of a student who copes by turning down his hearing aid, or the young man who uses humor to deal with his hard knock life. Beam with pride at students who used lessons learned in reading, writing, and math to take them far. Admire the students who, despite all odds, become contributing members of society. Each of the students in the book teaches their instructor new ideas that help transform the lives of other students down the line. And through it all, music, empathy, and respect are interwoven and ever-present in the daily trials and triumphs in the classroom.

Introducing Bernard E. Bentley, author of Little Ben’s Pledge

“A special thanks to the Outskirts Press team for the great quality book and for an outstanding publishing experience. I have published in the past, but nothing has compared to what I received through Outskirts Press. The amount of options that I was given and the fact that I was keep in the loop throughout the entire process was greatly appreciated. I have referred Outskirts Press to all of my writing associates and Outskirts Press is my only consideration for publishing in the future.”

Bernard E. Bentley owns a telecommunications/energy business in Seattle Washington. Formerly involved in acting and modeling, the author also writes and produces local plays. He has over 30 years experience in martial arts. Loving language study, Bernard speaks Tagalog and Haitian Kreyol. He also studies Vietnamese. The author is an ordained Elder and ministers in the State of Washington with his wife Natacha Bentley.

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In this book “Little Ben’s Pledge” Little Ben makes a pledge of allegiance to the people of Africa, America, Australia, England, Japan, Mexico, Native America, and the Philippines. These stories are full of fun and exciting observations about the people and countries that Ben loves. Take a trip around the world, meet the people, view the landscape, taste the delicious food, and experience their entertainment. Written in rollicking rhyme, this is sure to be your favorite reading choice at bedtime.

Introducing George Towery, author of Touched by a Child

“I cannot say enough good things about Outskirts Press. Lisa, Heidi, Tina and Jackie could not have been better to deal with. I have learned so much, made my share of mistakes yet have been treated with kindness, great patience and interest in my book. Hopefully I will soon have another book for Outskirts to publish. Thank you!”

George Towery’s award winning educational career spanned 45 years (40 of them as principal). Among his honors was his selection as the very first elementary principal to be named Principal of the Year (1988-89). In addition, Towery was Phi Delta Kappa’s Educator of the Year, Fairfax County Lee District’s Les Dorson Citizen of the Year, and was named Educator of the Year by the Mount Vernon Chapter of the DAR. The lawyers of Fairfax County’s Bar Association also honored him for his service to children. Towery is justifiably proud that his school, Cameron Elementary, was picked by “Redbook Magazine” as one of “America’s 100 Best Elementary Schools” (1995). Now retired, Towery lives in Northern Virginia and is a popular speaker at groups of educators and parents.

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In Praise of Teachers! A must read for aspiring school administrators.

Touched By A Child, A Principal’s Story is a collection of profiles and experiences gleaned from the author’s 40 plus years as principal of two modest income “Title 1” elementary schools in suburban Washington, DC. The book introduces the authors decision to become a principal at age 27. His first school, a burned out, antiquated building nestled between a prison and a busy Interstate highway, challenged him from the first moments. His delightful and poignant stories depict experiences of working with children from every background, nationality and circumstance. His vivid student descriptions bring these youngsters alive for the reader. The heart of the book centers around his last thirty years as Principal of Cameron Elementary, his second school placement. Told initially that Cameron was a “really difficult school,” Towery worked step by step to build effective relationships with teachers, students and parents. He feels fortunate that his experiences allowed him to truly “understand the value of education especially in communities with limited resources and to the future of our Nation.” As the stories of children are told, the reader gains an understanding of what challenges schools “really face in their quest for excellence and what challenges students face in their daily lives and the lives of their families.” Teachers are praised throughout as those individuals who work every day with a passion and fervor to love, care for, and educate even the most difficult children allowing them to succeed in spite of circumstances. The book is funny, sad, and inspirational. Teachers and administrators will find a roadmap among these pages in recognizing and utilizing talents that do not fall under traditional definitions of “education.”