Introducing Christine Alexanians, author of Transplanted

“It took me over a year to publish my first novel, Transplanted. In the beginning my rep, Michael, was available anytime I had a problem. He helped me overcome many doubts and obstacles. Then, Deni held my hand through the many edits and revisions. Jackie and the marketing team have been guiding me through the ups and downs of post-publishing. I will definitely recommend Outskirts Press to others for their expertise, patience and guidance.”

Christine Alexanians had a love of writing from her early teen years. She majored in Journalism from the College of Mass Media in Tehran, Iran. Her mixed Armenian/Polish heritage, her immersion into the Iranian life and her exposure to Russian and French cultures through her friends and her school have shaped her multifaceted view of the world. Shortly after the Iran/Iraq war in fall of 1980, she immigrated to the United States and has lived since in Glendale, California with her husband, her two sons and their families.

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Book description…

Young maid, Nastia must go back to her village when the aristocrats she worked for escape from the Bolshevik revolution. Her short trip home becomes more adventurous than she could imagine. When she returns, Nastia learns of the many tragedies fallen upon her family and neighbors. She meets a traveling merchant, Aliosha who helps her in her worst situation. She marries him, and bears a son. They move across Russia and settle in the city of Rostov, where she gives birth to a girl. Nastia tries her best to adjust to her new life, when Aliosha comes home with sad news of his father’s death and announces that they will return to his country. Only then she realizes that her husband is not Russian, but Persian. She must choose between her familiar world and his unknown universe. She embarks on a journey of discovery, living the life of a foreign wife in a strange and unusual place. Her will to survive is a source of inspiration.

Introducing Joan F. Hulbert, author of My Big Fat Greek Archbishop

“Many thanks to the publishing production team. This is my third book published by Outskirts Press, which reveals my confidence in this company.”

Joan F. Hulbert is the author of a three book series. My three grown children, my church, and my experience as a school teacher have inspired me to pursue this literary work. I was born in San Francisco, and retired in Nevada.

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Book description…

Joan F. Hulbert tells how the church worked fast to get rid of undesirable clergy who committed criminal abuse to orphan children. Her book deals with both male and female sexual concerns.

Introducing Rodney Keeney, author of Cowboy in the Sand

“My experience with Outskirts Press was both educational and positive. This was my first attempt at writing a book and working with a publisher. At times it seemed frustrating, however, this was due to my lack of computer skills and my first experience as an author. It may appear to move slowly at times but quality work takes time and patience. Without the wonderful support of the Outskirts professional staff, this book would have not been published.”

Born with a profound neurosensory hearing loss, Rodney Keeney obtained a B.A. in Organizational Communications and an M.S. degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling. He was raised in Sutter County and worked on the Hawk Ranch during the summers, when he wasn’t working on his parents’ farm. Cowboy in the Sand is based in part on his life and is his first novel.

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Book description…

Gino Vanaiti is 26 years old and seeking a new life. Fresh out of a six-year stint in the Navy, Gino returns to his family’s ranch, drifting in purpose and determined to figure out his path. Under pressure to take over Vanaiti Ranch, which has been in his family for generations, Gino finally decides to take a year off and give some serious thought to what he wants out of life. With his faithful Australian shepherd Bailey at his side, Gino sets off on a yearlong adventure that will lead him to new friends, romance…and even murder.

Introducing E.S. Wells, author of Three Days in Avalon

“I am so glad I chose Outskirts Press. My book is beautifully done and I couldn’t be happier. The support I received was phenomenal. Thank you so much! I look forward to publishing with you again…soon.”

E.S. WELLS was born and raised in Western Massachusetts and is the proud mother of six wonderful children. She is a nurse and a writer. I hope you follow us along on more adventures in Avalon as the past cannot stay still.

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Book description…

They started this little journey to gain insight into Elaine’s past, or should I say ‘past life’? I was a fool, I was their guide. What we gained was so much more and what we lost was irreplaceable. We entered an ancient cave out of curiosity and exited into a world that shouldn’t exist. Avalon, a great country that exists only in myth and legend, but I promise you…it is neither. We struggled with what was real and what we hoped would be fantasy…it was real, too real. We left that cave and found terror and the promise of death waiting for us. We were in a race for our survival and this world’s very existence. So few realize how the past is tied to the present. Sad, really. Anyways, we were given three days…but to do what? To explore? To meet King Arthur and his Knights? No, we were given three days to survive, and if we did, we could leave the way we came. IF we survived. And our chances were growing slimmer by the minute. A thousand years ago a sword could cut through a woman just as easily as a man. We found this out the hard way. Ghosts, evil men, a land locked a thousand years in the past and vengeance reawakened against Elaine…or at least who she was a thousand years ago. I was left the task of telling our story. Elaine wrote it, and I am seeing that all get a chance to read it. You may not believe the words you read, but as Elaine said…the truth is simple, the truth is unbelievable, none the less, it is the truth…Mark.

Introducing Charles Massie, author of Pinned – A Kentucky True Crime

“I am happy with the professionalism of the company representatives as well as the fact that the company keeps its promises and does everything that they say will do. I started out in self publishing with a competitor and wasted over $6000 trying to get my books out to the public. I would place calls to them for progress reports and would never get a call back. In fact, about the only time they would call me was when they wanted to sell me another product. After a bit of adding additional information and re-editing the book, I contacted Outskirts Press. They kept in contact with me every step of the way, and Pinned – A Kentucky True Crime was published. Within a few weeks, the book was listed on Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites and I was actually making sales.”

Charles Massie grew up in upstate New York; the oldest of 4 children. After finishing high school, he served a total of six years at various ports around the world for the United States Navy. Upon his return to civilian life, he continued his education at Syracuse University and eventually worked for a number of engineering and sales firms, before finally going off on his own enterprises. He has been instrumental in overseeing such companies as Massie Engineering Associates, InfoTech Consulting, LLC and CaterCats Catering. The call of creative expression has always in the background of his life and over the years, he has submitted articles and stories to publications like Twilight Zone Magazine, Readers Digest, Analog Publications and others. Pinned! – A Kentucky True Crime is his first novel and is the first book of the ‘BlueGrass’ series. The sequel, Stains on the Gavel, will be published later in 2013; as well a young adult adventure novel entitled The Boy in the Bin. His hobbies include progressive rock music, computers, animals, humor, exotic cars and practicing random acts of kindness. He lives in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and is the owner of StarShow Publications.

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Book description…

“I fear the dark and I live all alone…” Mark Casey, a native New York-er and a gentleman, wants to get out of his home state and live in another part of the world. Over the internet, he meets and is attracted to a small town Kentucky woman named Roxie. This woman seems to be the girl of his dreams – sensual, ambitious, funny and beautiful. After a series of email and phone conversations, Roxie invites Mark to visit her in Kentucky. The Meeting is magic. They fall head over heels for each other and decide to live together. But like the flip of a switch, there are immediate problems as soon as he gets in his new abode. He and Roxie fight, where they never did before. She constantly tells him lies. There seems to be a black cloud around Roxie, where someone else always gets hurt. And their once raging sexual relationship has turned sour, causing them to sleep apart. What could have caused this abyss? This is a true story of flagrant injustice in a small country town. It is a page whipping account of sex, drugs, manipulation, false arrest, corrupt public officials and good ‘ol boys who take rather than give. See what it is like to be trapped in the nest of a Black Widow. Read the story and be Pinned.

Introducing Roberta Kennedy, author of Where the Love Light Gleams

“I want to thank everyone a Outskirts Press for their hard work and publishing Where the Love Light Gleams.”

Roberta Kennedy has a great love for Scotland and her people and knew that she must write a novel about this beautiful country and though the characters in the story are fictitious they have many qualities of her Scottish and American friends.

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Book description…

A story of love, faith, loyalty and deception. Rowan Grace Brown age 34 moves to her father’s native Scotland to begin a new life. Divorced and needing a change she has always loved her father’s country and had planned to move before but didn’t have the courage to do so. Knowing that her Dad’s twin sister Grace would love for her to live with her Rowan takes a huge leap of faith and does just that. Plus there is Alex Corbett, a childhood friend in Rowan Tree, the town where she is going. She has said her prayers that she and Alex will become more than friends, packs her bags and moves to Scotland.

Introducing Chandler, author of Games People Play

“Thank you Outskirts for helping me make a life-long dream of becoming a published author come true. You are the best!”

Chandler is a student of the human condition, wielding the written craft to enrapture the mind much like an artist wields a brush. The pages are a blank canvas on which to draw from a talent heralded by many and matched only by an imagination that rises to the task. GAMES PEOPLE PLAY is the first in a series of recent pursuits, with work progressing quickly on the follow-up.

Product description…

Games People Play is a gritty story of grown-ups behaving badly in order to have a little fun! It’s an old school love story just right for the 21st century. It’s the story of two young lovers’ journey of discovering love for the first time and adjusting to life’s little curve balls along the way. It’s a story of couples: playing the game of “play or get played!” Breaking hearts and manipulating minds; according to some players it’s what the game is all about!

Introducing Paul Dage, author of Trout Kill

“My experience with Outskirts Press has been excellent. As Virgil safely guided Dante through the perils of Hell, Outskirts safely guided me through the perils of self-publishing my first novel “Trout Kill.” And now Outskirts is helping market “TK”, which is perhaps comparable to Dante’s trip through Purgatory. Heaven is still a long journey ahead, but I can at least now see the light. Thank you, Outskirts Press.”

Paul Dage lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife Debra. He began writing fiction in the mid-’80’s and has published a number of his stories. He is a member of Willamette Writers, and in 2010 he won a Kay Snow prize for his Vietnam story “Guard Duty.” He served in South Vietnam from 1971-72 as an Army helicopter crew chief. From 1973-76 he attended Western Oregon University, where he received a teaching degree. He taught English for nearly 30 years, most of them at Canby High in Canby, Oregon. Dage subscribes to Portland writer Tom Spanbauer’s philosophy called Dangerous Writing, which encourages writers to be “brave on the page” or, in other words, artistically explore themes that may be personally frightening or embarrassing, such as cultural taboos or traumatic experiences. “Trout Kill” is written in this spirit. It is the first part of a trilogy that explores Eddy Trout’s anguishing journey of discovery and love. For more information about the author, visit his website at

Product description…

Eddy Trout, a forty-seven-year-old bartender, has a heart that merely pumps blood. He wants to kill the stony thing and grow a warmer, more loving one. But how? Rekindle the fading love for his wife? Speed around the next blind corner? Then there’s his dying dog … his fragile sister…the best intentions of his friends… the dead deer he loves. And what about the stranger who’s making damnable claims of fatherhood? Should Eddy kill him? It wouldn’t be the first man he killed who claimed to be his father.

Introducing Courtney Skelton, author of Right on Red

“This whole publishing process has been a learning process, which I have learned a lot. Everyone has been super patient and responded to every question that I have had with great answers, and answered very quickly. Since the book came out, I have recommended Outskirts press to about a half dozen writers. Thanks a bunch!”

Courtney Skelton has been writing since a young age, with several stories to date, this being his first published. Courtney lives in Belvidere, IL with his supportive wife Robyn, and dog Snoopy. He is a huge sports fan, and would love to see the day where we could all live as one.

Product description…

Chris, a free spirited inspiring artist, finds life to be a blank canvas. Life is whatever comes to mind. Life is constant motion, always experiencing, feeling, and loving it all. The glass is always half full. Terry is a low keyed, keeps to himself, an introvert, who sees life as one big long gloomy day. Although sometimes a few rays of sunshine break through, it usually is a gray rainy world that brings him down, tramples on his dreams, and leaves him empty. Then the two of them got to know each other in a rather roundabout way. Their relationship grew. Chris painted. Terry worked. They had only scratched the surface of what they could and would do. Life was good. They had no idea what would befall them when an unwanted presence would cross their path.

Introducing Shari Lathim, author of Thorns of Destiny

“As this was my first time to publish a book, my Author Representative was very helpful, patient with my questions and kind with me. You guys are great!”

Shari Lathim is a full time working single grandmother of seven and lives in a suburb outside of Seattle, WA. She is a first time author who is fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a writer. Currently, her writing is based on her own life experiences. She has many more that she’s presently working on and new ideas for future books. One of her older grandchildren recently requested to be a co-writer with her

Product description…

Paige was an over privileged child raised by her father and step-mother in Beverly Hills, CA. Her father always told her that it was her destiny to be married to a rich man someday. When Paige met Brody, the son of a very powerful business man in Northwest Montana, she knew this was the man her father always told her about. Montana was not her desired area to live, but she would go anywhere just to become the next Mrs. Briggs. Her calculated plan was to put Brody’s parents in a nursing home, take over the huge family estate and rule over the staff her way. Brody is slow to propose marriage to Paige and she becomes impatient. She will try anything to trap her man no matter what it is. After a few unfortunate events, her destiny becomes a bed of thorns.