Introducing Judy Eicheldinger, author of Don’t You Be In Pain, Girl!: Flawless Whispers From The God Who Loves

“Outskirts Press delivers. Everything was upfront with no surprises and professionally implemented each step of the way. I’m thrilled with the end product and overjoyed that with never having attempted self-publishing before, I ended up choosing an outstanding company, one which I will wholeheartedly recommend to others. What I can’t express profoundly enough is my appreciation for every single person who I encountered on this journey. The encouragement that I received from this publishing team was not expected, but was so kind. There is no price tag that you can put on that but they certainly represent the best part of Outskirts Press. Thank you for being a reputable and safe place for authors to come. Your services are top notch and I thank you for helping me get my book to print!”

Judy Eicheldinger has devoted a lifetime ministering to women through dance, MOPS International, bible studies and retreats. After 25 years, she retired as owner and director of dance studios in both New York and Colorado, and as a professional choreographer for numerous performing arts venues. Her writing brings Jesus Christ to center stage, encouraging believers to keep their eyes on Him. Judy lives in Franklin, TN with her husband, Roger.

Book description…

No matter how long you’ve been a Christian, there are times in life that will kick dust into your faith lungs. Whether it’s a deeply painful event or just a slow fade into weariness, we long to know in tangible ways that God is near, that He is speaking to us and that though we are struggling to understand why nothing in our circumstance seems to indicate that we are being held in the palm of His hand, He breaks through with His unfailing love to assure us that He is there.

Judy Eicheldinger takes you on the journey of her traumatic health emergency, weaving together episodes of ordinary past events that brought Spirit-filled messages in unforeseen ways, awakening her heart to God’s presence. But even those times would not compare to the magnitude of what was revealed to her during the crisis.

It begins with a confession of a much too busy calendar that has left her exhausted. She finds herself running circles as a mother and dance studio director while also experiencing a growing depression, grief and asthmatic faith. She ignores most of this, just as she ignores the rising on-again-off-again pain in her abdomen. When she finally collapses from the overwhelming, intense pain it becomes a health emergency and a race to find out what is wrong.

She creatively guides you through her story by prompting you to see God in your own. Themes of beauty, freedom from selfishness, forgiveness, miracles, overcoming fear, staying focused, deep healing, mystery, oneness with Christ, perseverance and eternal perspective will encourage you to embrace how your own unique circumstances are sacred and are positioned to bring transformational blessing to others. And though one can never know the full measure of what God is doing or why He allows certain things to happen, this book will remind you that He does bestow the gift of His Spirit; to open our eyes, to heighten our hearing as He speaks
through everything that surrounds us, so that we may know how infinitely, deeply He loves each of us.

This is written with some light humor but always with a heart of compassion for women who have spent too many days in pain, who feel isolated in their griefs, or who just feel like there’s only a flicker of vitality left in their faith. These chapters pull back a curtain of despair and let hope pour through the window to the soul. Find renewed joy, a joy that will set your faith dancing again, and be inspired to rise up and share your own powerful story.

Introducing Gilbert Coleman, author of The Pursuit of Destiny: 13 Pillars of Spiritual Growth

“I received my proof copies and have had opportunity to read the book. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. In fact my wife says it’s the best book I have written!”

Dr. Gilbert Coleman is the Overseer of Freedom Christian Bible Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA, and presiding Bishop of the Freedom Worldwide Covenant Ministries. After pastoring Freedom for thirty years the Lord’s assignment has expanded to now being a leader to leaders. Dr. Coleman has studied at New Life Bible Institute and Eastern Theological Seminary. He has been blessed to shepherd both nationally and internationally while still being a husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather. He is married to Deborah Coleman, who he has been married to for 35 years. Dr. Coleman is the author of several books, a singer, and a song writer for gospel recording artists. There are countless lives that have been touched by this servant, yet in this dispensation there are still many more that need to be touched. Dr. Coleman is one of those voices.

Book description…

In this newest release from Dr. Coleman, he draws on over three decades of a remarkable and fulfilling odyssey in Christian ministry to delve into the subject of destiny by highlighting areas of our journey that do not often enough receive the attention they deserve. Employing real life metaphors, Dr. Coleman expounds on what the Elements of divine power should really look like, and their interplay in the life of a true believer, while also challenging conventional thought to convincingly declare that, rather than the church being an infirmary of sorts, in actuality it is more a life-giving center that strengthens one to become an over comer in the world! Dr. Coleman will challenge one to live life in the dimension in which God originally intended, to know for certain why you were created!