Introducing Dan the Man, author of “Hi, I Am Dan the Man Your Concierge”

“I am a first-time author. Jamie, my author representative, was just incredible! I really enjoyed communicating with her each week. Jamie, a true professional with class, made me feel like a family member of Outskirts Press. Thank you Jamie, my dream came true. This was a wonderful publishing experience! It was also a great pleasure communicating with her colleagues. Now, I am looking forward to the marketing of my book. Outskirts Press, the publishing company that cares about your success! I will highly recommend Outskirts Press!”

Dan the Man, is from Ybor City. The historic district of Tampa. He lives in Brandon, Florida, with his beautiful wife of 35 years and their meow fur children. All of their other children have lovely families and exciting careers. Dan’s life achievements; teamster executive leader with a positive, winning image, and a quality control technician for the number one beer company in the world. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix.

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This delightfully humorous book provides a serious education about the reality of working a men’s nightclub restroom in the hospitality industry-a fun part-time job with the potential for an amazing income-but only for those with the exuberance of a positive, winning mind-set! While researching this book, the author visited 40 nightclubs to observe restroom attendants and found there were only a handful of concierges who were both pleasant and professional-those with a friendly smile and a firm handshake, a great sense of humor, excellent communication skills, and a compassionate heart. Professional concierges take pride in their work, and Dan the Man shows how it’s done. With raw, slice-of-life conversations emphasizing the fun and humorous side of this business, Hi, I Am Dan the Man, Your Concierge contains tips and wisdom that can be applied to all customer service and hospitality careers!

Introducing Alex Karidis and Bradley Garrone, author of The Cynic’s Guide to Investing

“The overall experience was well worth the finished product. We encountered some technical glitches that set us back a bit, but having the final product in-hand was worth the wait. Thank you for a great product and we’ll most likely being using your publishing services again.”

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As members of the Millennial generation, authors Alex Karidis and Bradley Garrone know well the economic woes that have befallen their generation. However, it is not only the Millennials affected by poor policy decisions. Old and young alike, even those who are yet to exist, will have to deal with the consequences to some degree-thereby exposing investment opportunities in disguise. Interested in assisting others on how to navigate through such economic difficulties, Alex and Bradley wrote The Cynic’s Guide to Investing. A hybrid analysis of economic policy, trends and demographics, and investment strategies, The Cynic’s Guide to Investing is a must-read from the novice, to the most experienced policy wonk, to the skilled investor and everyone in between. Written in a concise manner, The Cynic’s Guide to Investing covers a vast array of topics from fiscal and monetary policy, to healthcare, energy markets, lobbying efforts, and of course investment strategies and much more. It will be highly evident from early on that with money comes power and with power comes the ability to influence markets (think big government-big business). This power structure has invoked passionate dissent from both the right and the left (think Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street). The Cynic’s Guide to Investing cuts through the divide-and-conquer tactics revealing more common ground than what the media would have you believe. Written in a no-nonsense manner, Alex and Bradley change the perception of cynicism from having pessimistic connotations to one attributed with keen observation. The cynic simply makes observations and has the audacity to tell it like it is. The goal of The Cynic’s Guide to Investing is to make observations, conduct thorough analysis, and take action in order to build wealth and provide for your future self. “…that power of accurate observation which is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it…” -George Bernard Shaw

Introducing David Webb, author of Behind the Swinging Doors

” As a first time author, I was overwhelmed with the number of self publishers available. Each had glowing reviews and also some not so glowing. After discussing this problem with a good friend who had just published a book I narrowed my search and found Outskirts Press. Their packages started at a lower cost and offered many options. After contacting them, I chose the Diamond Package and began receiving support for finishing my book. The responses from the various representatives were timely and helpful. I am still a bit uncomfortable with things like “formatting” and “extensions” but these folks walked me through the steps. The whole process went rather smooth and I now have “Behind the Swinging Doors” published and selling. If you are considering a self publisher look no further than Outskirts Press.”

About the author: Fifty years ago, I began my food service career with no intention of staying in it. I needed money to buy my first car. After a few different jobs I was asked to begin cooking. I found I enjoyed it and the social trappings that went with it. I was trained by skilled chefs and good managers yet never went to culinary school. I have talked people into hiring me for nearly a half century and have never once been fired from a job although I have had many. I still cook for a living and still enjoy going to work. I’d say my career path was a good one.

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You are sitting at your table in a fine dining restaurant and suddenly a muffled crash is heard. The waiter assures you it is nothing. You notice groups of employees gathered around the edge of the dining room chatting about something. There is a faint smell of smoke in the air. Your server returns to take your order stating all is well. Two firemen in full gear walk through the dining room and into the unseen back. Just a funny made up story? No because I watched it happen. This is only one example of the misadventures, disasters, and downright comical behavior that goes on without the public knowing. Food service bands together some of the most unlikely crews and somehow manages to get the job done. This book explains the victories and failures that followed me through my career. Take a trip with me Behind the Swinging Doors.

Introducing Robert Goodson, author of Lead With Mercy

“An enjoyable experience … hope to do it again some day.”

Robert Goodson is a Distinguished Military Graduate from the Virginia Tech Army ROTC program, an alumnus of the Corps of Cadets, and holds a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech in political science and foreign languages (German). He holds a master’s degree with honors in diplomacy, with a concentration in international conflict resolution, from Norwich University. He is also a certified executive coach. Rob has spent more than twenty years studying and practicing leadership, in the military and in private industry. He partners with rising and experienced leaders on their journey in leadership. He lives in Virginia with his wife and three children.

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Some leaders believe that compassion and mercy have no place in successful business. For others, the case for mercy and compassion sounds good, but they aren’t convinced it’s sustainable in a business climate focused on survival and the bottom line. Lead with Mercy will convince you of the power of mercy in individual and organizational leadership. This is not a theoretical argument: it is a discussion of provable measurable results and positive return on investment. You’ll learn how to earn the right to lead, what it means to be accountable while giving responsibility to others, and how to provide your colleagues with a clear vision of compassion, innovation, and success. The principles of leading with mercy are supported by citations from experts in leadership, business, and psychology. You can learn to lead from the heart while growing a successful, profitable business—are you ready to lead the way to positive change? “This book is an invaluable guide to being a more flexible leader capable of leading the most complex organization in volatile times. Prepare to be challenged and inspired.” –Andrew Neitlich, Founder and Director, Center for Executive Coaching

Introducing Nathan Grills, David E. Lewis, S. Joshua Swamidass, authors of Faithful is Successful

“It was really helpful that we received weekly (or so) emails reminding us to stay on task and get things done!”

Dr. Nathan Grills is a Public Health Physician at the Nossal Institute of Global Health (University of Melbourne) and is working in disability and chronic disease prevention in India. Nathan completed an MSc Global Health Sciences and then PhD in Public Health at Oxford University where he explored the role of faith in the response of Faith-based groups to HIV. David E. Lewis is the William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University where he researches and teaches on the American presidency, executive branch politics and public administration. David and his family attend the Village Chapel in historic Hillsboro Village in Nashville, Tennessee. S. Joshua Swamidass, MD PHD is assistant professor of Immunology and Pathology, Laboratory and Genomic Medicine Division, at Washington University, St. Louis. He is both a Christian and a Scientist. Dr. Swamidass often speaks to student groups about integrating our faith and vocation, finding God’s calling for our careers, how Christianity and Science are compatible, and ways of understanding Genesis and Evolution.

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What does it mean to be a Christian in your work? In this book authors working in fields from the arts to finance and the academy offer practical advice to Christians about what it means to live a life of robust faith and work. Authors address a number of key questions: How do they understand what it means to be a Christian in their profession? What difference does it make? What kinds problems have they encountered? Their answers are surprising in their creativity and insight. They are also honest, based upon the authors’ imperfect and tentative attempts to follow Christ in professions were there are few Christians. Those who want to learn how to integrate Christ fully into their careers or who are looking for evidence of God’s redemptive work in the academy, culture, business, and government will be greatly encouraged and challenged by this book.

Introducing Charles Cranston Jett, author of The Doom Loop!

“The team of Terri, Joan, Dana, Jennifer, Jackie, Catherine, Brie and Heidi was professionally outstanding! My experience of publishing with Outskirts Press was simply exceptional. During the course of four months, I published three books: WANTED: Eight Critical Skills You Need To Succeed!, The Doom Loop, and Field Studies. As they say in the Navy, “BRAVO ZULU, OutskirtsPress!” (Well done!)”

Charles Cranston Jett is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and served in the US Navy nuclear submarine force. After completing his naval service, he received an MBA degree from Harvard University and entered the business world in management consulting. During that time he was a regular invited speaker at the nation’s top business schools (Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Chicago, Northwestern, Michigan, etc.) speaking on the subject of career management and skill development. In the early 1990’s, he formed his own business focusing on skill development and created a highly successful work-based learning management system called Coop2000©. He is a dynamic speaker and published writer, authoring “Whatever Happened to Corporate Loyalty” and “Critical Skills and the CEO” for Chief Executive Magazine. He has been an invited presenter to national conventions of the American Psychological Association on the subject of skill development and The Doom Loop. He has two successful blogs on the subject of critical skills and the Doom Loop: and

Product description…

The Doom Loop is an elegant, intuitive, and simple career management tool designed to help you make smart, tactical career decisions and to help see you through the seven common crises that nearly everyone faces in their career. It can also help employers take appropriate actions to improve the productivity of their emplt2oyees by understanding the nature and causes of boredom. Created by the author in the 1970s, the Doom Loop is a 2×2 matrix to help you anticipate and solve problems related to boredom and frustration on the job. This deceptively simple tool can help you avoid making ill-advised job change decisions, and it can quickly give you confidence that a new opportunity will be the right one for you. You don’t need to attend seminars or workshops to use this career management tool. The Doom Loop is straightforward and easy to use, yet powerful in its guidance-and it might just become the best friend you ever had on the job!

Introducing Paul Bedell, author of Cellular Networks

“Overall, my experience with Outskirts Press has been very good. Lisa did a great job working with me.”

Paul Bedell spent six years working for multiple wireless carriers, and has been in the telecom industry for 26 years. Bedell also created and teaches two graduate-level cellular courses at DePaul University in Chicago, where he also obtained his M.S. in Network Engineering and Management (Honors). Paul lives with his wife Paula and three sons in Tinley Park, IL.

Product description…

Get comprehensive insight on the inner workings of modern cellular networks. Most books on cellular technology focus on singular topics. Cellular Networks: Design and Operation focuses on all elements of cellular networks, everything from cellular network design, to towers, to the basics of LTE (4G). Cellular Networks: Design and Operation uses minimal jargon to provide straightforward explanations of all facets of cellular networks. Learn the fundamentals of all network elements and technologies that are required to run cellular networks. Topics covered in this book include: • Cellular radio development • The cell base station • Basic cellular network design and operation • Radio Frequency (RF) operation and technologies • Antennas, RF power and sectorization • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) • Base station elements and RF signal flow • 2G and 3G digital wireless technologies • Microwave radio systems • 4G and Long Term Evolution (LTE) • The backhaul network • The MTSO and core network • Personal Communication Services (PCS) and the current marketplace • Towers • Capacity management and propagation models • Interconnection to the landline public switched telephone network (PSTN) • Roaming and intercarrier networking • Mobile data technologies • The business side of wireless • Mobile applications. Examples, photos and illustrations from the field are included in this practical guide.