Introducing Carol L. Cohen, author of REAL Selling

“I was very happy with the support I received for my first book. I always knew I would get the answer I needed promptly.”

Carol is a learning strategist at Infopro Learning and a fourth-generation educator whose passion for teaching led to a career in corporate sales training and certification. She considers it her mission to enable the success of others through creative and engaging learning and practice.

Book description…

Differentiate yourself in a world where buyers can buy anything without ever meeting another person. At this highly competitive time in sales history, you must recognize and project customer-centric value to foster that long-term relationship with your customer. You are not simply providing a solution. You are providing a valued partnership that will support your customer’s success and differentiate you from the competition which is primarily the Internet. This book lays out a simple path to that success. And you are the right salesperson to read it! <

Ask yourself this – if your personal success is at all connected to selling 

1. How do you make yourself so valuable that your customer can’t live without you?

2. How do you tell your story, so it resonates with your customer even when you are not with them?

3. How can you elevate the conversation and sell on value? 

Salespeople who are truly success-driven will align their approach to this methodology and achieve immediate success.

Introducing Douglas Richie, author of Life in the Old Folks Home: Where the Elderly Go to Die

“I have had the pleasure of working with my Author Representative on each of my four manuscripts. Thank you.”

Douglas Richie was raised in Brewster, New York, and attended Westtown School and Haverford College. He worked at Cal State University, Long Beach, and retired early to work at Warm Sands Villa, their motel in the heart of Palm Springs, California. He is the author of several nonfiction books.

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Wondering what it’s like to live in a retirement community? This book offers an intimate look at “Life in the Old Folks Home.” A continuing care retirement community (CCRC) offers retirees the opportunity to live independently, an assisted living department for residents who are ambulatory but require help with personal care, and a skilled nursing department. When Douglas and Annie Richie moved into a CCRC in their mid-seventies, they were looking for a place to meet their needs for their remaining years. Life in the Old Folks Home tells the story of the 15 active, fun-filled years they spent in the CCRC before Annie’s death. Richie describes what to look for in a CCRC and includes vignettes of his own experiences: bingo and bridge; the Chime Choir and the Liar’s Club, bowling, badminton in the pool, portrait painting and trivia contests, and bus tours. He also includes some of the fascinating life stories of his fellow residents—many of whom rallied around him after Annie’s death and offered love and support.

Introducing Joseph Battaglia, author of The Power of You: Different, Smarter and Better – The Insurance Agents Guide to Success

“You were great to work with! Thanks to my Outskirts Press team.”

Joseph Battaglia is an accomplished speaker and resource to countless agents across the country. He has mentored and trained agents to become top performers in the Insurance industry. He brings a true hands-on approach from the 20 years he has been in this field. Because of his expertise in building one of the largest insurance organizations in the Northeast, insurance agents regard his in-depth knowledge and experience to propel their careers in the lucrative Insurance industry. In addition to helping agents, he has lectured before thousands of people in various capacities. His lifetime pursuit to helping insurance agents prosper is why agents utilize his Principles of Success. He invites you to propel your career.

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Insurance is BIG business if you position yourself for success. DIFFERENT – Stand out from the crowd. SMARTER – Know your products like no one else. BETTER – Be on Top of your game. “A true roadmap to success in the insurance industry. Why struggle when you can thrive!” -Yolanda Candelaria. “It is quite clear that he is a leader and one to follow. He has excelled to be at the top of his game. This book will motivate and educate you for financial independence.” -Robert Rothschild. “A compelling story of how someone can succeed if they have a plan. How he made it will inspire you.” -Gail Siemer

Introducing Joe Robert Thornton, author of The Power Of Or: Choosing And Doing What Matters Most

“Being a first-time author is different. I had so many questions and my Author Representative was very responsive and helpful 24 hours a day. Everything about the book turned out great. I am already writing another book and plan to use Outskirts Press again.”

Joe Robert Thornton has spent the past 35 years in large-scale leadership roles at Starbucks, Blockbuster, and as COO at Jamba Juice. Joe is currently CEO at Vizzionnary Brands – an organization providing consulting, coaching, and public speaking services. Joe was born in Kentucky but has lived most of his life in Texas with his wife and three children.

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Book description…

Shift From “And” To “Or” And Change Your Life. We have entered a time in which the you-can-do-everything mentality has become the new normal. In The Power Of Or, Joe Robert Thornton challenges that notion by sharing stories and experiences that will help you focus and create balance in your life. In our daily lives, we do not always have the option of doing everything. We are constantly making tradeoffs. There will be times in your personal and professional life where “And” doesn’t work-you must choose “Or.” In The Power Of Or, Joe Robert Thornton explores pragmatic choices, decision-making, and prioritization, the implications that come with each when we attempt to do it all and offers recommendations. The Power Of Or is about having clarity of what is most important and then taking the appropriate action on those priorities to achieve the desired results-Choosing And Doing What Matters Most. In this book, you will learn about: The need for simplification before prioritization; The importance of discipline and self-discipline; The difference between ability and capability; The benefits of saying No; The case for eliminating multitasking; The impact of decision fatigue. If you are looking for a breakthrough in how you are living and leading, this book is for you.

Introducing Niña Ellison, author of Lifeboat Leadership: Discovering Grace in the Waves of Change

“The folks on the chat line were very helpful. The overall process was easy to follow.”

As a nurse practitioner and healthcare leader delivering primary care, managing disaster relief, or educating nurses in both academic and practice settings, Niña Ellison’s purpose has remained consistent: influencing leaders in the delivery of excellence. Her personal leadership framework, RAFT, originated during her work in Moçambique as a Provincial Program Manager for an international disaster relief organization and continued in its evolution with leadership opportunities within the corporate world and as an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team. To learn more about Niña Ellison’s Leadership, visit

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Influencing leaders in the delivery of excellence. Many of today’s youngest leaders feel as though they have left the stability of the mainland to lead from resource-laden lifeboats. Keeping an eye on the horizon they seek strategies that will guide them to significance. Riding the waves of innovation and unprecedented change these leaders are in pursuit of making a difference while, at the same time, uncovering a need to understand more about what matters to them. Lifeboat Leadership offers a simple framework that embraces timeless truths designed to empower leaders to move beyond themselves, pursue inclusiveness, and, perhaps, rediscover the value of grace.

Introducing Paul E. Fein, author of The Chemistry of Leadership: A Self-Discovery Formula to Finding the Leader in You

“After four years of part-time writing and the outstanding support from Outskirts Press, my leadership book, The Chemistry of LEADERSHIP, was brought to market in July 2018. My Author Representative at Outskirts was a tremendous communicator and very committed as well as involved throughout each step of the publishing process. It has been a truly professional and author-focused experience. I am looking forward to working with Outskirts Press for the publishing of my next book.”

Paul E. Fein has had many outstanding career experiences and educational learning accomplishments as a part of his life-long leadership journey. He has been a dedicated and creative contributor in positions that he has held both in education and in business. A people educator and professional executive builder. A custom-crafter of growth-oriented leadership workshops. A dynamic speaker and engaging development program facilitator. A certified career-life coach and management mentor. A creative writer and inspiring educational innovator. Paul has been fully committed to driving development and growth of others. He has built his personal competencies and capabilities based on a diverse career journey – teaching high school chemistry, marketing management within several manufacturing industries, and global executive leadership development facilitation. Throughout these work experiences, he continued to grow his skills through post-educational programs at University of Southern California, Harvard Law, Cornell University, and Copenhagen Business School. Coaching certification was achieved at the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Before establishing a consulting practice, he was responsible for human resource and learning development activities for a medical device company with its headquarters in Sweden. His primary responsibilities were focused on global talent management processes – ranging from performance management, succession planning, and high potential identification, to learning and development, and talent acquisition. He supported corporate initiatives specific to employee engagement, employer branding, and executive development. Currently, Paul is the Managing Leader & Director of the IDD Leadership Group LLC – New York. He creates and facilitates leadership workshops and provides career-life coaching. His driving philosophy is to INSPIRE innovative imagination, DRIVE ideas into actions, and DELIVER strategic growth – always focused on enhancing individual and organizational effectiveness.

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A book with self-discovery. Are you a G-O-A-L driven leader with purpose? G – Genuine recognition provider O – Open communication connector A – Authentic relationship builder L – Leader presence enhancer Are you a leader personally focused on the following? organizational values and corporate culture; critical thinking, risk-taking, and courage; authentic influencing and emotional intelligence; dynamic relationships and building teams; communication from the head and the heart; interpersonal connections and active listening; business knowledge and capabilities; leadership wisdom and human chemistry. “Wow! A heartfelt and inspiring read on the key elements that make a great leader. Paul’s passion and in-depth knowledge from multiple backgrounds really shines through in this engaging book. A must for any leader looking to go on a journey of self-discovery, enhancing their capabilities and adding some ‘human chemistry’ into their leadership relationships.” Rachael Forsberg Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant London, England

Introducing Victor Effah, author of No Limits: 14 Steps to Exceed Customer Expectations, What Great Teams Know and Do

“The entire team gave their best so my book could be published and I am grateful.”

Victor Effah graduated from Asokore Teacher Training College with a certificate in Education and Child Psychology and a Teacher Certification A from Cape Coast University Accreditation Board, Ghana, West Africa. In 2002, he co-founded Teen Educators’ Guild, a nonprofit organization in Ghana, with the mission of educating teenagers to think independently and to avoid negative peer pressures. In 2016, he formed a partnership with PETYEB Business Group, a Dubai-Ghana shipping group, where he currently serves as a venture capitalist and a board member. Today, Victor is a co-manager of a Walmart Super Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

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When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant, I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years. —Mark Twain. Many employees do not see the big picture. While leadership is focusing on growth, development, innovation, and great customer service, team members are thinking solely of their wages. This book bridges the gap and makes career growth possible. Even if you’ve never considered yourself a leader, No Limits will guide you to new heights. It’s not talent and it’s not knowledge that will help you rise to the top: It’s quality service, above and beyond, that will help you reach new goals. Whether you’re already in a leadership position or you’re a brand-new team member, No Limits can have a significant impact on your career!

Introducing Lamin Tombekai Kamara, author of New Business Beginners’ Guide

“Outskirts Press made me more enthusiastic in the writing process. Now I am also engaged in writing two other books. This is all because of the encouragement I received from Outskirts Press! I don’t, for any reason, feel despair any longer. I am now a true writer through the help of Outskirts Press. Outskirts Press, I must commend you greatly for the role you played in my life. Publishing with Outskirts is like being in the classroom with an instructor who wishes you all the best in your endeavor to learn.”

Lamin Tombekai Kamara is a student of the human condition with a MBA in Business Administration, wielding the written craft to enrapture the mind much like an artist wields a brush. The pages are a blank canvas on which to draw from a talent heralded by many and matched only by an imagination that rises to the task. New Business Beginners’ Guide is the first in a series of recent pursuits, with work progressing quickly on the follow-up.

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Book description…

Top Secrets of Business Tips Unveiled Within! The tactful structure of this first edition is making Small Business owners to achieve their goals in managing their minuscule businesses. Also, special attention is in support of office management, employee services and public relations techniques. The second edition of this book will explore managerial ethics and services in pursuing a better business structure for the good of entrepreneurship in relative managerial structures.

Introducing Dr. Kenneth Morton, author of Defined by Attitude

“Lisa was very prompt when responding and provided detailed answers to my many questions as a first-time author. Before my first publishing project was completed, I initiated my second and specifically asked to remain with Lisa. Excellent.”

Dr. Kenneth Morton is an accomplished business leader, entrepreneur, public speaker, coach, and mentor. He is CEO of Infinity Leadership Consulting, which was founded to fulfill his passion and purpose to inspire and empower people and organizations with strategies and solutions for maximum leadership impact. He has extensive leadership experience in critical roles at several Fortune 500 companies and has consistently immersed himself in helping others through coaching and mentoring. He holds a bachelor’s in finance, a master’s in management, and a doctorate in business, with a concentration in leadership. He is an Advanced Toastmaster and has successfully completed a Certified Executive Coaching Program. Dr. Morton resides with his family in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. For more information about Dr. Kenneth Morton or for event booking, visit

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Ignite GREATNESS Through Your World-class Positive Attitude! Daily we encounter people, events, and situations that affect us. While we navigate our life course, our attitude either guides our success or sets us up to fall short of living a life of high-quality existence. The manner in which we approach life through the lens of our attitude compels us to act and behave the way we do. The attitude we choose is how we define ourselves. It also provides a lens of how others define who we are. In Defined by Attitude: The Power of Positivity, Dr. Kenneth Morton takes you on an exciting personal journey to explore attitudes. He provides you with life-changing transitional power through maintaining a world-class positive attitude. Dr. Morton coaches you through introspective Attitudinal Checkups and challenges you to adapt attitude-changing affirmations in each chapter. He shares personal stories and uses real-life situations to inspire you, your organization, or your team to new levels of greatness by leveraging the power of a world-class positive attitude.

Introducing Ted Folkert, author of Greed Disease

“Jerry seems to have a thorough knowledge of the publishing process and has guided my publication through the process with expertise.”

Theodore Folkert, BA – University of Missouri at Kansas City, is an author of previous books: “Selling Your Company” 2013 and “A Business of Your Own” 2017. He maintains offices in Kansas City, Missouri and Los Angeles, California, where he resides.

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Greed exercised by the rich and powerful and the behemoth corporations provides challenging obstacles for the working class of our society, growing income and wealth inequality and exacerbating worker exploitation. Even worse, it endangers our planet, threatening the life-sustaining habitat that enabled life and which is essential in sustaining life. Without corrective action, the ultimate result does not look promising for our future. For most members of our society, as we go about acquiring the essentials for living a comfortable life, doing business is not a level playing field. Dealing with the normal deception and dishonesty in advertising and marketing, and navigating the cleverness of the rentier element of society can be treacherous experiences for the powerless working-class. Kind of like swimming with sharks.