Introducing Sunny Klein Lurie, Ph.D., author of Jolt Your Career From Here to There

“At every turn an Outskirts’ expert was available to help me through the publishing process. There are many steps to take but there’s a team surrounding you from day one –and everyone was very responsive to my needs and questions. Thanks for your help.”

Sunny Klein Lurie, Ph.D., founder and CEO of FAST FOCUS CAREERS, boasts a rich background in organizational development and career management consulting. Working with Key Bank and private clients for two decades, Lurie’s proven techniques and breakthrough approaches help individuals make the right choice for the right career. She’s served on numerous boards, including the American Society for Training and Development and National Association of Women Business Owners. A prominent speaker, Lurie publishes broadly in business journals. The drive to create Fast Focus Careers was sparked by pure panic from Lurie’s early uncertainty about her own career direction. Lurie’s web-workshop series, Jolt Your Career LIVE, is based on vital lessons from clients, her doctoral research and her own experience going through corporate mergers.

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“Sunny Lurie’s knock-out book is a must read for those wanting to take charge and gain clarity in building a new, satisfying, fulfilling work life … and because career change has become a survival skill, we need new rules and fresh ideas!” – Emily Webster Love, Journalist/ former Copy Editor, USA Today. Sunny K. Lurie, PhD: “It’s your career — by decision or collision. Either you make a decision to plan for a career change or put it off and risk a collision … via merger, downsizing, or termination!” More than ever, in today’s marketplace, change closes doors as companies and jobs come and go or careers simply end. When it’s time to determine the next right career, we can either make a decision to open a new door or potentially fall victim to a career collision. But opening a new door won’t happen by itself or with outdated job-seeking tactics. New opportunities rely on today’s powerful career-change approaches. And this is the “Jolt” Sunny Lurie delivers in her high-octane, 8-step strategy that provides the best chance to meet new career expectations. “Jolt Your Career” reduces your fear of the unknown, identifies strengths and shifts mindset. Lurie’s “Jolt” widens possibilities and eases navigation through an unfamiliar marketplace to an ever-fulfilling career change. Readers will enhance self-confidence, acquiring the latest and most commanding resume tools, social media approaches and high-impact interviewing methods. “Jolt” is a life-changing encounter with yourself!

Introducing Christina Skarbek-Karakourtis, author of Keys to Opening A Successful Business

“I am no stranger when it comes to self-publishing. I tried to do everything myself the first time around. I will never do that again. The right decisions were not made and it cost me a lot of time and money. I love writing and decided to search and hire an expert to help me with my second book Keys to Opening a Successful Business. I read reviews and singled out Outskirts Press. I am so happy with the end results. The process is so easy and I was educated along the way on the direction to take with the help of the experts. Their help is greatly appreciated. I can honestly say that every question was answered in a timely fashion and every project was handled professionally and I was very pleased with the results. I would like to say thank you to my personal crew for helping me complete my goal and I give Outskirts Press 5 STARS for customer service.”

Christina Skarbek-Karakourtis is a self-taught Retail Entrepreneur, Award-winning Businesswoman, Active Community Supporter, 2014 BBB Torch Award winner, Published Author, Director and Producer of an award winning Documentary, devoted wife and mother. Tina opened her business in 1987 and to this day is still working her passion by personally helping each customer who needs her expertise.

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Tina has written a step-by-step guide that will help any entrepreneur know what it takes to open and operate a successful business. She shares over 40 years of personal experience from how she mastered her craft to becoming the expert in her field. Tina provides information on how she kept her business running successfully for over 26 years in the same location, expanding from 700 to 3400 sq ft., even during the hardest of times. Not finding information to help her achieve this goal, she knows that her next mission in life is to help future entrepreneurs invest in themselves by giving them the tools on how to start their very own perfect success story.

Introducing J. Sylvester Wood, author of Keeping It Safe

“Excellent in every category. ….Particularly pleased with the high quality cover graphics, and overall quality of the book itself…..Thanks for your great work!”

J. Sylvester Wood is a Registered Financial Planner with over 30 years of experience as a financial professional. He is a well-known radio personality and public speaker.

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Finally-a comprehensive overview of the history of money and finance written in plain English! Keeping It Safe is clear, concise, and easy to follow-a guide to help you successfully navigate the murky waters of today’s financial services industry. It offers practical tools so that you can make informed decisions about your own financial future. Follow the precepts outlined in this book, and you will: Never lose another dime in the roller-coaster stock market. Earn a solid, reasonable rate of return on your retirement savings without risking what you’ve worked so hard for all these years. Learn little-understood financial strategies that will have you in the markets when they are going up and automatically take you out of the markets when they go down. Examine the history and the inner workings of mutual funds, annuities, the life insurance industry, banking, and more. Discover the safest, most ideal retirement strategies available to the American public today. Explore the history of money and finance in the United States and learn how to use this knowledge to your own advantage. These are the “secrets” your friendly neighborhood stock broker absolutely does NOT want you to know about. With Keeping It Safe, you can take advantage of this information-and beat the Wall Street robber barons at their own game!

Introducing Steve Earl, author of Becoming Extraordinary @ Work!

“Jamie answered all my questions in an quick manner and helped me through several problems that developed in publishing my book. I really appreciate her thorough knowledge of the process, her patience and her willingness to help.”

Steve Earl has a unique passion and talent for exceptional achievement, developed from broad experiences: missionary service in Africa, rising from PFC to Major in ten years in the U. S. Army, where he coordinated the movement of 200,000 troops, and 22 years in Workforce Development, where he assisted, trained, or counseled 20,000 individuals with developing careers. Twice he’s been honored to present at the state-wide annual conference for the California Workforce Association. He has worked in WA, UT, CA and VA; and South Korea, Thailand, Panama, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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Work may not be the most meaningful part of your life, but it is where you spend most of your waking hours, often for 40-50 years of your life. That is a very long time. Shouldn’t you be happy and successful in that journey? Becoming Extraordinary @ Work is a practical, inspiring guide to fulfillment in your job. You’ll find invaluable expert advice on many topics, including:

  • Connecting with customers and coworkers
  • Understanding yourself and your boss
  • Setting and meeting goals; and learning to make a difference
  • Developing passion and focus; and having fun
  • Becoming a great listener and a team player

Becoming Extraordinary @ Work will show you how to eliminate the word “failure” from your vocabulary! “Regardless of your generation, regardless of your gender, or your ethnicity, or your organizational level…this book is for each of you. Steve Earl reveals in simple language the how of transforming your life at work, in easy-to-follow steps. Combining lessons learned in his 40 years of unique experiences, he has masterfully created a map with guideposts to show you how you can transform your work life!”

Introducing Tae Hee Pak, author of A Business Plan Book

“The service by Outskirts Press was very smooth and prompt. I had a good experience working with them and I recommend them to all first-time authors. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Tae Hee Pak started selling magazines door-to-door at the age of nineteen, and subsequently studied all the sales experts and gurus to create success in his field. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

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Do you want to start a successful career in sales? Are you frustrated by advice that tells you that “it takes time” and you need to be patient…when you need to make money now? Author Tae Hee Pak has been in the same predicament, and A Business Plan Book is the book he needed ten years ago when he started in sales—but now it’s available to you, so that you can benefit from all of his experience, research, and wisdom. Reading books about sales is like panning for gold: you spend hours searching for one nugget, when what you need is all the gold you can get, so you can put it to work right away. A Business Plan Book sorts through and consolidates advice from professionals and experts including Tom Hopkins, Jim Camp, Roger Dawson, and many more. If you don’t want to spend ten years building your business, this is the book for you: smart, practical, and written by a salesman who knows exactly what you’re going through. A Business Plan Book gives you the tools you need to get ahead—today!