Introducing John Black, editor of Journal of a Whaling Voyage: Kept by a Green Horn in the Forecastle of the Ship Nimrod Commencing Nov. 1st, 1842

“The publishing process was trouble free. Everyone was knowledgeable on their specialty and made the process move smoothly.”

John Black was born in 1945 in San Francisco. He grew up mostly in the South Bay Area. After high school, he enlisted in the US Army and served in Thule, Greenland and Vietnam. He retired in 2015 after 22 years in computer networking.

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Book description…

A whaling adventure in the North Pacific. This is the story of my Great Grandfather’s voyage on a whaling ship from New Bedford to the North Pacific and back from 1842 to 1845. The official log of that voyage of the Nimrod is missing so this the only log available. He kept a running daily log throughout the voyage. Some days little happened and others were full of action and danger. Hawaii was the place that they returned to in order to replenish their supplies, load wood to make barrels, repair the whale boats and the ship, and get fresh food and water. At one point when his boat lowered for a whale, after a long chase out of visual contact with the ship, the whale dived and came up under the whale boat, crushing it and dumping the crew into the sea. Graham was one of two survivors but was on the verge of letting go and sinking when the ship finally rescued them. I have added some information on terms that were used on the whale ships, the tools of the trade, a bit about the types of ships that were used and the types of whales that they sought, as well as several surviving letters that were written to Graham while he was on that voyage.

Introducing Constance Smith, author of Mid, A Girl In The Mountains

“This is my debut book. With patient guidance, my Author Representative opened my eyes to the exciting publishing world.”

Constance Smith, a registered nurse, tells her mother’s compelling story in “Mid, A Girl In The Mountains,” her debut book. Constance, born in West Virginia, lives with her husband on Lake Houston, Texas.

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Book description…

Betrayed by her family, betrayed by love, and farmed out to relatives during the Great Depression, a young woman is determined to rise above. In 1931, spirited 17-year-old Mid Cover and her family are battling the hardships of the Great Depression. Set in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, Mid’s story begins in the great outdoors, with clear, cold streams, brilliant green vegetation, and fields and forests teeming with berries, nuts, greens, and roots to forage. Restless after a bitter-cold winter, Mid and her siblings tumble outdoors to greet the spring. But Mid’s sheltered childhood is soon shattered by scandal, and her Pop can’t cope: He splits up the five children, and Mid is sent to her uncle’ s farm in Greenbrier County. It is here at a country dance that she meets Pat, her first true love. Against the emotionally charged backdrop of World War II, Mid’s story takes the reader down a path of betrayal and heartbreak, loneliness and loss, as the resilient young woman seeks closure-and a second chance at happiness.

Introducing George A. Schade, Jr., author of The New Era of The Booming 1920s And Its Aftermath

“Everyone has been helpful and courteous. I benefited from their knowledge of the publishing process. Everything that was asked was completed.”

George A. Schade, Jr. has written extensively about the people and innovations that have advanced the technical analysis of financial markets. He has clarified longstanding questions, broadened knowledge of technical factors, debunked myths, and preserved the archival record. His research has appeared in books, professional journals, and financial magazines. In 2013, he received the Charles H. Dow Award that highlights outstanding research in technical analysis, and in 2017 the Service Award of the Chartered Market Technicians Association.

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Book description…

A financial writer describes events and forces impacting national and global markets, renders an opinion as to their future direction, and offers advice. The 1920s saw the rise of financial writers who explained the booming stock market in what came to be called a “New Era,” in which expectations were that no shadows darken the horizon. President Calvin Coolidge immortalized the catchphrase for the prosperity of the 1920s.

Richard W. Schabacker, Princeton educated to be a writer, spent nearly a decade as Financial Editor for Forbes Magazine. He wrote 150 articles and nearly 300 columns that covered business conditions, stock market trends, interest rates, market psychology, rules of behavior, cycles, life on Wall Street, and common-sense investing. He educated investors and traders, and in the pursuit of that objective, he wrote two books and an investment course. He cautioned that all that is written about the stock market serves as the beginning of knowledge. For as long as we engage in financial markets, we must continue to study, plan, think, and learn from our experiences.
Dick Schabacker was convinced that the Stock Market Crash of 1929 that ended talk of a New Era was not reason for investors and speculators to lose confidence in the stock market as an institution.

The Crash and its aftermath moved him to concentrate on the technical analysis of financial markets. Technical factors use the empirical information derived from the actions of buyers and sellers in an open market. Research has shown that properly implemented technical analysis can increase profits and reduce the risks of investing. Yet, he did not favor one form of analysis over another. All factors that exert force in financial markets must be studied to glean a composite judgment. The prudent investor and successful speculator must use both fundamental and technical analysis. Favoring one to the exclusion of the other is like waiving a full set of weapons before entering the battlefield. He articulated the central postulates of technical analysis. First, prices weigh all the active factors and forces that exert themselves to make up security market movements. Second, certain patterns, resulting when particular conditions prevail, that in the past forecasted definite future trends should continue to forecast future trends. The logic of technical analysis is the principle that prices progress in trends that are more likely to continue than to reverse. This principle assures that an investor will ride with the trend and will switch when the trend reverses, thus limiting losses and letting profits run. The most important element in successful investment or speculation is the study of the history of market movements. He espoused that no theory or advisor is exact or infallible, but that certain principles contain sufficiently well-based wisdom that if properly used will result in market profits. Critical observation, exercise of common sense, and logical reasoning are the essential adjuncts to financial market analysis. Simplicity was the keystone of his rules for successful investing.

This is the biography of a visionary writer who following his bliss, working in highly charged years believed to be a New Era, brought maturity to his art and advanced a distinct form of investment analysis.

Introducing Gary Palmer, author of The Five-Percent Minority: Chagrin Falls Revisited

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Gary Palmer graduated with a BSEd from Ohio University. He has written pieces for newspapers, the Navy Times and the American Academy of Health and Fitness. Gary is a former educator, coach, businessman, and local cable TV host. The author of four published books, he is also a Certified Personal Trainer.

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Book description…

I will find a way or make one-Hannibal. In the summer of 1929, a few months before the Great Depression, a drama started to unfold in the quaint little village of Chagrin Falls, Ohio-a drama that would impact the lives of many people for nearly a century. The story begins with a teenager, Katherine Jones, and a horseman from the East, Kenneth Palmer. They soon married, opening the curtains on a dysfunctional marriage. Act one characterizes the couple’s lifestyle, which included drinking, infidelity and domestic abuse. Even with two young sons, the pattern of behavior continued. The horse training business often took them to Westbury, New York. It was there that Katherine Palmer became infatuated with a young unmarried man whose family owned the horses as well as a tavern. Act one draws to a close with an impulsive affair and an unexpected pregnancy. Act two brought Gary into the drama. Born in Chagrin Falls in 1940 at his maternal grandmother’s home with no birth certificate; Gary’s life was a catalyst for change. In the spring of 1947, like a slamming screen door, the Palmer family dissolved. The stage door opened for Gary, setting the scene for abandonment, poverty, a children’s home, and foster care. The final act concludes Gary’s tale of resiliency and character, striving for a life of his own. A search for identity in the face of adversity is the backdrop for this amazing story. Overcoming the odds at every stage of his life made Gary the strong and loving person he became.

Introducing Deanna Adamson, author of The Other Side of the Lines

“Overall I loved Outskirts Press. I had a bit of trouble conveying what I wanted in my cover, but Bridget remained attentive and kind through the whole process. Eventually I got exactly what I wanted on the cover. Thank you so much!”

Deanna S. Adamson was hooked on the accounts of little known Southern heroes when she happened upon the story of a young Confederate soldier who risked his life to take water to wounded Union soldiers on the battlefield. She spent months in the BYU Library researching The Other Side of the Lines. Deanna lives in Eagle Mountain, Utah, with her husband Robert. They have five children and 21 grandchildren. She has had many articles and stories for children and young adults published in several magazines. This is her first book.

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Book description…

Intriguing Accounts of Courage, Integrity and Honor. The Other Side of the Lines is about several lesser-known Southern heroes of the Civil War. Spend time in this book and read about Turner Ashby, the gallant Black Knight adored by Southern ladies. Find out how Belle Boyd, a daring teenager, used all her charms to spy for her beloved South in spite of being arrested and jailed several times. See how Richard Kirkland, a young Confederate sergeant, showed compassion for Union soldiers on the battlefield at the risk of his own life. Discover why Captain Sally Tompkins used her own fortune to open and run a hospital for wounded Confederate soldiers and was the only woman commissioned a Captain in the Confederate Army by President Jefferson Davis. Try to understand why Sam Davis, a courageous teenage boy, would rather be hung than give damaging information about his commander to the enemy. Sail with Lieutenant George Dixon, commander of the first submarine to sink an enemy ship in war. And follow the story of Moses Ezekiel, just a cadet in a military school when he was called into battle to help protect the South. Seven stories in all-seven views of the fearless people of the South as they fought for their way of life.

Introducing Judy Cadorette, author of Live with Courage Lead with Hope

“When I began I selected the Pearl package because I planned to include many color photos. The initial instructions I received about formatting, size of pages, etc. was quite helpful.”

This memoir was written by Judy Cadorette in honor of her loving daughter whose hope was unrelenting during her 14-year battle with a rare cancer. Both she and her daughter shared a passion for writing. Michelle honed her skills as a teacher of English at Trinity and Bow High Schools in New Hampshire. Judy’s ultimate wish is that this book will be a source of information, inspiration and hope.

Product description…

This is the story of an indomitable joie de vivre, a love of the world and the people in it; the ability of a beautiful young woman to make all with whom she connected feel good about themselves. There are some who would say that Michelle did not have an idyllic life-that her last 14 years with a rare form of cancer, thymoma, limited her ability to live a full life. But those are people who didn’t really know her. Our daughter lived life on a grand scale through the people she met, the choices she made, the career she selected, the experiences she created for herself and others, and the love-the very large love that she shared with all she met-and the love that they returned. As the tin man in “The Wizard of Oz” stated so clearly, “…a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.” The song “Seasons of Love” from the musical “Rent” captured the idea of time with these lyrics: “525,600 minutes, 525,600 moments so dear. 525,600 minutes-how do you measure, measure a year?” Michelle got more out of life, and gave more to life in 44 years than most people do in 90 years; more smiles, more compassion, more laughter … ah, the laughter. It seemed to be Michelle’s mission in life to lift spirits, to comfort hearts, and above all, to inspire laughter. She reflected joy from the beginning of life, and all the people she encountered walked on with smiles on their faces.

Introducing Onalee, author of Love & Kisses, Max

“The book has both a professional interior and exterior thanks to the combined expertise of the staff at Outskirts Press. People love the cover! The best compliment I have received to date was from a friend who is a librarian. She examined it and pronounced my book, “Very well done!” The book is just out, but I am already receiving extremely positive reviews from those who have read it. My hope was to explain the essence of war and show how it impacts families. It is the story of one little family’s attempt at normalcy in the midst of wartime separation, and it is history that personalizes the sacrifices our military families make to preserve and protect our freedom. I am getting great advice from the Outskirts Marketing Coach and am counting on him to coach me to a successful best seller! I feel that I won the lottery in the publishing world with Outskirts Press. You allowed me to exercise control over this rare and valuable historical collection while giving me valuable input on how to present it to the world. Thank you Outskirts Press!”

Onalee (Onee) is the eldest daughter of Max and Floris Guger and currently lives in Traverse City, Michigan where she was raised. She is the mother of a son and a daughter and grandmother to three girls. She put this historical collection together for all families who have experienced the essence of war.

Product description…

As the military waged war against enemy forces in 1944, strict rules of communication and secrecy were developed to keep strategic locations and battle information out of enemy hands. Letters home were censored, and diaries forbidden. Here for the first time a private and secret journal, kept by a sailor aboard the USS Yorktown, is revealed. Terse journal entries disclosing casualties and battles engaged in by “The Fighting Lady” are in striking contrast to the thoughtful and affectionate letters sent home to a beloved family. This is the story of one little family’s attempt at normalcy in the midst of separation caused by war. It illustrates the sacrifices our military families make to preserve and protect our freedom. Actual news reports of the time are a living lesson in history, while one sailor’s outlook on life aboard an aircraft carrier is both enlightening and amusing. A little girl, who misses her daddy because he now “lives at the war,” greets you throughout with a confused “Hello?” This is a unique perspective into war and a stark reminder of the way in which war impacts families.

Introducing Joy Swan, author of Aunt Susy’s Boarding House

“I pondered and searched before deciding on Outskirts Press. I was still not sure when I chose them. because I wanted the best! Once I made the decision, I found that I got the BEST! Each phase was very helpful and they were even going the extra mile for me. I cannot praise them enough! Many times my patience was short, and I took it out on them and even told them! They put up with a lot from me. Thank you each and every one of you. You are great. I will certainly have you publish any book I write. Get Ready! Joy Swan”

About Joy Swan: The state of Maine is my home. I live in the mountains on a beautiful lake. In the early morning just as the sun has risen- I sit in my white wicker rocker in my blue sun room, my Rag Doll cat stretched out on my wicker lounge. Wifts of fresh mountain air come through my open window, the still quiet water promise a quiet mind to start the day. I have three wonderful children-each one is kind and thoughtful. I have learned that getting old means you can get away with a lot of things and be forgiven for them as you get old. The lady behind me thinks: that lady is old; she doesn’t know any better. She doesn’t know how much knowledge I have gained after living eighty-four years and learning something new every day! Enjoy the book!

Product description…

In the year 1900, a young lass is seen arriving in Dixfield, Maine. She sits straight upon the wagon seat and black curls escaping from under her white bonnet tied beneath her chin. A high, white-button shoe can be seen as she steps from the wagon. She reaches for two worn leather suit cases, she tethers her horse to the cement post beside the hotel then disappears behind the large doors of the hotel. A young man sitting across the street always with an eye for a pretty girl watches this lass as she steps from the wagon. He catches a glimpse of a slim white ankle as she steps to the ground. So begins the true story from the rugged beginning through the 1930’s. It will bring back memory’s long forgotten. You will laugh you will cry as you read this true story. Old fashion Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hurricanes, floods, murders and my life at Aunt Susy’s Boarding House. Happy to come home from school today to see my baby brother, Mama reading by the fire, Grandpa smoking his pipe. Maybe Grammy has made one of her chocolate cakes with butter frosting. I eagerly open the door to see every one crying. My world changed forever that day. Dale’s world changed forever and my mother’s world changed forever! Our world would never again be the same!

Introducting Don Friesen, author of Memories: Mostly True

“I have just published my first book and experienced some technical computer challenges because of my inept computer literacy. However, my Outskirts Press Consultants were always very patient and helpful. So, if any of you first-time authors are having any doubts, go ahead and pull the trigger. There is help for you.”

Don Friesen is a retired elementary school principal and former avid mountain climber and runner. Don lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, with his wife Nancy. They have two daughters and five grandchildren.

Product description…

No man, said one of the Greeks, loves his city because it is great, but because it is his.

How can one begin a worthwhile story without the immortal words Once upon a Time? My Once upon a Time is set in the 1940s and fabulous ’50s, a time where our world was being redefined by a post-war economic boom, all the while remaining true to the universal and unchanging plights and endeavors of humanity that will forever remain untouched by the passage of generations. It is a story of my boyhood in Thomas, Oklahoma, from my earliest childhood memories all the way through high school graduation. And like my world at the time, my story both uniquely defines me and simultaneously reflects my mere commonality to all mankind. Shelley’s poem “Ozymandias” implies that everyone and everything will ultimately be forgotten: “Nothing beside remains…” It is this espousal that should compel those of us who have stories to tell, and each of us does, to write them down, to pen them into timeless monuments to the past and heralds to the future before they escape into the mists of history. As we age, our treasured memories age with us . . . evolving into greater and greater historical and personal significance, but fading and calcifying as time marches on. Napoleon said that geography is destiny. I hope you’ll find within these pages that mine was a blessed destiny . . . one each of us can find some relic to share in and relate to as I recount endearing times at home with my family, adventures with my brothers, and infamous school day escapades with my classmates who helped carry the 40’s and 50’s into the memories of our hearts.

Introducing Cathy Jones-Easterling, author of Struggles Overcome By Faith

“Through the help of God and Outskirts Press self-publishing, I have recently received my ten copies of Struggles Overcome By Faith. God placed this book in my spirit in 1990, after I experienced a terrible car accident. I was very excited to receive the finished product of my first book. It is a beautiful piece of work. I wanted to jump for joy, however, since I had my 80th birthday a week before it were published, I thought that wouldn’t be such a good idea. I would personally like to thank the entire team that helped, guided, and assisted me in this process. It was really a learning experience for me. Thank you for your patience and all you have done to help a senior citizen have the satisfaction of following her dream. Many thanks to Outskirts Press and Staff!”

Cathy Jones-Easterling worked in private industry in Philadelphia, Pa for eighteen years before moving to Maryland in 1976. She was later hired by The U.S. Civil Service Commission (later changed to) The U.S. Office of Personnel Management, where she worked for seventeen years before retiring. Cathy has been blessed with 3 wonderful children and eight grandchildren. She spends her free time volunteering for several worthy causes.

Product description…

Overcoming adversity requires great faith and courage. Cathy Jones-Easterling’s autobiography, Struggles Overcome by Faith, reminds us that our faith in God can work miracles in our lives, no matter what roadblocks life throws our way. Growing up in an abusive and broken home, Cathy found the Grace of God and transformed herself from a shy little girl from a small town, who had struggled most of her life, later became a woman of the Most High God. With the amazing testimonies, miracles, and favors shown by God, she survived her childhood and found the determination to excel as an adult-to overcome by faith! Her story combines personal narrative with poetry for an inspirational and soul-satisfying read.