Introducing Diane Dettmann, author of Twenty-Eight Snow Angels

Twenty-Eight Snow Angels is my second publishing experience with Outskirts Press. Once the book was completed and in my hands, I fell in love with the custom cover and the photos that we integrated into the text added such a warm and personal touch. The positive reader response to Twenty-Eight Snow Angels makes my heart soar! Many thanks to Outskirts Press.”

Diane Dettmann is an author, presenter and teacher. During her teaching career, she was an elementary teacher, a literacy staff developer and taught at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Diane is the coauthor of Miriam Daughter of Finnish Immigrants and has presented the book at international conferences in Finland and Canada. Diane lives in Afton, Minnesota, where she enjoys writing and spending time with her loving husband, Allan.

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A beautifully written story of a life renewed. Diane Dettmann’s memoir, Twenty-Eight Snow Angels: A Widow’s Story of Love, Loss and Renewal, invites the reader into her personal experience of grief, as she faces life alone, after the sudden death of her 54-year old husband. With honesty and a clear perspective, Dettmann reveals her daily struggles and the realities of grief. The reader feels her pain and at the same time rejoices in her commitment to tackle the daily challenges of life alone and to succeed. Her heartfelt story inspires hope as the reader discovers that they can build a meaningful life-alone or with someone new-after a devastating loss.

“In this well written memoir, Diane tells of her emotional journey in touching detail.” -Mary Ann Grossmann, St. Paul Pioneer

“Writer Diane Dettmann makes small events, like the sale of a beloved piano, become as momentous as the sale of a national treasure. In the process, she rediscovers faith, community and love.” -Susan Parker, author of Walking in the Deep End

“In Twenty-Eight Snow Angels, writer Diane Dettmann gives us a poignant account of a life badly rent and ultimately revitalized in a way we can all take to heart.” -Peggy Lang, award-winning ghostwriter ”

“The reader is drawn in and captivated by Diane’s vivid account of her grief after the death of her loving husband . . . a powerful story of love, grief, hope and faith all can learn from.” -Mary Jacks, M.S. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“Diane’s piano move was one of our most memorable. It really touched us all.” -Paula Soukup, Manny’s Piano Company, Inc.

Introducing Isabell von der Waldesruh, author of My Family, My Friends, My Life: These Lifted Me Up Along the Way

“Outskirts Press offers so many different things. All the agents are so wonderful and assist you with all your questions. I just got my first book published “My Family, My Friends, My Life.” It was a wonderful journey and will use Outskirts Press again for my next book.”

Rita Lulay Malsch was born and raised in the medieval city of Heppenheim, Germany. She and her husband have one son and currently live in Colorado. Rita’s artwork can be viewed at

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Persevering Through Hardship Can Lead to Pure Gold! World War II was in full force when Rita Lulay Malsch, the youngest of four girls, was born in the picturesque city of Heppenheim, Germany, where she inherited a love of theater, art, and literature. Right before Germany lost the war, her father escaped, but the family of six faced terrible hardship when he died suddenly. Rita later married and the couple was transferred to the United States, but jobs were limited due to her lack of formal education. She eventually opened a licensed family day care, but in 2002, tragedy struck when she was hit by a drunk driver, and she was forced to close her business. Her third spine surgery left her paralyzed from the waist down. After a lengthy rehabilitation, Rita returned home and began using a walker. While adjusting to a new life, she found that drawing and painting were an important part of her healing process as she learned to “exercise, trust God, paint, and take life as it comes.”

Introducing Dirk Dunbar, author of Confessions of a Basketball Junkie

“Dana is a knowledgeable and professional representative. I am very appreciative.”

Dr. Dirk Dunbar is a humanities professor at Northwest Florida State College. A two-time grant recipient from the Center of Theology and Natural Sciences, Dunbar has published essays in ReVision, The Trumpeter, The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, Quodlibet, Ashé Journal, and others. His books include A Matter of Perspective, The Balance of Nature’s Polarities in New-Paradigm Theory, and Confessions of a Basketball Junkie. A former professional basketball player in Europe, Dunbar married a German ballerina and has three children. Website:

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A former All-American and European pro basketball player, Dirk Dunbar’s Confessions of a Basketball Junkie offers a personal glimpse into the archetypal journey that we are all destined to navigate-from the call, departure, and tribulations to the return to the place and person we are meant to be. Filled with poetry and athletic anecdotes, mystical and humorous experiences, and truth-seeking explorations into our local and planetary purpose, this extraordinary memoir affirms the grandeur of being at home in the universe. All this while recapping a phenomenal, yet injury filled basketball career that is captivating, painful, and inspiring. The ideas are big, but simply and profoundly expressed. This book is sure to touch athletes, incite seekers, and enthrall human-interest readers worldwide. “A walk in the woods never lies,” Dirk Dunbar says up-front in Confessions of a Basketball Junkie, and this autobiography by the pro athlete, humanities professor, musician and sometime mystic demonstrates the point. In easygoing, familiar language that belies the depth of his knowledge, Dunbar here retraces the many paths of his life as a promising NBA star, a finely tuned philosopher, and a devoted friend and family man. What you take away from this book are not just recollections of his walk through life and depictions of sung and unsung athletes and friends, but a startling ebullience of spirit, an appreciation of life in all its flower, and an unflagging sense of hopeful good humor-even during the darkest days of career-altering injuries. As if that’s not enough in a book, you also get accessible explanations of the Earth-centered philosophies that have shaped a real life. Confessions of a Basketball Junkie is a saunter through the woods of the human spirit at its everyday and sometimes buzzer-beating best. -Dana Wilde, author of The Other End of the Driveway: Observations in the Maine Woods

Introducing Bob Wilber, author of Bats, Balls, and Burnouts: A Life of Sports, Marketing, and Mayhem

“When I retired in late 2015, in order to write my autobiography, I had no preconceived notions about the process, especially the publishing side of the equation. I just dove in the deep end of the pool and quickly taught myself how to swim. The lifeline thrown to me, which I clung to tightly for 16 months, was from Outskirts Press. My rep walked me through all of it, gave me space and time to write, and led me from cluelessness to an actual book, step by step. I had gotten so much negative feedback from friends who had self-published with other firms I was afraid the entire industry was that way. Working with Outskirts Press, I continue to feel fortunate that I have been and still am in great hands. Thank you!”

Bob Wilber grew up aspiring to follow in his father’s baseball footsteps, and while he was able to secure a full college scholarship and later spend parts of six years in professional ball, as a player, coach, and scout, his mother’s writing, communications, and public relations skills were what eventually defined his career. After a successful and adventurous sports-marketing trek through the sports-apparel business, agency work, and professional indoor soccer, he saw his first drag race as he closed in on his 40th birthday. Little did he know that he’d go on to spend 20 consecutive years as a team manager and PR representative for Del Worsham and then Tim Wilkerson, two of the most popular Funny Car drivers on the NHRA tour. At the conclusion of the 2015 season, Bob ended his drag racing run in order to take on the lifelong dream of writing “Bats, Balls, & Burnouts.”

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Praise for Bats, Balls, & Burnouts. “Bob Wilber grew up steeped in the baseball of a different time. He became part of the game professionally, along the way meeting countless unforgettable characters and collecting the memories of successes, disappointments, and adventures detailed here. The baseball parts of ‘Bats, Balls, & Burnouts’ really resonated with me. As for the drag racing, dear reader, you will have to consult a source more familiar with the sport than me.” -Bob Costas, Broadcaster, NBC and MLB Network “I give Bob a lot of respect for the passion he has displayed for everything he has been a part of. This book brings his journey to life.” -Antron Brown, 3-Time NHRA Top Fuel World Champion “I highly recommend reading this compelling book about the sports-based life of Bob Wilber. The baseball world has so many different adventures, at every level, and the people that are in the game are there for the love of the game. It’s clear in ‘Bats, Balls, & Burnouts’ that the same goes for sports like soccer and drag racing.” -Bert Blyleven, Former MLB pitcher and Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee “Whether he’s hitting home runs, selling soccer tickets, traveling the world, or watching a Nitro Funny Car go from zero to 300 mph in four seconds, Bob Wilber tells the tales powerfully. Bats, Balls, & Burnouts is a joy to read.” -Bob Griese, former NFL quarterback and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame “Bob Wilber made a big name for himself in the NHRA world because of his fantastic writing style. ‘Bats, Balls, & Burnouts’ takes it to completely new level. A great read from front to back.” -Ron Capps, 2016 NHRA Funny Car World Champion

Introducing Randall Bennett, author of Taking Up the Sword

“All in all, I was very impressed with the exceptional job your group did on my book and the cover pages were fantastic and have received notice from other authors and publishers.”

Randall Bennett became a Special Agent in 1987 and has received numerous awards and commendations, including the FBI Director’s Award for Excellence in International Terrorism Investigations, The Diplomatic Security Service Special Agent and Employee of the Year, The U.S. Department of State Award for Heroism, Spain’s Medal of Merit with Distinguished White Cross, several awards from the Pakistan Ministry of Interior, the country of Ukraine, and others from the U.S. Marine Corp, the CIA, DEA, ATF, U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Coast Guard, and many others. He is currently retired but continues to provide security expertise overseas as a contractor for the Diplomatic Security Service.

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With humor and other times through the heartbreak and drama that accompanies the loss of friends from violent acts of terrorists, Randall Bennett’s memoir reveals his evolution from a new Special Agent to one of the most experienced in the U.S. Government. Bennett and his various teams approached each mission with intense focus, courage, and compassion. Taking Up the Sword relates the wide range of his adventures, from searching for narco-terrorist operations in the Colombian jungle with the true Tarzan of the Amazon, to rescuing abandoned family pets and a baby gorilla while protecting the American citizens in Kinshasa, Zaire, to risking his own life trying to save Wall Street Journal Reporter Daniel Pearl. It includes the actions that led to the capture of “The Dirty Bomber” Jose Padilla, as well as his nearly six years in Pakistan and a tour as head of security for the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Iraq. Bennett survived bombings, rockets, and assaults against himself and those he was sworn to protect throughout his highly decorated career, all while doing a job he loves. With an original and fascinating perspective, Special Agent Bennett takes you behind the scenes-to the jungles, deserts, mountains, and exotic back streets of foreign countries-where these elite and highly trained Special Agents do things that books are written about and movies are made for-quietly and often without recognition.

Introducing Maurice Mayberry, author of The Dark is in the Light

“I am pleased with my experience with Outskirts Press and if I should publish another book, I will use them.”

Maurice Mayberry was born in Oakland, CA but now resides in Antioch, CA and works for a transit system in Concord. He attended Contra Costa College and Los Medanos College in California. Maurice has written poems, inspirational songs and this is his first published book and he is filled with joy! ”

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My life seemed doomed because of my abusive father, my exposure to sexuality at a young age, my failed marriage to an older woman, and my appetite for a forbidden fruit that contributed to my path of emotional destruction. As a result, I became a loner, I was depressed, and suicidal thoughts stampeded my mind. But through it all, I’ve learned to love and forgive myself—I’m at peace.

Introducing Abayomi Atolagbe, author of Furnace of Life from Nigeria to America

“Dana provided an acceptable service as my rep.”

Abayomi Atolagbe, the CEO of MoorTECH (, founded the company in 2011. MoorTECH was inspired by his love for building things, fondness of technology, and grit to see and act on opportunities in the face of adversities in order to be successful. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to Nashville, TN with his mother and sister in 1996. He graduated from McGavock Comprehensive High School, earned his Architectural Engineering degree at Tennessee State University with a N.A.S.A. practicum at University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2007, and an MPA in 2011.

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As real as it gets. Powerful story on obstacles, success, with content that makes you laugh. It keeps you curious on what happens next. A very transparent book on things going on in the world currently from Nigeria (Africa) to America, about government, personal struggles-success, relationship-intimacy, religion-faith, financial stability-job, racism, with questions and suggested solutions on making people’s lives better. Why should you read this book? Furnace of Life: from Nigeria to America is a very good read and will keep you curious, laughing at times, and wondering what will happen next. It is a tool that will get the conversation going, bringing to light childhood and adulthood experiences-struggles by both females and males that we (parents-children) too often keep quiet about due to fear or shame. It will provide workable solutions for young men, women, and adults that are going through or may go through similar experience(s) detailed in book. It will positively influence lives on an international scale because it required me to let my guards down, ask questions, and be as transparent as possible in order to be a part of the positive (real) change on this earth. This book details my life experiences in Lagos Island (Lagos, Nigeria) and in the United States of America, from primary school, secondary school (high school), college life, and professional life.  It asks the tough questions regarding faith-religion, God, government, career, relationship, intimacy, and exposes a clever system of inequality. It details my failures , common to both males and females, triumphs, how to handle rejections-failures, and why they are like a foundation for any level of success. It explains how my parents divorce affected me as a boy and a young man, why a son can hate his dad for abusing his mom, and how I was able to forgive and overcome not having a father around.  It also shows my love for both Nigeria (country of birth) and its culture, my love for United States of America, the good-bad-ugly conditions in both countries, and ideas on how to engender a community to help make people’s lives a little bit better. Life has literally molded me and I believe everyone has a story or testimony. Remember, you are powerful beyond measure and you have the spirit within you to overcome any setbacks. It is when things are hardest that the very thing we worked so hard for is there to claim. We must see opportunities, not obstacles, and achieve the good desires of the heart and may even attain something much better with a life full of joy, peace, and value.