Introducing Cynthia L. Clark, author of Wilbur and the Watering Can

“This is the fifth book that I have had published with Outskirts Press – 3 novels and 2 illustrated children’s books. I have been thoroughly satisfied with Outskirts Press and plan to continue with them for my remaining books in progress.”

Cynthia L. Clark was born and raised in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder County, Colorado where she continues to live on Wilbur’s farm. She is the author of three novels and a charming children’s book, “Max Goes to Town”. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder with a JD Law degree and a BA in Economics.

Book description…

“One day Magnolia and Lily ran outside and filled their watering cans to the top and gave the thirsty veggies a little drink when they saw a leaf flop, then go kerplop.” 

An amusing garden visitor astonishes little gardeners with its puzzling antics. Inspired by true events.

Introducing Max Felix, author of Animal Book- Coloring Book.

“Outskirts Press made the publishing process easy and simple. My questions were quickly answered, and my concerns promptly addressed. Big “thank you” to the entire team.”

Max Felix is a teenager with autism  spectrum disorder, who accidentally discovered his artistic skills very early in life, at a time when he had lost many cognitive aptitudes, including the ability to express himself verbally. Drawing then became his only way to interact with others. Although Max later recovers the spoken language, he continues to develop the art form of drawing as a preferred means of communication. Animals have always filled his imagination. He used them to learn to count, and to make sense of the world around him. His narratives are picturesque. His artworks, which are sometimes autobiographical and sometimes fiction, are always a stage for his animal friends. Pen and paper are his tools, his take on nature is black and white. With Animal Book, Max invites you to discover his world, and to color it your way. 

Book description…

Max loves animals and loves to draw,  therefore he called this coloring book simply “Animal Book”. What makes this book unique are the fun drawings that lead you towards many stories, and call upon your imagination to finish their narration. This coloring book, for children and adults, promotes relaxation. It is a good companion for hospital patients. The book provides 80 coloring pages that can be shared in a lounge room, and is also a way to bond with little ones. Use it before or after your morning yoga. Children will love this book during road trips or a trip to the store. This coloring book will divert your teenagers’ attention from electronics for a moment, and may unknowingly ignite their creativity. After school programs, daycare centers, senior centers and family nights are places where this coloring book is welcome. This book is a great companion for all ages.

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Happy Coloring! 

Introducing Cheri Rose Shamaly, author of Welcome to My Band

“It was a pleasure working with Outskirts Press to publish my second book. I really appreciate all my Author Representative’s hard work and dedication to this project.”

Cheri Rose Shamaly grew up in Imlay City, Michigan and now resides in Lapeer, Michigan. She is a wife and has two boys. She comes from a family of eight. This is her second book that she has written and illustrated. Cheri loves to create stories for children of all ages! Writing and illustrating children’s books is her passion. Cheri puts a lot of heart into her characters. She enjoys writing stories with a moral that encourages a loving and kind behavior. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her dream is to read her books to children all over the world!”

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Book description…

This story quickly begins right where, ‘Welcome to My Office’ ended. It captures your attention with its entertaining rhymes as well as its colorful illustrations. New characters are brought to life as the band, ‘The Magnificent Bunch’ create music together. As all, ‘Welcome to My books’ this story communicates a great moral and life lesson to young readers. It encourages the reader to share and be thoughtful.

Introducing Lillian M. Reinys, author of Sebastian’s Journey

“Dana was fantastic! Above and beyond, even taking week-end time to assist me. She’s a treasure.”

About Lillian M. Reinys: In Antarctica I spent time observing diverse penguin populations where a Gentoo penguin won my heart. As a teacher, I shared my experiences with Primary School age children. Retired, my husband and I live near Seattle.

Product description…

“Sebastian’s Journey” takes place in the Antarctic region. Sebastian, a tiny Gentoo penguin, finds himself stranded on an iceberg. With the efforts of other creatures, and Sebastian’s bravery, he is safely reunited with the penguin colony.