Introducing Ben Suhrie , author of “At Odds With Each Other”

“I was thrilled to see all my hard work in book format. Reading a physical copy of my writing was a very satisfying experience. Outskirts Press did a wonderful job in designing my novel to my exact specifications. I would highly recommend their publishing services to any aspiring author!”

Ben Suhrie graduated from Ohio University, reads and writes literature for fun, and has experience with geological field work. He enjoys hiking, rock climbing, swimming, ice skating, listening to music, and playing video games. At Odds With Each Other is his debut novel.

Book description…

Richard Armadale, a recent college graduate, begins working at an environmental consulting firm in southeastern Kentucky. He performs his assignments with great enthusiasm, determined to do whatever is best for people and the environment. However, he meets a very wicked man of high rank, a crooked “scientist” who plunders the earth for as much money as possible without regard to ecological consequences. At this villain’s directive, an empire-like energy company upsets the balance of nature, creating a clash between farmers and coal miners. Richard finds himself caught in the midst of this conflict and bears responsibility for solving a looming water crisis. Ultimately, he must choose sides – miners or farmers – and defeat the plans of the mysterious menace before environmental degradation spells doom for the countryside.

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