Introducing Dr. Mark Vettraino and Dr. Gilles LaMarche, authors of In Working Order

“I was very happy with the support I received for my first book. I always knew I would get the answer I needed promptly.”

Dr. Mark Vettraino is president of Task Group International, an international wellness and ergonomic consulting and technology company. He has been in private practice, held executive positions in major corporations, founded industrial clinics in Arizona and Michigan, taught ergonomics at Oakland University and Oakland Community College. He has published numerous articles and papers in trade and professional journals on cumulative trauma disorders in the workplace, co-authored two books, worked with multiple Fortune 500 corporations enhancing or developing their ergonomics programs, and consulted with most Office Furniture Manufacturers since the mid-1990s.

Dr. Gilles A. LaMarche is a chiropractor, educator, passionate healer, accomplished author, professional speaker, and inspiring certified personal development/executive coach. Dr. LaMarche found his calling as a healer when at the age of twelve he was taken to a chiropractor after years spent as an “unwell” child. He is the author of 17 books and numerous articles focused on health and healing; The ART of Being Healthy series has been read by hundreds of thousands with contributing authors from multiple continents. In addition to his roles as Vice President of University Advancement and Enrollment at Life University, The Australian Spinal Research Foundation Research Review Panel, and appointments to numerous committees and boards in Cobb County, his current projects include the book You were born to Thrive.

Book description…

All employees want a healthy environment to work and thrive in, and all employers want a healthy, efficient and effective team. If you want to improve your health outcomes, as well as performance, productivity and profitability at work and play this book is for you.

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