Introducing Daniel Roberts, author of Purest Mercy

“My author representative’s efforts on behalf of my novel were wonderful. I especially appreciate her patience and openness throughout the editing process, and the beautiful cover and interior layout she created. The final finished product is superb, and if the marketing assistance I receive is as outstanding as the publishing and design efforts, I will not only be delighted, but also in a position to give Outskirts Press more business in the future. Thanks so much! Outstanding work!”

Daniel Roberts is a retired pastor and Christian spiritual writer, captivated by the mysterious ways God can use the simplest and humblest vessels to achieve extraordinary results.

Book description…

A Miraculous Young Woman. A Night of Devastation. A Profound Sacrifice. And Gifts of Healing and Hope.

Mercy does not even have a name to call her own, until she arrives at a homeless shelter, sick and alone, setting in motion a chain reaction of miracles that will transform everyone around her. But the greatest Miracles are still to come…

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