Introducing Barbara Drinkwine, author of Lima Beans for Breakfast

“What a blockbuster learning experience I had being a part of self publishing with Outskirts Press! I felt empowered to the next challenge.”

Barbara is a retired Elementary Principal from Wisconsin. Motivating and inspiring children to love learning defined her career. She began her career teaching Kindergarten. Convinced all children can be successful life-long learners, she was a fierce advocate for mastery learning through theme teaching.

Some of her accomplishments were

• Teacher of the Year

• Summer School Coordinator

• Middle-School Assistant Administrator

• Elementary Principal

• City committee for Menasha Wetlands Education Center

• City committee for construction of new Menasha Library

Today she lives with her husband in her childhood hometown. They have two sons and two grandchildren. She is the author of Writing for the Kingdom: Praise and Glory.

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Book description…

Are you yearning for do-overs? Are you looking back and wondering how you got to where you are now? The finish line is a part of everyone’s journey. Should our successes and failures define us, or rather that we reach the finish line? In my journey, the Reader will know I have not come to this stage of my life easily. I have been strong-willed, impulsive, wrong thinking, disobedient, defiant, and finally broken.
A journey from early childhood through adolescence, motherhood, friendships and finding the finish line on a very narrow road was a lifetime adventure. Sometimes it was a humorous journey, but other times an arduous climb up the mountain of mistakes in search of answers.
This is my story.

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