Introducing Jack Darrell Crowder, author of We Were Once Warriors: A Story of Courage, War, Love, and Commitment during the American Revolution

“It has been a pleasure to work with Outskirts Press and my Author Representative. She is fast, efficient, and professional.”

Jack Darrell Crowder is a retired teacher and administrator with 40 plus years in the classroom. He has a B.A. and Masters from Texas Christian University. Mr. Crowder gives lectures on the Revolutionary War at the university, schools, historical societies, and D.A.R. Chapters. He has the following books published: Underage Warriors, Chaplains of the Revolutionary War, African Americans and American Indians in the Revolutionary War, Women Patriots in the American Revolution, Strange, Amazing, and Funny Events that Happen during the Revolutionary War, The First 24 Hours of the American Revolution, Abby’s Secret (historical fiction), Massacres: The Dark Side of the American Revolution, Voices from Yorktown: Eyewitness Accounts of the Last Major Battle of the Revolution.

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Book description…

When you make a promise, you must keep it and never give up. In 1778, Sergeant Matthew Scott was discharged from the Continental Army after three years of service. He had endured several battles, been wounded, and suffered at Valley Forge. Matthew is excited about returning home to Virginia to marry his sweetheart. Once he arrives at home, he soon faces events more horrible than what he encountered during the war. They will change his life and the lives of those around him. His commitment and bravery will once again be tested as he searches for meaning to his life.

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