Introducing Sujal Das, author of The Media Midas

“My Author Representative was patient with my requests and prompt and professional from start to finish.”

Sujal Das is a technocrat, business leader and social entrepreneur, and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, he is an executive at a large software company. As a supplier of data center technology, he has worked extensively with giant social media companies. His deep technology background and penchant for comprehending dramatically changing human behavior as a result of social media use give him a unique foundation to explore the pursuits of Donald Trump in a different light.

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Book description…

When Trump’s net worth – his sole life mission – begins to stagnate, he decides to recreate his star status by running for the highest office in the planet.  He utilizes the pervasive influence of social media a step ahead of the pundits to win the election.  With increased scrutiny, his true financial status begins to unfold. He needs a recourse.  Emboldened by his power to fracture societies at will, he devises a plan that could turn the world’s most powerful financial system upside down.  But then, can he collect the haul?

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