Introducing Denise Peek, author of Leadership: What?! Growing as a Leader From the Inside Out

“My Author Representative has been very helpful and positive about my publishing experience, and her involvement made it seamless! I really appreciate her!”

Denise Peek has worked with all level of individuals to assess their current leadership level, explore the development that is possible and create a plan to execute that metamorphosis. She coaches others with care to set, adjust and achieve their goals in leadership and in life. In this book, she becomes your personal leadership coach, guiding you toward your better, more powerful self. Denise has worked with clients across the globe to develop their skills and achieve their personal and professional goals.

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Book description…

Coach Yourself to Become the Leader Inside You. Learn more about the leader that already lives inside you! This insightful book will guide you through the skills and nuances of real leadership, as you explore those elements already within yourself. You will obtain strategies to develop and hone the skills and characteristics you possess and fine-tune them as you continue to grow and develop as a leader. As you read along, you become your own best coach: asking the right questions, targeting the right skills and polishing your best self as a leader. Each short chapter includes a few thought-provoking questions at its close to help you internalize and remember what you have learned and how you want to use that knowledge. This book enables you to “do and become” with its ideas, scenarios and questions. As a true leader, you are in control to use this guidebook and tailor it to your current and future leadership needs. Take the time to embark on your personal leadership journey and see where it leads. You might be surprised!

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