Introducing Carol Creager, author of Rescued By a Boy: Salvado Por Un Chico

“My Representative was so helpful. I was pleased with her publishing advice. Thank you!”

Carol Creager is an experienced wildlife photographer, author, and Spanish teacher, who travels extensively in Costa Rica.

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Book description…

Mischief, McGuffy and Nolan visit the Talamanca Nature Reserve. We are so thankful to the good friends we made while we were exploring the extensive gardens of Talamanca Nature Reserve. Young Jérico heroically climbed the tree where we were stranded and brought each of us safely down, where Abuela (Grandma) comforted us until we were over our fear of falling. Nolan was so happy because she and Noé liked him so much. Muchas gracias a los buenos amigos del Hotel Talamanca. Jérico subió el árbol donde estábamos y nos llevó al suelo, donde Abuela nos consoló y nos abrazó. Nolan estaba tan alegre porque ella y Noé lo querían tanto. Mischief, McGuffey, and Nolan

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