Introducing Joseph Battaglia, author of The Power of You: Different, Smarter and Better – The Insurance Agents Guide to Success

“You were great to work with! Thanks to my Outskirts Press team.”

Joseph Battaglia is an accomplished speaker and resource to countless agents across the country. He has mentored and trained agents to become top performers in the Insurance industry. He brings a true hands-on approach from the 20 years he has been in this field. Because of his expertise in building one of the largest insurance organizations in the Northeast, insurance agents regard his in-depth knowledge and experience to propel their careers in the lucrative Insurance industry. In addition to helping agents, he has lectured before thousands of people in various capacities. His lifetime pursuit to helping insurance agents prosper is why agents utilize his Principles of Success. He invites you to propel your career.

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Book description…

Insurance is BIG business if you position yourself for success. DIFFERENT – Stand out from the crowd. SMARTER – Know your products like no one else. BETTER – Be on Top of your game. “A true roadmap to success in the insurance industry. Why struggle when you can thrive!” -Yolanda Candelaria. “It is quite clear that he is a leader and one to follow. He has excelled to be at the top of his game. This book will motivate and educate you for financial independence.” -Robert Rothschild. “A compelling story of how someone can succeed if they have a plan. How he made it will inspire you.” -Gail Siemer

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