Introducing David A. Yeats, author of A Universe Full of Magical Things: A Cosmic View Beyond the Myths of Religion and Scientific Materialism

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David A. Yeats is author of the book Co-Creating a Brilliant Relationship: A Journey of Deepening Connection, Meaning, and Joy, which explores one’s relationship with self, partner, and the world-at-large. The last chapter, “Co-Creating a Brilliant Relationship with All That Is,” turned out to be a catalyst for this book. David is an armchair theoretician who was disturbed by the apparent flaws and falsehood of the “standard model” of science and the premise of the primacy of matter, which dismisses the very notion of consciousness-and which, he found, is the true first cause of our existence. David lives and works in Boulder Colorado. Along with working with his psychotherapy clients and spending time with his family, he has spent the last five years researching and writing this book.

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Book description…

Our Universe is Living, Conscious, and Brimming with Intelligent Emergence! Traditional science holds that everything that exists starts with matter, but this undocumented belief must be false, according to Quantum Mechanics. It has to be! QM demonstrates that: There is no such thing as matter or space or time; A conscious observer is a necessary condition for anything to exist; There is only subjectivity without any objective truth; The world we experience, therefore, must be an illusion, like a holodeck program or a virtual game. And no one disputes the conclusions of this mysterious science—Quantum Mechanics underlies all of reality. This virtual experience we are having is nevertheless alive and conscious and deliberately makes choices. Life has always been latent in the universe; every species is aware, intelligent, and chooses; and existence—according to spiritual and scientific conclusions alike—is one unified evolving and emerging intelligent being, purposefully partnering with the universe in influencing what it is to become. Sound strange? What is far stranger is the materialist notion that existence burst forth out of absolutely nothing! That’s why this book “matters.” The life we live is not based in some mindless and mechanical machine. The life we live is filled with purpose and meaning, and we humans have work to do to bring our world along. Join in on this astonishing unfolding journey which we participate in fashioning: The Greatest Story Ever Told!

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