Introducing Cege Gacuhi, author of Beyond Redemption

“Outskirts Press gave life to my wildest dream. My Author Representative was absolutely impressive. She really performed better than I expected. Thank you.”

Cege Gacuhi is a retired English literature and history teacher. He lives in the Aberdare ranges of Kenya with his wife Fatuma Kochore. Among the upcoming titles by this author are the novels: The Swastika in the Star of David, The Falcon cannot hear the Falconer and a sequel to Beyond Redemption: Road to Redemption.

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Book description…

Sam Kamkaango’s life was the very stuff that grows into legends. At a relatively youthful age of 42 years, he was already a force to reckon with in international business and politics. He was the yard stick with which the ambitious and the promising measured their worth with. The media dubbed him, with justification, as the ‘Financial Wizard of the Developing World.’ Yet, unknown to many of his admirers was the fact that beneath the veneer of poise, class and success languished a man in chains: a haunted, terror stricken man looking, nay groping in the dark, for an exit, a way out of a nightmarish world of demons that would not be exorcised. A prisoner of a remorseful past: a man beyond redemption.

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