Introducing John Sager, author of Places I’ve Been

“I do believe it was worth it! This was a much different kind of novel, using many photos that I’ve collected over the years, all in color and it took a little longer than last time.”

John Sager is a retired United States intelligence officer whose services for the CIA, in various capacities, spanned more than a half-century. A widower, he makes his home in the Covenant Shores retirement community on Mercer Island, Washington.

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Book description…

World traveler, with photos! In this most unusual novel, author John Sager takes his readers on a photographic tour of the places he has visited over the past sixty years: Iran, China, South America, Kamchatka, Alberta, and, yes, his home on the beautiful shores of Lake Washington. His principal character is Jeffry Wilkens, a long-ago-retired photo/journalist who never leaves home without his camera. With more than 150 images to choose from, readers are bound to find a few that appeal.

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