Introducing Will Chubb, author of My Life in Photography: Behind the Scenes – How the Photographs Were Made

“An absolutely beautiful book. The photos look terrific and I’m very happy with the final book!”

Ralph W. Chubb (Will) received his BA Degree in Advertising Photography, with honors, in 1968, from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Southern California. Will has created masterful photographic images for several dozen wineries, as well as for such stars as Suzanne Somers, Joanna Cassidy, Tom and Dick Smothers. He created this book for several reasons. One was to show upcoming young photographers the ropes in the business, including some amazing stories of clients that surprised him, not only in positive ways, but in negative ways as well. So, this can be used as a primer for getting into the world of commercial photography. This is also my memoirs for my family, and a showcase for my images to be an inspiration to others.

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Book description…

Learn from a professional what it takes to survive in the photography business. This book answers many crucial questions a potential photographer may ask:  Should I choose to be a photographer? How can I remain creative in a competitive field? How can I stay alive and make a living in the photography business? And, perhaps one of the most interesting: How exactly were his photos created?

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