Introducing Roy H. Cantrell, Ph.D., author of Dancing on the Rubble: The Essence of Living

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Roy Harold Cantrell has lived and is presently living Dancing on the Rubble. He holds doctorates in ministry and philosophy. He is retired from more than half a century of pastoral and counseling ministries. He is the author of Scars and Stripes: Hope for Adult Children of Alcoholic Families and a book of poems entitled Sow Joy: It’s a Choice. The author and his wife have been married for fifty-eight years and live in Cleveland, Tennessee.

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Book description…

Are you wondering how you are going to recover from your depression, a wounded heart, or your fears and anxieties resulting from the stresses of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic? In Dancing on the Rubble, you will find 7 bible-tested ways to change your life from defeat to victory. Come, journey with me toward emotional and spiritual healing by using these time-tested steps that I call the essence of living. “Dr. Roy Cantrell puts life into practical perspective in this book. If you want to know how to get the most meaning in your ‘darkest hour,’ this book is a must read. . . .”   ~ Dr. Isaac Obure, Founder, Future Life Tabernacle Siaya, Kenya, Africa.  “. . . Dancing on the Rubble takes us on a God-focused seven-step journey from ‘keep on living’ through the pain of life to ‘keep letting go’ where he encourages us to be true to ourselves as we encounter the rubble in our lives.” . . .   ~ Samuel Said, PhD

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