Introducing M. Meehan, author of Mikha’el’s Daughter: The Book of Redemption (Book 1)

“My book has been published thanks to Outskirts Press! Thank you to all the wonderful, helpful, patient people who made this dream become a reality as painlessly as possible. This is my first book in a series of six and yes, I will be using them for the other five books. Outskirts Press did a marvelous job and I would recommend Outskirts Press to anyone who wants to publish their book.”

M. Meehan resides in Strasburg VA with her husband and toothless cat. Read the book, it’s far more interesting. #mikhaelsdaughter #michaelsdaughter

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Book description…

Move it, Frodo. A new epic has arrived. ~ Born of Heaven. Built in Hell. Hunted by Both ~ Meet Luci-va, daughter of Lucifer. She’s a nephilim, a demon-human hybrid, a violent immortal forbidden by God. But Luci-va doesn’t care. She’s a deadly, mischievous diva with a burning addiction to the consumption of souls. Luci-va works for Hell and she loves her work. But everything changes when the Archangel Mikha’el delivers her a life-shattering truth. She is not Luci-va, demonic spawn of Lucifer. She is Michelle, Mikha’el’s angelic daughter, abducted as a child, spirited to Hell, and raised as Lucifer’s own. Her mind reels. Betrayed by the only father she knows, her happy universe is shown a lie. Her world crumbles. Spiraling into despondency, she exiles herself to the deepest bowels of Hell. There, she makes a shocking discovery; a secret prison housing a savagely tortured angelic legion. Compassion tears through her and she vows to free her brutalized brothers. Torn by the redemptive promise of her oath and her mad desire to return to her familiar life of consuming souls, she is at a crossroads. Michelle or Luci-va, who is it to be? All she knows for sure is that either choice will put her on a path to war with the forces of Heaven and Hell. In M. Meehan’s epic fantasy, Mikha’el’s Daughter: The Book of Redemption, the lines between contemporary culture and theology, mythology, and fantasy are gloriously blurred. Its voice is now, while its themes are eternal. For readers who want something truly different, thoroughly entertaining, and thought-provoking all at the same time, this is that rare novel that delivers on every page.

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