Introducing Carol Creager, author of What is a Tamandua: My story as told to my friend

“Outskirts Press has always been fabulous! I can recommend them highly if you want to publish a book.”

Carol Creager chose Spanish-speaking countries for two reasons. First, she speaks the language and photographed everything she could for many years for my students to see as they learned the language. To communicate successfully with people of other countries, a person needs to understand their customs and culture as well as their language. Second, people are familiar with huge African and Asian animals. Unfortunately, little attention has been paid to the wealth of Latin American wildlife. While this book has been written for children, adults will enjoy the photographs and humor, too.

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Book description…

I am a tamandua or lesser anteater. I search trees for termites and ants, which I catch with my long, sticky tongue. That benefits YOU! I greet my friends when they visit Observatory Lodge in Costa Rica. Carol has photographed me and written my story & my hopes. Why? She is a dedicated wildlife photographer and writer of wildlife stories for children & adults who like our humor & photos, mostly of Costa Rica. She has spent 30 years searching for and photographing every species she can find in my country. – Tammy Tamandua

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