Introducing Barbara Thornton Huffman, author of Girl in Charge

“Throughout publication, everything went well.”

Barbara Thornton Huffman, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, has always had a very special love of children. A mother to two grown daughters, she has studied families, children, and parents her entire adult life, earning a degree in Parent Education from Georgia State University and going on to attend seminary and become an ordained Christian minister. She has served churches, hospitals, and other groups as a trained and credentialed chaplain. And now, she uses her longtime love of storytelling to offer books that provide examples and encouragement to girls in growing up to be all they can be as they face life’s challenges. In Girl in Charge, Barbara uses her extensive knowledge of Civil War history to create the first in a series of books offering stories to inspire girls in creative ways so they may become advocates and role models for other girls. Thank you for purchasing and reading Girl in Charge and sharing some of your thoughts about it with others. Follow Barbara in the future as her other books become available.

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Book description…

Loving Family Helps Rachael Run the Farm! Girl in Charge introduces readers to Rachael, a happy twelve-year-old girl living on her Quaker family’s farm in Decatur, Georgia in 1860. Unlike many girls of her time, Rachel has a mind of her own and rebels against the strict subservient roles Southern Victorian culture forces on women, much to the chagrin on her mother and grandmother. Rachael loves to work outdoors with her father Abraham Armistead and her brothers, learning new things, expanding her mind, and exercising her independence. As Quakers who abhor violence and do not believe in slavery, the family keeps a low profile among their slave-holding neighbors. Then, as the Civil War begins, the men must make difficult decisions about whether to fight as they prepare to go to war. Who will be the head of the family and manage the farm while they are gone? Her father chooses Rachael. But can she, still a young girl, rise to the immense challenge? Can she gain the confidence of the other family members to allow her to be effective? What difficulties will she face and will she overcome them?

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