Introducing James Allen Young, author of Red Geranium: A Kansas Family History In Letters 1880-1960

“I was pleased with the final product. As a first time author, I now understand the importance of copy-editing and proofreading.”

James Allen Young, M.D. M.M.M. is a Kansas native. He earned a B.A. in History and Science from Harvard College and has nourished a lifelong interest in history and genealogy. He had a 35-year career in adult cancer medicine and oncology program management prior to his retirement in 2016. The author lives with his wife Sarah on a small farm in Boulder County, Colorado. Red Geranium is his first book.

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Book description…

Based upon a collection of thousands of family letters spanning several generations, Red Geranium tells the story of three families whose lives intersected in twentieth-century rural Sumner County, Kansas. The Mitchell-Young family, bereaved and impoverished at the dawn of the Great Depression, relied upon its wits, work ethic, and the timely assistance of friends, neighbors, and government, to slowly struggle to recovery. Their lives touched some of the most important and historic characters and events of the twentieth century; and their unique individual characteristics shaped their own destiny and that of the next generation. The touching, candid, and personal letters tell a remarkable story, and they illuminate some long-hidden family mysteries.

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