Introducing T. Charles Brantley Ph.D, author of Liberalism in Pentecostal Churches: Knowing God in an Unorthodox World

“I loved how fast my book was done and the great care my Author Representative gave my book as if it was a newborn baby. It was a pleasure.”

T Charles Brantley is the senior pastor of Restoration Springs Church in Waterbury, Connecticut and is an author of 22 books on relationship, intimacy and theology.

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Book description…

As we look at the current landscape of the church, we are seeing things that are beyond imagination. What was looked at as wrong and sinful has been downgraded to nothing is really wrong at all. In other words, the church, in many points, has turned its backs on orthodox teaching all in the name of the dollar, branding, people or buildings. What is worse is that those who proclaim the gospel are really denying the gospel they preach. Certain points of the Bible are erased from their teaching because it is perceived as too hard, or that it will scare people away. The word of God is not fluid; it is sharper than any two-edged sword.

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