Introducing Barbara A. Cefalu, author of The Adventures of Patty-Cat and Kittle

“My Author Representative has been my right hand support for several books. She is wonderful to work with and helpful in every way. I could not do without her. She always there to help, cheerful, smart, willing, and able. She’s the best!”

Barbara A. Cefalu is a musician/composer/author who has written several musicals and plays. Barbara lives with her cat, Puddy, in Florida.

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Book description…

Somehow a lot of bumbling, bouncing sheep dogs, grouchy ants, peculiar squirrels, a baby mockingbird who fell from the nest and his mother won’t allow a rescue, plus Cousin Fred who is a trial to relatives, friends, and others, plus many residents of Katville, have crept into the story about Patty-Cat and Kittle. Angel is the loving mother of these tiny kittens and they all live together at 112 Liver Lane. A black widow spider, residing in the right hand corner of the living room ceiling, keeps a sarcastic running commentary on the kittens, while stuffing the new (one each day) husband into a web-ball, ready for disposal. (neat trick if you can do it) along with lots of other creatures, all trying to get along (or not) and Patty-Cat and Kittle are in the midst of it all. Mr. Billy-Bob-Tom-Cat is a temporary villain (but we hope that changes). Of course, there are the kitten’s close friends, Chester, a white butterball who claims he needs his three-squares a day, nicknamed ‘Fat-Chester’, and Susie, a sweet little Siamese kitten who’s terrified of Mr. Billy-Bom-Ton-Cat. Patty-Cat is the stay-at-home kitten who likes to cook and bake things while her sister, Kittle, is the adventurer, who goes out into the world and has strange experiences. Something big, purple, and frightening plops down in their backyard, (possibly a space traveler). The neighborhood cats in considering all the terrible things Cousin Fred did and all the distressing results, were inspired to send Cousin Fred to music school. The proverb “Music hath charms to sooth the savage beast” may apply … let’s hope it works for Cousin Fred. Considering all the characters who run amuck in The Adventures of Patty-Cat and Kittle you might want to read the book and see what all the excitement’s about.

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