Introducing Linda A. Brown, author of Chompy, The Lonely Alligator

“It was a very good experience. I would consider publishing with Outskirts Press again and have already recommended to a fellow author.”

I would like to tell you a little about myself and how Chompy came about. I have always enjoyed writing since my teen years. Poetry to express my feelings, prayers to express my needs and stories to express life. I never thought about writing seriously until my son introduced me to Chompy when I lived on a bayou in Florida. Chompy was the resident alligator you only saw in the water, never on land. He never came close to anyone, just watched from the middle of the bayou. So Chompy became a legend in the area and now the first of a series of Chompy books. I hope you enjoy reading about Chompy as much as I enjoy writing about him. Happy reading, Linda Brown

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Book description…

Chompy, The Lonely Alligator was so lonely. He watched other animals on the bayou play together, but couldn’t figure why no one would play with him. Then, one day changed him. Find out what happened to change Chompy and could this happen to you?

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