Introducing Joe Poett, author of A Rainy Day in Heaven

“Job well done!”

So begins Joe Poett’s lighthearted yet poignant memoir. With “orange” hair, freckles, a light-fingered brother, and a penchant for mischief, Poett grows up in an era of party lines and fallout shelters in the backyard and President Kennedy’s space project. When he’s not setting the neighboring field on fire or nearly suffocating in a pile of sawdust, Joseph is navigating a treacherous family life. His father, an angry alcoholic, is abusive to his mother, and the police have made such frequent appearances at their home, they’re all on a first-name basis. Despite spending years at an orphanage while his mother tries to make it on her own with a new developmentally disabled baby, Joseph maintains an endless sense of humor and irony. His story is both laugh-out-loud entertaining and emotionally distressing as we see how the adults in one boy’s life fail him over and over again.

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Book description…

Out of zero volume exploded a universe, expanding at the speed of light. The universe is not infinite, like is commonly thought, but a perfect sphere with edges growing at the speed of light. And outside the edge of the universe there’s no time and no space-only a void. “And on the seventh day, He rested.”
Fifteen billion years later, I, Joseph Richard Poett Jr., the center of the universe, am conceived, and three years later, I’m battling to hold back the weighty door of a department store pay toilet…

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