Introducing Ingrid Charlery, author of The Strength of a Woman: Through the Darkness Came Light and Strength

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Ingrid Charlery was born on the West Indian island of St. Lucia in the village of La-point Mon-Repos. She studied child care and nursing in New Jersey USA where she has lived since arriving in the US at the age of 18 She has a fascination for people from all walks of life and volunteers at shelters for the homeless and counsels depression sufferers. She enjoys traveling and sightseeing. As a single parent she dedicates most of her spare time to her daughter.

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Book description…

A tale of Love, Depression, Despair and Conquest. This is the inspirational story of Ingrid Charlery, an immigrant from St Lucia Island in the West Indies. The book provides a vivid insight to the life of this young woman and how she survived through the power of prayer against seemingly insurmountable emotional pain. Two catastrophic relationships both characterized by blind love and heartbreaking betrayal drag her from the crest of the happiness wave to the treacherous rocks of broken promises and shattered dreams. The events and experiences of abuse, lies and underhandedness provide the foundation of this heartrending story. Ingrid describes in graphic detail how circumstances forced her and her young daughter from a comfortable home onto the dirty and uncomfortable floors in shelters for the homeless. When the true colors of the man she loves emerge, and she discovers she has been living with a psychopathic drug addict she knows she has to escape. But it is not that easy. On the verge of following in her own parents’ footsteps by leaving her daughter in the care of a foster home, Ingrid had planned to go one further and take her own life. Her awakening and new found emotional strength through the power of prayer and the hand of God make this true life drama a spellbinding read. Today, Ingrid is a public speaker and a counselor for the depressed, desperate and suicidal.

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