Introducing Jim May, author of Living in Heaven Now and Not Dying To Get There

“I remain a loyal supporter having published eight books with you.”

Jim May is a freelance writer and speaker living in Lakewood, Colorado with his wife, Maureen.

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Book description…

Heaven can’t wait until you die. God wants you living at His place — now. So He raised you up, and seated you at His table with all His friends. The great men and women of history are there to chat with you. You don’t have to move or go on a long journey or wait till you die. You don’t have to read of someone else’s near-death experience to know what it is like. You can be there now, and see for yourself. Just open your eyes right where you are. Seeing reality takes you there. This poignant and moving book will raise you to His peaceful place where you fit-now and hereafter.

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