Introducing Dr. George M. Burnell, author of Funny People: Short Stories

“My experience in the publishing process was beyond expectations with regards to communication with the author representative.”

Dr. George M. Burnell lives in Palm Desert, California.

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Book description…

What Readers Say About Funny People. “Every story is a compelling read. You don’t want it to end and can’t wait for the next one to begin.” -Angela DeSarneaux, Desert Edge, CA. “Stories to ignite your thinking buoyed by an entertaining touch and humorous edge.” -Robin Anawalt, Las Vegas, NV. “Dr. George Burnell’s stories are fun, thought provoking and always an entertaining read.” -Art True, La Quinta, CA. “George Burnell takes you on a delightful journey of short stories that entertain, educate and surprise the reader, about ordinary and not so ordinary people. A thoroughly enjoyable read.” -Craig Himot, Berkeley, CA. “The main characters in these stories share a deep quiet compassion for others. Waiting to see what happens next in each story kept me engaged to the end, where each one touched me deeply, but with a feather touch that left me surprised and satisfied.” -Susan Moore, Hemet, CA. “Through captivating and humorous stories, the author gives us flashes of insight while opening our minds to a promising new world. An entertaining and provocative read.” -Henri Waisblat, Grenoble, France. “A delightfully eclectic collection of short stories. With dark and subtle humor, the author cleverly weaves these stories in a way that brings the characters to life.” -David Burnell, Winston-Salem, NC Entertaining. “Informative, and amusing stories that every reader will enjoy.” -Elizabeth Ann Gomez, Atascadero, CA. “I have found these stories riveting, inventive, educational, and always captivating from the first page.” -Joan Lachkar, Sherman Oaks, CA. “Dr. Burnell educates and enchants us with his sometimes realistic, sometimes imaginative stories of life’s twists.” -Richard Seigle, Joshua Tree, CA.

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