Introducing Madelyne and Larry Spann, author of May Learns To Pray

“We were pleased with our Author Representative. As far as our overall experience, there is definitely a learning curve to figure a few things out, but I would use this company again for future projects.”

Devoting most of her professional career working in the library system, Madelyne Spann LOVES books. After recently retiring of 30+ years working for the Berkeley County Library System in South Carolina, the Mayor of Goose Creek gave a special proclamation to honor her years of service to the community. Post retirement, she decided it was time to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a published author. Inspired by journal entries Madelyne recorded while observing her first grandchild Maylene, she developed a series of books about an inquisitive little girl named May. As a Pastor’s wife, Madelyne thought the first story in the series should be the simple act of teaching May a prayer of thanks. Madelyne is the mother of 3, and enlisted the help of her eldest son Larry as co-author. She is married to Pastor Samuel E. Spann, and the couple reside in South Carolina.

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Book description…

Like many energetic curious toddlers, May hates bedtime. Each night she tries to find any excuse to stay awake just a little while longer. On one particular night, she is determined not to go to bed! Despite numerous attempts to stall, May is finally carried off to bed by her father. While reciting the custom children’s prayer “Now I lay me down to sleep,” May had an idea! She was going to stretch the prayer out for as long as she could. Though Dad was amused and could see through the ruse, he decided to flip the situation to use as an opportunity to teach May a prayer of thanks. We go through the day in the life of little May to discover the many little blessings to be thankful for. Any parent wishing to start their child on their personal spiritual journey will enjoy this heart-warming story of gratitude, wonder…and bananas!

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