Introducing Stephan Putnam, author of When We Were Young Together: The Lost Senior Essays of 1961

“Lisa was a terrific rep, and very helpful through the process.”

Stephan Putnam lives and writes from the coast of Down East Maine. A lifelong teacher, he has taught or supervised students from 7th grade through graduate school. He holds a BA from Valparaiso University, a MA from Northern Illinois, and a PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Stephan has served on the faculties of the Department of English of the University of North Carolina, UNC’s Department of Health Education at the School of Public Health, Old Dominion University. The Whittemore Business School at the University of New Hampshire, St. Joseph’s College, Eastern Washington University in Tokyo, the University of Southern Maine, North Yarmouth Academy, and Yarmouth High School. Long retired from the classroom, Stephan is working on a new novel.

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Book description…

“When We Were Young Together: The Lost Senior Essays of the Class of 1961 is an audacious concept, perfectly realized in this powerfully stirring and evocative novel which creates reverberations beyond the page. Readers will be flooded by their own memories of high school, as well as their fears and dreams for the future ahead. I read this book in one sitting. It is honest, insightful, deeply real and moving, and the pictures are perfect!” – Lee Smith, author of the New York Times Bestseller Dimestore: A Writer’s Life. “When We Were Young Together: The Lost Senior Essays of the Class of 1961 is a remarkable book in the way it speaks of gentler times, providing the reader with easy access to what for many is a time long gone but still alive in our memories, our high school days and nights, the feelings we had, and the people we knew. All of this, and so much more is at the heart of this remarkable book. Filled with insights, and deeply moving, I found it impossible to put down until I had read through to the final page.” – Richard Jacoby, author of Conversations with the Capeman

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