Introducing Gregory L. Pollock, author of Pennies From Josh: Stories of a Father Dealing with the Death of His Only Son

“I want to say that Outskirts did a great job on the book. Everyone I worked with was fantastic and very patient with an old man with little computer skills. I am very happy with the outcome. Thank you very much.”

Mr. Pollock spent most of his adult life as a truck driver. A mostly simple and uneventful life like most of us. He was reluctantly thrust into the role of author after the death of his son. This is a book he felt compelled to write in an attempt to help others dealing with this particular form of grief.

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Book description…

These are the stories that represent a bond between father and son that even death couldn’t break. They are stories of a form of after-death communication that helped me survive and cope with the death of my only son. Losing a child is a traumatic experience that is unnatural in the order of things and something you never “get over,” you just learn to cope.

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