Introducing Corazon N. Puzon, author of Journey to Self-Discovery

“Thank you Outskirts Press for nominating my book for the EVVY awards. My journey in publishing my book touched me in a very personal way. I am in my 80’s and this is the special legacy I am leaving my entire family and friends in my life. I am fulfilling my dream of spreading the Absolute Truth and you made my dream come true. I know that my parents up there are clapping their hands for me! Thank you again.”

Cora Puzon is a retired nurse who immigrated to the United States of America from the Philippines with her husband, Benjamin, and daughter, Lisa. She graduated from the UP-PGH School of Nursing and received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of the Philippines. Her continuous search for her life purpose and looking for the meaning of life led her to the door of The Institute for Self-Transcendence in Georgia, where she graduated with a doctoral degree in transpersonal/spiritual psychology and metaphysics in May 2007. The book, Journey to Self-Discovery, is the product of her dissertation paper on Relationships: The Use of Transpersonal/Spiritual Psychology and Metaphysics in Relationships. In this book, she shares her educational learning and life experiences as she embarks in the journey to self-discovery. She hopes to reach all like-minded individuals to recognize the inherent powers in us not only for our own benefit but for all mankind.

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Book description…

This book provides the readers with a wealth of information about transpersonal/spiritual psychology and metaphysical views of relationships between ourselves and others, including the environment and everything seen and unseen. Her belief in the strong leap of faith that we are mind, body, and spirit in one embodiment is depicted in different chapters of the book as it explores how everything and everybody around us affects ourselves and our belief systems. It is all about consciousness of our true nature as a spiritual being that can lead us to a more transpersonal way of living by expanding our insight of the frailties of life, the finiteness of physical existence, and the infinity of Being. It is through this journey that the author met and learned to embrace her shadows as well as the recognition of the people that she believed she had contracts with when she was placed on this earth. Self-discovery is not only a spiritual journey. It is also a way of learning who we really are as we discover and polish our hidden gems in all our relationships. Most important is learning what the author calls the Gem of Spirituality, which is our inherent power of knowledge, love, and will. This is the “invisible gem” that sparks and shines in every spiritual life. It is the gem that contains the elements of the True Self and is just waiting to be found and claimed by all of us. It is the gem hidden in the innermost fabric of our Being, which is ready to be recognized as we embark in a spiritual Journey to Self-Discovery.

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